Mixin' it up

I don’t have much extra time these days...acutally, scratch that, I don’t have ANY extra time these days…But blogging isn’t extra. ;) However, it also isn’t number one on the list; but instead of tossing it out the window, I have opted to make my posts shorter…and a bit more focused. Product review one day, dorm-made tricks another, nummay food after that. Stop scrunching it all together into one random, long post. Sound good? I was at a loss for what to share first, but since I’m mixin’ it up with blogging, why not mix it up with my food?

Enter: Dorm-made trail mix
If you do not do this, then you are nuts. Or perhaps you just need to go downstairs to the dining hall, buy some nuts and join in on the fun.
Here’s what you do:
  • Go downstairs to the dining hall and purchase nuts, pretzels, cereal, M&M’s, Bugels (Remember sticking those on your fingers? I know you did it.), whatever. Buy everything that looks good. That's my motto. :D
  • Then, go to the grocery store and buy whatever they have that you feel must be involved, if your dining hall just couldn’t deliver. Also, buy some plastic snack bags.

Now you’re ready. I’ll demonstrate:

Apple Cinnamon Cherrios
(Pretty much any variety of Cherrios is dangerous in my hands.)
Kashi Honey Sunshine
I ♥ Cereal!
My favorite variety of the snack that smiles back...
Honey Roasted Nuttiness
This way, you can switch it up every week and always have a snack to take with you as you are running around. Plus, the random variety of textures and tastes is sooo good! :D
What's going to be in your mix?


  1. you have an awesome mix, i used to devour those cheerios! i've actually never tried that kashi, which is weird becausei LOVE kashi and have tried almost everything else! my mixes are made from the bulk bins at whole foods (and are surprisingly cheap!) they usually revolve around nuts, one kind of dried fruit (but not too much!) and some kind of cracker/grainy thing

  2. I ALWAYS make trail mixes using the dining halls "goods".
    In the mornings I go to the oatmeal bar and take craisins and sliced almonds and then I grab the cracklin' oat bran. SUCH a good combo!!

  3. snacks are the only thing that have gotten me through these past few weeks. School is HELLLLLLLL.

  4. Yums! My trailmix would have to have dried fruit!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous mix!! Mine would HAVE to have dark chocolate chips in it. And dried cranberries!
    <3 jess

  6. I am almost out of my Honey Sunshine! It is so good! Kashi totally needs to make a peanut butter flavored cereal. :)

  7. simple but perfection!! so good for healthy snacks on the go at school- i'd throw in some peanut butter bumpers, something chocolatey, raisins, etc.

  8. Love this! I might use this when I head off to college this fall :)

  9. That looks great. I would love to do mini pretzel sticks with cheddar goldfish, with raisins and mini choc chips, and then mini bagel chips and honey nut cheerios. That sounds good to me.


What's on your "foodie" mind today?