Flushin' Fat

Vegan, no trans fat, excellent source of protein, excellent source of fiber, yeast free, organic grains, low glycemic index, certified organic, Kosher...
Sound Good?French Meadow Bakery sent me some products to review and after my experience with their Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, I was eager to continue on my journey! Next up...

French Meadow Bakery Organic Fat Flush 10" Tortillas
11g of protein? I haven't even stuffed it with anything yet! Love it!
I am falling in love with sprouted grains, thanks to French Meadow Bakery...
Check out those stats:
Sprouted lentils, millet, barley!?
No wonder they are PACKED with PROTEIN! Tuna Salad and Carrots...odd, but that's all that I had on hand. College.
These are not soft and doughy like you typically stereotype tortillas to be. However, open your eyes to something new and check these out because they are good! They possess a firmness from the packed nature of the sprouted grains, yet are still soft and pliable. I was provided with the 10" tortillas, which are MASSIVE. I can only imagine the quesadillas that these babies would make...yum. Plus, you know how the routine goes, you decide that you want to make a wrap and get out the cutting board and chop up some lettuce and tomato. Then, you remember those mushrooms that you need to eat up and decide that they would be a tasty addition. As you are reaching for the mushrooms, you see the hummus, which would add such a creaminess to your creation...on it goes. Oh, but what about some bell pepper? (I mean you already have the cutting board out...) Before you know it, you have prepped enough stuff to invite your neighborhood over and have a wrap party (Is there such a thing? In my mind...) . However, if you have got French Meadow Bakery's 10" Fat Flush Tortillas in your possession, then your neighbors are plum outta luck because these bad boys can hold SO much more than your typical tortilla. I lurrrve it! :D
French Meadow Bakery provided me with this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
Check out these...


Mixin' it up

I don’t have much extra time these days...acutally, scratch that, I don’t have ANY extra time these days…But blogging isn’t extra. ;) However, it also isn’t number one on the list; but instead of tossing it out the window, I have opted to make my posts shorter…and a bit more focused. Product review one day, dorm-made tricks another, nummay food after that. Stop scrunching it all together into one random, long post. Sound good? I was at a loss for what to share first, but since I’m mixin’ it up with blogging, why not mix it up with my food?

Enter: Dorm-made trail mix
If you do not do this, then you are nuts. Or perhaps you just need to go downstairs to the dining hall, buy some nuts and join in on the fun.
Here’s what you do:
  • Go downstairs to the dining hall and purchase nuts, pretzels, cereal, M&M’s, Bugels (Remember sticking those on your fingers? I know you did it.), whatever. Buy everything that looks good. That's my motto. :D
  • Then, go to the grocery store and buy whatever they have that you feel must be involved, if your dining hall just couldn’t deliver. Also, buy some plastic snack bags.

Now you’re ready. I’ll demonstrate:

Apple Cinnamon Cherrios
(Pretty much any variety of Cherrios is dangerous in my hands.)
Kashi Honey Sunshine
I ♥ Cereal!
My favorite variety of the snack that smiles back...
Honey Roasted Nuttiness
This way, you can switch it up every week and always have a snack to take with you as you are running around. Plus, the random variety of textures and tastes is sooo good! :D
What's going to be in your mix?


Super Human-Super Bagel

Otis Spunkmeyer Whole Grain Triple Berry Muffin. I'm drooling... Dorm-made trick: Don't want to keep Mayo in your mini fridge? Keep Laughing Cow cheese wedges handy instead. Use them to dip veggies in, spread on crackers, use on sandwiches...or mix with a pouch of tuna and create an instant tuna sandwich. No lettuce? Carrots add crunch too!
Dorm-made trick: add frozen veggies to soup prior to heating. Just keep them in the freezer and BAM! Easy as pie. MMM, pie...
The best pizza I have had in a long time! Will be back to this pizzeria soon, for sure!
MMM...a classic.
French Meadow Bakery sent me a few of their items to review and I am going to kick things off right now!
French Meadow Bakery Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
This is a substantial bagel and because it is made with sprouted grains, you can marvel at 15g of protein and 7g of fiber! :D This baby kept me full for about 2 hours longer than my normal breakfasts!
Ahhh...the outside got all crispy and crunchy; while the inside was soft, dense and chewy. The crispiness was different from the way a bagel typically gets crunchy on the outside. It like encased the chewy center and when you take a bite, the walls come crumbling down and meld with the soft insides for a sensational eating experience. You've heard the term "super human", right? After one bite of these, you'll be calling Webster, demanding that they put "super bagel" in the dictionary.
Definition? French Meadow Bakery Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels.
I received the above product from French Meadow Bakery at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.

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Cookie Dough...A go or no?

I told my mamacita that I could not find the new LUNA Protein Bars and that is all it took for these guys to show up at my door(m). I wanted to try every flavor, but I opted to start off with the Cookie Dough LUNA Protein Bar. Plus, I'm not feeling very good and it seemed like a comforting pick; although, it failed to make my throat feel better! bummer dude.
After enjoying half of the bar, I had accumulated the following review:

I’m certainly not getting a cookie dough texture. The texture is more of an extremely chewy nougat. It’s not too sweet. There was an ever so slight crisp in select bites from random soy crisps. You could definitely tell that this was not a candy bar, but a protein bar. However, it wasn’t too bad. The overall feel of the bar was CHEW. The chocolate chips and thin chocolate coating sort of just get lost amongst the chewy nougat; although chocolate is certainly present and accounted for. Chew and chew and chew. It had a subtle cookie dough flavor, but I’m not putting it on my list of favorite bars or anything.
I am excited to test out the other flavors though, to see how they take to this chewy base.
I am kind of in the middle of the road on this one.

When that occurs, I consult other foodies:
  • Some LOVE IT.
  • Some wouldn't say they LOVE it, but they did enjoy it.
  • Some think it falls short.
    Some would buy a whole wearhouse, if need be.

So... a go or no?

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Sorry for the small font...something wierd is going on with this post and the font won't get any bigger! Get out those magnifying glasses! ;)



Okay, I interrupt regular posting (or irregular posting...) to bring you some Yoplait Products that I stumbled upon while browing the internet (it's a crazy place out there! haha). However, I have never seen any of the following products in the grocery store. I want that to change.

Yoplait Bites
When I go to the store tommorrow, I'd like to see one of those! I'll let 'cha know if my dreams come true...

Innate Eats

I looked on my camera this morning and realized that I had 24 pictures piled up. When did that happen? I think I just innately take pictures of my food. Between this blog and food reviewing, I can't help it. haha You understand...
This is so good. Why it never became as popular as your good ole' PB&J, I'll never know! PJ's Organic Chicken Burrito
Not bad stats!
Not Bad Ingreeeds!
However, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting. The tortilla was very "flour-y" and more like a cast. Odd comparison, but it was very thick, hard and overbearing in some areas and too doughy in others. It was just different...and I wasn't really diggin' it.
The inside was okay, but you are talking to a girl who loves refried beans. Basically, this filling had the same texture as my aforementioned love. The fact that this supposedly has chicken in it is a little intriguing. It must be shredded and ground super fine...

Healthy Choice is not always the most delicious choice. Am I right? Well, their new look came along with new offerings, so I decided to pick up some Ravioli Florentine Marinara and give 'em another try. In a nut shell, here are my thoughts:
  • The sauce was divine... a lovely marinara, not a spaghetti sauce. There's a difference!
  • The pasta was cooked perfectly and had a ricotta like filling! :D
  • The cheese was a little chewy and there was just too much of it. I ate my fair share (and a few bite-fulls of solely cheese) and there was still 2 tabelspoon sized clumps left when I was finished! Cut back on the cheese HC!
  • I added frozen broccoli after mixing it up half way through micro-ing and this really added alot to the overall feel of the dish. I think HC should make that a permanent addition!
Overall, if you can get past the abundance of cheese, this was REALLY GOOD!
Yoplait True Delights Lemon Torte tastes EXACTLY like homemade lemon squares. You know...these guys.
CLIF Chocolate Brownie. Hmm...this fuel seems fitting becase climbing a cliff almost parallels my strenuous school work in intensity! ;)
This was so rich and decadent, I might as well have been eating brownie batter! :D

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PB& J is helping you to discover new HORIZONs. I totally stole her "corniness". haha Just hop on over there...If Jenny-loo is behind it, you know it's good! :D


The past week has taught me that...

  1. I am fully capable of doing all of my homework and writing four lab reports each week.
  2. I will not name my Dell Laptop (Inanimate objects should always have names, no?) because I am not sure how much longer the stubborn thing will last.
  3. I want to use Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter as the icing for my next birthday cake.
  4. Paying $6.00 or $7.00 for a bag of flavored coffee is totally worth it so that you do not have to wake up to the smell of Crème Brule coffee and realize that yours is the cheap black coffee that you picked up downstairs.
  5. Staying up into the wee hours of the night studying is only legit if you have a box of cereal and your ipod nearby.
  6. If your plan is to do laundry on Sunday afternoon, have a plan B.
  7. Graphing Calculators are my friend; but my math professor must have had a fight with them because we can’t use them.
  8. Eating straight out of the bag is not a good plan. Although, I already should have known that…
  9. Yes, you can have too many lists!
  10. Food Science degree plans are challenging, for lack of a better word.
  11. “I hate Valentine’s Day “ is a CUTE movie!
  12. The future of this blog is looking dim. :/
  13. If I could be a Chief or an Indian, apparently, I’d take the Chief route…
  14. Justin Bieber may or may not be the funniest kid alive. Click here.
  15. Partial Credit is awesome. Not curving is not awesome.
  16. My Keva Juice addiction does not falter…even in the snow!

    I miss getting my daily foodie intake; but I love my classes and where they are going to take me. There must be a happy medium. Perhaps finding it should be Dora the Explorer’s next mission…

Leslie is giving away a great KettleWorx WorkOut Set and My Silly Monkey is giving away a Baby Blvd. Gift Certificate! :D Furthermore, Leslie Loves Veggies has some awesome giveaways going on: Steaz & Fiber One Bars. Holla!


Lane? As in walk down a...

Has anyone ever seen that episode of Gilmore Girls. It's the one where Lane goes with Rory to the Chilton Party and Louise meets Lane and apparently finds her name intriguing... haha!

Anyways, I broke into a CedarLane Egg White Omelet this morning. Remember when I suggested that you go a different route for breakfast and let Cedarlane take care of your lunch? Well, scratch that because Cedarlane has offered you a different route. A very tasty different route, indeed!

Enter: CedarLane Egg White Omelet with Uncured Turkey Bacon, Vegetables and Cheese

I received this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
The package had opened a little bit within the box, so some of the cheese had spilt out of the package. However, I thought it had just the perfect amount of cheese, so I had no complaints!
300 calories, PROTEIN! and IRON = Filling, Substantial and Nutritious...and Delicious
A lovely ingredient list that makes me think twice about ever going to the trouble of making an omelet again...
The generous portion of egg was cooked to perfection: firm, yet fluffy. The filling consisted of good-sized chunks of firm, yet soft potatoes, turkey bacon, crunchy green peppers and just enough cheese to bring the dish together without overwhelming everything else going on in there! The turkey bacon was PERFECTLY cooked. No really, I have never had meat in a frozen meal that was cooked this well and it added such substance and a smoky flavor profile to the overall dish!
Three minutes in the microwave and I can indulge in a substantial omelet dish that will taste better than the one that would have required me to sauté veggies, dice potatoes, pan fry turkey bacon and utilize the master flipping skills that I do not have? To say that I would happily purchase this again is an understatement.


What to do...

...with my well stocked dorm-made depot!?

But first, a little product review:
Stonyfield Farm Organic O'Soy Smooth and Creamy Yogurt
In short, you can most definitely taste the soy. However, if you enjoy Pearl, Purely Decadent and other soy products, then add this concoction to the mix because it is a keeper. If you do not like the flavor profile of soy products, stay far away.
The texture is similar to pudding, being utterly cold, smooth and creamy. The flavor profile offers a classic "peaches and cream" or "strawberries and cream" sensation. :)

Moving on...The following is just some of what I whipped up during this very hectic week. Numerous salads, KEVA's , Black Bean Burritos, BARSSS and other UN-dorm-made items were also consumed within the hustle and bustle!
Cocoa Dusted Almonds :D
Mixed up with Banana Nut Cheerios.
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread REMIX!
A package from the Fam... Love it!
THINLY Sliced apples atop an EarthGrains Sandwich Thin with Dark Chocolate Dreams. FLIP-TASTIC COMBO.
Broccoli Slaw doused with a little ranch. Ingeniously easy dorm-salad.
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. Mamacita knows me all too well.
Western Alternative Bagel, Dark Chocolate Dreams + The best candy ever.
Is it Easter. already?!
If I could recreate that delicious moment again right now,
I would.
Too bad the best candy in the world has been demolished already... :)
Broccoli Slaw and Laughing Cow.
They needed to become acquainted sooner or later!
This was amazing.
Color. It keeps life interesting.
So do Almond M&M's.
Place banana slices atop a bagel smothered in peanut butter and you have got me...hook, line and sinker! Although, I don't fish, so don't take that out of context! ;)
Ahh...they meet again!
End it on a sweet note!