Cookie Dough...A go or no?

I told my mamacita that I could not find the new LUNA Protein Bars and that is all it took for these guys to show up at my door(m). I wanted to try every flavor, but I opted to start off with the Cookie Dough LUNA Protein Bar. Plus, I'm not feeling very good and it seemed like a comforting pick; although, it failed to make my throat feel better! bummer dude.
After enjoying half of the bar, I had accumulated the following review:

I’m certainly not getting a cookie dough texture. The texture is more of an extremely chewy nougat. It’s not too sweet. There was an ever so slight crisp in select bites from random soy crisps. You could definitely tell that this was not a candy bar, but a protein bar. However, it wasn’t too bad. The overall feel of the bar was CHEW. The chocolate chips and thin chocolate coating sort of just get lost amongst the chewy nougat; although chocolate is certainly present and accounted for. Chew and chew and chew. It had a subtle cookie dough flavor, but I’m not putting it on my list of favorite bars or anything.
I am excited to test out the other flavors though, to see how they take to this chewy base.
I am kind of in the middle of the road on this one.

When that occurs, I consult other foodies:
  • Some LOVE IT.
  • Some wouldn't say they LOVE it, but they did enjoy it.
  • Some think it falls short.
    Some would buy a whole wearhouse, if need be.

So... a go or no?

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  1. For me, it was a 10/10. I looooved the saltiness! I could definitely eat these like a candy bar. But I guess people's tastes are different

  2. i LOVE that luna! it's my favorite flavor. i know it has that protein-y taste but i kind of dig that in this bar for some reason. sorry it didn't wow ya, but at least you didn't hate it!

  3. ugh -- unfortunately, CT discriminates against those lunas.. I haven't been able to find one! Perhaps I need to just move in with you :)

  4. Bummer that it was like nougat! I like my bars SOFT.

    <3 jess

  5. Yum! Regardless of how they actually taste, I love the idea of these, and I love fantasizing about a healthy way to enjoy cookie dough. I just won't buy any so I won't be disappointed.

  6. havent tried those yet!!! but I have heard awesome things about them!

  7. I am with Jenny on this one and was going to say that CT does not have them yet. I will have to live through you review :)

  8. Regular Luna bars keep me really full so I can only imagine what a protein luna would do...

  9. oh boy..I guess next time I'm in the usa I will have to look for these :) I like anything with lots of protein that tastes somewhat yummy :P

  10. Oddly enough, I'm not a big fan of cookie dough. Am I weird? hehe

  11. I had the same thoughts on the Luna proteins.

    And do you think if I tell my mama I can't find the perfect spring jacket anywhere one will show up at my door?

  12. I was ok with it - I'm standing next you in the middle of the road. I'd eat it again, but it was nothing memorable.

    P.S., I'm Gillian and I've been reading your blog for ages - you are a lot of fun to read! I just started my own food blog because of blogs like yours :) I am also a college kid, and I'm jealous of your major! Good luck with balancing it all out girl - I'm sure you'll succeed!

  13. Have not tried those yet, but everyone is giving them good reviews


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