Flushin' Fat

Vegan, no trans fat, excellent source of protein, excellent source of fiber, yeast free, organic grains, low glycemic index, certified organic, Kosher...
Sound Good?French Meadow Bakery sent me some products to review and after my experience with their Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, I was eager to continue on my journey! Next up...

French Meadow Bakery Organic Fat Flush 10" Tortillas
11g of protein? I haven't even stuffed it with anything yet! Love it!
I am falling in love with sprouted grains, thanks to French Meadow Bakery...
Check out those stats:
Sprouted lentils, millet, barley!?
No wonder they are PACKED with PROTEIN! Tuna Salad and Carrots...odd, but that's all that I had on hand. College.
These are not soft and doughy like you typically stereotype tortillas to be. However, open your eyes to something new and check these out because they are good! They possess a firmness from the packed nature of the sprouted grains, yet are still soft and pliable. I was provided with the 10" tortillas, which are MASSIVE. I can only imagine the quesadillas that these babies would make...yum. Plus, you know how the routine goes, you decide that you want to make a wrap and get out the cutting board and chop up some lettuce and tomato. Then, you remember those mushrooms that you need to eat up and decide that they would be a tasty addition. As you are reaching for the mushrooms, you see the hummus, which would add such a creaminess to your creation...on it goes. Oh, but what about some bell pepper? (I mean you already have the cutting board out...) Before you know it, you have prepped enough stuff to invite your neighborhood over and have a wrap party (Is there such a thing? In my mind...) . However, if you have got French Meadow Bakery's 10" Fat Flush Tortillas in your possession, then your neighbors are plum outta luck because these bad boys can hold SO much more than your typical tortilla. I lurrrve it! :D
French Meadow Bakery provided me with this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. i realllly want to try those products :) dang they are packed with protein, awesome! reminds me of ezekiel with those ingredients

  2. Those look awesome, I love the dense taste of sprouted grains!

  3. Those wraps look perfect for holding all the fixin's! Glad you're back in action Emily - I've misssssed you!

  4. mmmmm, thanks for the review! Looks AWESOME!

  5. tortillas have been my carb o' choose as of late. Thanks for the review, chica!

  6. Hey!! Thanks so much for the comment. What an awesome food review. Oh the perks of being a blogger. I've never seen anyone put whole carrots in their wraps. Too funny.

  7. hey girlie!! delicious looking wraps!! LOVIN your review!...Whole baby carrots in wraps are delicious..the extra crunch is bomb!! :) I hope you have a great monday! xoxo!

  8. Yum! I want to have a wrap party! =P

  9. I love their products. I just had the opportunity to try their GF brownies which are amazing.

  10. mmm looks so good! I love my wraps and always on the lookout for something new!


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