Dorm-made Depot

Hello my loyal readers! I may or may not be 100% overwhelmed at the moment, but it's officially 10:00 and time for a little 30 minute break. The career services dude (real official title, I know) came and talked to one of my classes today and stated that the time of busiest traffic on their job search site is at 2:00AM. And I totally believe it...

Anyways, let's kick things off with just a few product reviews. NEW products, might I add.

Kay's Naturals may or may not be new to you, but they sure are new to me! I won a little sample box from the ladies over at The Actor's Diet and thoroughly enjoyed the Cookie Bites , like it was my job! Kay's Naturals Chili Nacho Cheese Protein Chips are most definitely not my job. I was lovin' them at first, with a profile almost identical to Fritos; but about halfway through the package, something was just not clicking with my tastebuds anymore. I attribute it to the fact that 10g of protein are crammed into this little pack...which is great, but also will affect the texture just a bit. It has to. I thought I might just be crazy (news flash!), so I gave a baggie to my roomie. She got about 1/3 of the way through the package before hitting the "something is just not right" wall.
Chex Mix Muddy Buddies. Folks, the day has come. A little late if you ask me (HELLO, snowflake pacakging = Christmas, no?). However, snow is still falling around my neck of the woods and rain, snow or sleet, I would devour the mix that we all know and love as "____insert chosen name here___". I usually call it puppy chow...the folks behind this Chex Mix creation call it Muddy Buddies. In the end, it is Chex cereal mixed with PB, Chocolate and Powdered sugar...And it is freaking AMAZING!
F.Y.I. My roomie and I both agreed that this stuff was so close to the homemade, real deal, it was scary. Perhaps a bit more peanut butter than you might be used to, but who would complain about that?!
Chocolate Cherrios. I saw these on a few blogs and was totally jealous that I was not in the know on this new product. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cherrios (apple cinnamon, banana nut, chocolate, multi grain, orignial, frosted, fruity...). However, I only allow myself to buy one box of cereal each week because I have no self control when it comes to cereal and whatever is purchased will be gone by the end of the week. Period. Therefore, my beloved Banana Nut Cherrios were duking it out with the Chocolate Cherrios (in the middle of the supermarkert aisle, no less), so my trusty roomie came to the rescue. She made the somewhat sarcastic comment that if I bought the banana variety, I would be donating 100,000 books to...someone. Well, hawt dawg! She may have also offered to give me some of the Chocolate Cherrios that were camped out in her cart...These puppies are GOOD! They taste like my brother's Cocoa Pebbles that I always steal during my visits home for the holidays. However, the Cherrios Chocolate delight is sans saturated fat! :D
My top two favorite flavors of Cherrios are still Banana Nut and Apple Cinnamon, though!
In keeping with the spirit of Dorm-made creations, I decided that I would give you a tour of my Dorm-made Deopt (aka...the resources that I have on hand to whip up a dorm-made meal in no time!). Someone get out the world record book...I think that is the most times that "dorm-made" has ever been used in one sentence!

Here's the "under the bed" box...
  • Banana Nut Cherrios
  • Kashi Go Lean Oatmeal
  • Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea
  • Kay's Naturals, Goldfish, Popcorn
  • Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds, Luna Bars, CLIF Mojo Bars and a never ending bar stash at the dining hall downstairs! :D
  • Un-opened Skippy Peanut Butter (always have a back-up on hand...to be safe!) , PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter (it's dreammmy!) and Smucker's Strawberry Jelly
  • Kashi Cereal The Zevia Stash. A = Roomie's....E = Mine!
    Oh boy, let's see here...
  • apples
  • baggies of grab and go grapes
  • broccoli slaw
  • cheese sticks
  • Stonyfield O'Soy (future product review culprit!)
  • Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
  • 1 remaining Granola Gourmet Chocolate Espresso Energy Bar (I don't want to eat the last fudgy delight! SAD!)
  • carrots and a random orange!

Wishbone Ranch Salad Spritzer (also a future review...) and Tostitos Bean & Cheese Dip :)Western Alternative Bagels, which are fun for a change of pace. They had a whole array of flavors, but I got sweet wheat so that I could dress it up as I please!This stuff is peacin' out so I will be heading downstairs to get some regular milk soon...At the store, I typically buy the cheapest milk...be it skim, soy, whatevv! Come back lata this week/weekend to see how I put all of these goodies to some good "dorm-made" use. And the homework ensues...


  1. No. Freaking. Way. Chex makes packaged muddy buddies?!?! those aren't even on their website yet! I must find now!

  2. omg those chex mix muddy buddies look so freaking good!!!

  3. i so want to try both those new cheerios! ahh! OMG i was just htinking about muddy buddies today, how random! can't believe they sell them already made now!

  4. I can't beleive you can fit all that food in your dorm room. You must be very creative with your space. I wonder if my commissary has the muddy buddy things or the choc cheerios because they both look good.

  5. Wow! Chex mix looks great!
    Love all your dorm room food :)

  6. OMG I remember my dorm goodies. I had fiber one, PB, rice cakes, crackers, oatmeal all under my bed it was awesome! in my acutal dorm we had a TINY fridge I just kept yogurts some fruit and cottage cheese, but I had a meal plan so I had most of my food in the dining hall. I wish I was more creative in my romo though!

    HOW GOOD ARE THE CHOCOLATE CHERRIOS! they are such a good treat and really not that unhealthy for a dessert!! thanks fro the reviews!

  7. I can't believe they are manufacturing "puppy chow" now! I guess it was only a matter of time.

    I wonder what the banana nut and chocolate cheerios would taste like combined? Either gaggy or god-like I'm thinkin'.

    I can't wait for your future "dorm-made" creations!

  8. I have been itching to try the chocolate cheerioes and the banana nut cheerioes. Talk about incredible!! Love your dorm-depot!
    <3 jess

  9. wow you've got the sweetest set-up ever! no wonder you're able to make such fantabulous dorm-room creations :) when i first stumbled upon your blog i was none the wiser! that's how good everything looks! :)

    i am so jealous of your sugar cookie tea and zevia! i've looked at every grocery/organic store here and have simply come to the conclusion we don't have them in canada... boooo

    i also find it hilarious that the cheerios say "made with real cocoa!"

    so there could be a chocolate flavoured cereal that wasn't made with cocoa? scary!

  10. Your roomie is into Zevia, too? Too cool!

  11. your dorm room stash looks strikingly similar to my own. Looks like you've covered the essentials -- cereal, PB, and milk. What else does a girl need, right?

  12. totally just had those chocolate cheerios for dessert - boy oh boy are they delicious :) I can tell they are going to become an addiction. fast.

  13. thanks for those reviews girl!! i WANT the chocolate cheerios ASAP!! yumm!

  14. Good luck with the busy week!!

    All those cereals look so good, most of all the cheerios! Yum!

    I love how you have it all organized. I live with my sister and she pretty much doesn't eat the same stuff as me, but I still have food stashes a bit everywhere...

  15. My husband laughs at me every time I call them muddy buddies! But that's what they're called. He, of course, called them people chow, which I find....a little stupid. I am so impressed with your dorm goodies, I am so ashamed of what I kept on hand when I lived in a dorm!

  16. I also have to limit my cereal supply - i'm way to addicted to it! and i love the banana nut cherrios - it taasted just like a banana nut loaf!


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