Penny's are worth it!

Usually when people hear about pennies, they turn up their noses. Who needs pennies? Well, if you are talking about nickles and dimes, I must say that I sort of understand...If you are talking about Penny's, I disagree completely.

I reviewed Penny's Low Fat Desserts a little while back and since then, she has been busy expanding her No Sugar Added product line. She recently turned to me as a taste tester, offering to send me a few samples to review. Healthy cookies? I will taste test those any day. :)

Ahh...The sweetness tastes so natural and embodies the idea of toffee just perfectly. I am not really sure which food scientist came up with this combination of ingredients to create such a uniquely delicious product, but they hit the nail on the head. The buttery, cinnamon, caramel-like flavor is unlike anything I have ever had before in a healthy baked good.
The irresistible texture is comparable to that of deliciously dense, soft, moist, homemade banana bread and paired perfectly with vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit.
Next in the line up: PLD NSA Banana Bran Muffin

This muffin is dense, moist and flavor-packed. It has a bit of texture from the bran and the sweetness very naturally accompanies the prominent banana flavor (which evolves from all natural banana puree). It tastes remarkably similar to homemade banana bread. The edges were a tad bit firmer, while the center was extremely dense, moist and soft. I think this may just be one of my favorite Penny’s treats.

P.s. Oatmeal is not the only thing that pairs well with peanut butter and banana! YUM!

My next post will involve 1 ingredient, 1 machine and 1 amazing "recipe". I can't wait...


  1. That looks amazing! Cant wait to hear about your new recipe too.

  2. that peanut butter drizzled picture may or may not have made me drool. holy yum!

  3. You have me interested. One ingredient? I can't think of anything you might mean.......

    <3 Tori

  4. since you're rocking the banana lurveeee in this post I have a hunch your "recipe" is a banana soft serve of some sort? Actually, I have no idea - I just hope it's banana soft serve ;)

  5. I don't think you understand how much it kills me every time I see a post of yours with Penny's products. It's like a tease!! If only I had the money to order them arghhhh!!!
    You're one lucky lady!! Those look DIVINE!

  6. I have pennys in my freezer! they sent me a nice big ole package a whiel back and i still have lots! Love them!


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