Innate Eats

I looked on my camera this morning and realized that I had 24 pictures piled up. When did that happen? I think I just innately take pictures of my food. Between this blog and food reviewing, I can't help it. haha You understand...
This is so good. Why it never became as popular as your good ole' PB&J, I'll never know! PJ's Organic Chicken Burrito
Not bad stats!
Not Bad Ingreeeds!
However, it just wasn't quite what I was expecting. The tortilla was very "flour-y" and more like a cast. Odd comparison, but it was very thick, hard and overbearing in some areas and too doughy in others. It was just different...and I wasn't really diggin' it.
The inside was okay, but you are talking to a girl who loves refried beans. Basically, this filling had the same texture as my aforementioned love. The fact that this supposedly has chicken in it is a little intriguing. It must be shredded and ground super fine...

Healthy Choice is not always the most delicious choice. Am I right? Well, their new look came along with new offerings, so I decided to pick up some Ravioli Florentine Marinara and give 'em another try. In a nut shell, here are my thoughts:
  • The sauce was divine... a lovely marinara, not a spaghetti sauce. There's a difference!
  • The pasta was cooked perfectly and had a ricotta like filling! :D
  • The cheese was a little chewy and there was just too much of it. I ate my fair share (and a few bite-fulls of solely cheese) and there was still 2 tabelspoon sized clumps left when I was finished! Cut back on the cheese HC!
  • I added frozen broccoli after mixing it up half way through micro-ing and this really added alot to the overall feel of the dish. I think HC should make that a permanent addition!
Overall, if you can get past the abundance of cheese, this was REALLY GOOD!
Yoplait True Delights Lemon Torte tastes EXACTLY like homemade lemon squares. You know...these guys.
CLIF Chocolate Brownie. Hmm...this fuel seems fitting becase climbing a cliff almost parallels my strenuous school work in intensity! ;)
This was so rich and decadent, I might as well have been eating brownie batter! :D

If you want to hear me ramble on about the Cookie Monster, Knives and Integrals, Click Here. :D
PB& J is helping you to discover new HORIZONs. I totally stole her "corniness". haha Just hop on over there...If Jenny-loo is behind it, you know it's good! :D


  1. Like the idea of adding broc to a frozen meal for extra nutrients! I feel ya with the CLif like nature of school.

  2. I totally thought that was a PB&J chicken burrito and had to do a double take--haha

  3. I have those same paper plates! (target, right?) they're my only attempt at taking semi-pretty pictures at school.

  4. Sarah! So glad your back! Life-changing advice - heat up that chocolate brownie clif in the micro for 20 seconds. You will die!

  5. Ahh the brownie close-up looks yummy! I like Clif Mojos better than these though - tried them? :-)

  6. OMG I LOVE that chocolate brownie Clif bar... Yum yum!!!

  7. I must try that Cliff Bar. Brownie batter? I'm in!
    PB&J with bananas is always lovely!

  8. I wish I had 24 pics on my camera! I have some from October 2008 lol!

  9. Oooooooh, that cliff bar sounds and looks deeeelish! :)

  10. i totally agree about PBB&J - it totally knocks your regular old PB&J out of the park!

  11. Okay, I am so hungry right now! That brownie bar looks truly amazing!

  12. yogurt that tastes like lemon squares? sweeet! haha the photo thing happens to me too..i'm like, who took my camera and snapped these pics? it wasn't me! but it was :)

  13. Mmmmm the thick layer of banana on your pb and j looks so gooey and delicious! And I really love the chocolate brownie clif bar!


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