Emily's Vegan Desserts

Hey hey! I have officially tried every delectable treat that Emily from Emily's Desserts sent me to try and let me just say that I smiled a little bit more with each bite! :)

Emily is such a sweet person and if you email her, you will receive a friendly response. She describes her buisness as follows:
My goal with this business is to make great tasting desserts that
everyone will know and love. The way that I look at it is for every vegan
dessert eaten that is one less dessert that has eggs and dairy in

Here is a little recap to tempt your taste buds.....

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Do you love chocolate? Do you love brownies? Well, this may be labeled a cookie, but it is so dense, soft and packed full of flavor that it resembles a delicious brownie-cookie hybrid. The chocolate batter is enhanced by big chocolate chunks! You will be sad to see this baby go! Look at that cross-section.....so dense!!!
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
Ahhhh, yet another winner. I am a huge fan of oatmeal raisin cookies. However, replace those raisins with melty chocolate chips and you can't go wrong. As with all of Emily's Desserts, this cookie was DENSE & FULL of FLAVOR. Two things that you can be assured to experience when you bite into one of Emily's Treats!
Oh, how I wish I still had one of these sinful treats left in my freezer...Coconut Cranberry Cookie
I am not a huge fan of coconut. I AM a HUGE FAN of this cookie. As I said before, I can't possibly put the wonderful delight that is this cookie into words. There is so much action going on: tangy (from the cranberries), crunchy (from the coconut), gooey, soft, dense, perfectly sweet.....
The definition of delicious...Emily's Desserts DONUTS
Dense, Soft, Subtly Sweet, Petite, Flavorful.....they all describe these yummy donuts!
Try freezing these babies for a hard layer of chocolate goodness atop the fluffy, yet dense base!The Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts were just as delcious. They all had the same dense and flavor packed nature to them.
The Glazed were simple, yet delightful; enabling the special donut base to shine through. The Cinnamon Sugar Donuts kick it up a notch with a yummy layer of cinnamon & sugar adding a bit of crunchy texture and a sweet medley.

Check out http://www.emilysdesserts.com/ and treat yourself to some of these DELICIOUS, REASONABLY PRICED, VEGAN desserts for yourself! :D


  1. Wow - they all look delicious, especcially the chocolate cookie!

  2. Yum! Those sound fantastic!

  3. Ok, I am officially salivating on my computer. I want one of each please!

  4. mmm everything looks so good, now I want a second desert!

  5. Those cookies and donuts look so good! I really want to try the cinnamon sugar donut. Yum!

  6. omg look at all those treats! Your tummy was probably flashing a huge smile after each one of those special guys! :)

  7. WOW. this post had me craving the sweet stuff for sure! youre such a lucky girl to be able to try these out =)

  8. seriously. how can i get these? they look amazing!

  9. Yum! those products sounds great! Thanks for the review. I am interested in trying them!


  10. Ok, that makes sense, and it sounds like a great plan to me, one that doesn't require becomming an RD. RDs go into so many different areas; journalism, consulting, exercise science, research, marketing..the list goes on and on!


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