Perfect end to the Night!

As of tommorrow there will be 12 days until SPRING BREAK! Can you tell I am excited?! I will be seeing my aunt (she leaves about 3 days after I get home), my family, my puppies!! and my old friends! Can't wait! I do have a BIO test the monday I get back, but lets not think about that right now! ;)

Today, Alexa and I were planning on going to KEVA early; but of course, we didnt get there until 11 (sleeping in when you can is a must! lol). Anyways, my tummy was grumbling around 10, so I got creative. Nothing was sounding good and then I remembered I had some random tortillas Alexa and I had bought to split between the two of us..........and I have MaraNatha's PB (HELLO!). So here are the culprits...........
And the final product!
Yep, I just dipped straight into the jar....it's ok, I am the only one who eats it! It was super delicious and simple at the same time. I used one tortilla and .....enough PB to go around! :D
Then came my beloved KEVACCINO!
While doing laundry and what not a bit later, I ate an apple and some Hannah Montana dried fruit snacks. Yea, you read that right! Not a total HM fan (though it is fun to joke around about!).....BUT when I saw these little boxes next to the raisins, I was totally up for a little change. The verdict: YUM! Will purchase again!
The mix consists of raisins, dried blueberries and "pomegranate chips"....so much more fun to eat than regular old raisins! And it lasts longer because you actually want to savor each individual flavor!
For dinner, Alexa and I went to a place called Rudy's. SO FUNNY because it is such a funny place....wayyyy country! ahahha However, we had a free $5 giftcard that we won at a girl's bball game, so we decided to give it a try! Anyways, the menu is limited, but the food was awesome. I got a turkey sandwich (LOTS of sliced turkey on a white hamburger bun). Sounds boring but the meat was so flavorful and perfectly cooked. I forgot my camera in the car, but it we go again......................
And then we went to the second bball game of the day (Boys in the Afternoon & Girls at night!) haha At the game, we decided to splurge on some Sheridan's Frozen custard. HOLY GUACAMOLE! YUMMMMMMM Mine had one scoop of vanilla and one scoop of chocolate with crushed oreos and strawberries and Alexa's was all vanilla with oreos and M&M's. Total Holy Yum (as VeggieGirl would put it!)

The Picture totally does not do it justice!
Can you tell I am a "creamy/cold" girl..........if not, just check out tommorrow's post! :D (hint: it's sunday!)
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Fun with Funfetti!

HEY! So dinner was a surprise Belated Birthday Dinner for my friend Kristen at a steak restaurant. Her parents were going to be coming up this weekend and wanted to surprise Kristen by having Alexa and I show up at the restaurant! It was so nice of them and so much fun! I did not get a steak, but I did get a huge plate from their salad bar with so many pastas and different kinds of salads I was STUFFED by the end of the meal.

However, not so stuffed that I could not enjoy a slice of the funfetti cake that her mom made earlier that day and brought to the restaurant! YUM! It reminded me of the olden days! Does anyone else remember the good old boxed mix of funfetti cake?! It pretty much rocks! haha Our waiter was awesome and SOO nice ...... he brought us out some ice cream for our cake. He greatfully accepted our offer of a big slice off cake to take home with him! Too Fun!

After the wonderful meal, we headed back to Kristen's house to get a break from the dorm room and enjoy each other's company! We played dice/card games and ended the night playing with her kitty before heading "home". What a great night! And one more time: Happy Birthday Kristen! :D

Tommorrow morning Alexa and I are headed to KEVA to study and get some yummy smoothies! Cya then!!

Did you know?!

IT's FRIDAY!! :D And I only have 14 more days until spring break! (All good....no great news!)

Anyways, I didn't bring my camera with me today because I did not forsee having the ability to blog today, but OF COURSE I missed it too much! lol Anyways, these are recycled pics, but not much has changed.
2 small cups of coffee and a Clif Nectar Bar! YUM-O!

As Kristen would say: a Fantabulous Sandwich! :D (this time I got it grilled to perfection....MMM)

Tonight we are ....well I better make it a surprise in case someone ends up reading this.....I'll fill everyone in later!

So I hope ya'll are having a great friday and look forward to the weekend! I have tons of studying to do this weekend; but after next Wednesday, I will have two tests behind me and nothing else major before spring break! I just have to work really hard for the next 5 days! WOOOO!
They are doing work on our showers and stuff on our floor and it is SO loud. I am blasting music and can still barely hear it! gah!

If you are a Yahoo! Mail junkie like me, then you probably saw this article on your way to check your mail this morning!? .......It is about "Why your workouts are not working". I suggest you check it out because (although you may already know alot of it) it is a nice refresher and you never know..........you may just learn something new!?

Ok well if I can handle the noise, I am going to do some homework.......and if I can't....well "It's college, so deal"! hahaha! Oh man..........................
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So my "foreseeable" future was about 2 days, which does not surprise me. Every day is so busy and by the time 9PM rolls around, I have more homework and am super tired and find myself putting off blogging for "later". As you can tell, things are getting hectic and I am not finding the time to blog much. For now, I will be putting the blog on hold to see if things lighten up a bit. Thanks for the great comments!


Don't worry, Be happy!

Isn't that a Barney song or something?! hhaha Anyways, my point is: I will be sticking around (at least for the "foreseeable" future!). I have decided to take a hiatus on weekends (or at least this weekend). However, here is a picture of my yummy salad I got at the grocery store for lunch!

Homework, laundry and a basketball game await! Enjoy your weekend!
And I wanted to show you this pic of the Rollo I had last night: Yep, pretty much speaks for itself! ;)


Too many Thoughts!

Hey guys! Tonight was great. We didnt go see the movie, but instead just hung out together and it was fun (We did hit up the rec for an hour beforehand though!) I ate too many snacks (Leclerc Orange kinda yucky cookies, Almond M&M's, a PBJ for din and some more pita chips!).

I have pics which I plan on uploading later because I am soo tired!

I love you all, but I am starting to jump back on the fence again about whether or not blogging is for me?! I love it....then I think it takes up too much time or effort, I love taking pics and...then I am not sure, I like posting......then again I feel like I am always rushing because I always have so much to do, I love writing and what not about the day.....then again it feels so redundant and whatnot! I am not sure at the moment.....I'll just take things one day at a time! I do enjoy of all your wonderful blogs though no matter what!

Never Ending To-do List

Yes, I have one....I bet many of you do too?!

This morning I was dead tired...like my eyes would not stay open and I pressed snooze 5 times. However, I still made it to my 8AM class.....On the other hand, I had no time to grab coffee before (BAD mix!). My 9AM class (Chem) didn't leave time for coffee either, so by 10AM it was not the question of whether I wanted coffee.....I needed coffee! haha Breakfast was a banana and clif bar....I PROMISE I am getting some innovative items at the grocery store this weekend! lol

[[[[[I am always eating on the go!!!]]]]]

Anyways, after Bio, some of my friends and I met up at the Student Union for lunch. As I said last friday, we always make our fridays extra special with sandwiches from the specialty sandwich shop! :D Mine was similar to last week's: Boar's Head Turkey, Meunster Cheese, lettuce, tomato, red/green papper, black olives and mustard sandwiched between two thick slices of wheat berry bread! MMMM!

[[[[[ They are served with chips.....I ate about 2....Potato Chips have never been too appealing to me!?]]]]]

[[[[[ The other half is still wrapped up!]]]]]

Now I am getting ready to do a bit of homework and hit up the tennis courts! Enjoy the rest of your day! ITS THE WEEKEND......finally!
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Tea!! Ok, because I love this tea SOO SOO much, I am going to repost a comment that Tracie (someone from the company possibly...I could not get your link to work, but am still grateful for the comment of course!) added to my last post! I totally joined the group and it would be awesome if you guys wanted to too! Also, I think you can still buy the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea online at various places (COMPLETELY Worth it!). However, since my mom and I fell in love early and knew it was a short-lived item, we stocked up over the holidays (I am talking 20 or more boxes....most of them still at home!). MAYBE if someone from Celestial Seasonings is reading this they might want to help me do a giveaway to you lovely readers and promote their tea?!?! Just throwing that out there!

Tracie's comment:
"Way to keep a healthy diet despite the many temptations college life brings. Thanks for mentioning our Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. We are thrilled to hear you like it so much! It was actually featured on the Today Show during the holidays.

We wanted to let you know about a great new sustainability program from Celestial Seasonings. We hope you'll participate and share it with your friends. You can also become a Celestial fan on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Celestial-Seasonings/46728126663?ref=ts. Now for the new program...By simply purchasing tea or clicking on a mouse, Celestial Seasonings tea drinkers can support the planting of trees in developing countries and help promote environmental and economic sustainability around the world.

The brand has partnered with non-profit organization Trees for the Future to support the planting of more than one million trees in developing countries. These trees promote economic and environmental sustainability in nations where it is desperately needed. Tea drinkers can take part in two fun and affordable ways: by purchasing the brand’s all-natural teas between now and March 31, 2009, and by visiting www.celestialseasonings.com/trees, where they are given the opportunity to participate in a free, interactive, Web program that turns “virtual trees” into reality.

Thanks again for your support!"

See you guys tommorrow..........for some awesome FRIDAY-ness!


What day is it?!

I just noticed I have started the past three or so entries with "Hey Guys"! No longer....(hahha)....It's time to add some variety to the blog world! And to my real world! Sophia helped me realize that I am in a food rut (Thanks to the thought-provoking ?? on her post!). Anyways, I am going to try buying different fruits (other than the utterly portable apples and nanners) and try new things at the dining hall! Should be fun!

Anyways, this morning I ate some yogurt and a (*gasp*) banana! That pink mug you see contains the most delicious tea ever.....Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie SleighRide Tea (I had another cup later in the day!)!! :D

In Food Science, we had a sub today, so we got out like 45 minutes early. Therefore, Kristen and I headed to the library to study for art! By the way, I feel pretty confident about the ART test! Thanks for the supppport!

We broke for lunch with Alexa and I got a salad...it tasted realllly yummy today! It consisted of romaine, spinach, a few noodles, sunflower seeds, carrots, tomatos, broccoli and a small drizzle of light ranch!

After our test, Kristen and I worked on our Chem Lab (and finished it!) and did some online Chem homework (not even close to finished.....ugh!). To fuel my studies I ate a juicy...(*gasp*) apple and about 2/3c or so Kashi Heart to Heart (yep, my school serves it..how cool is that!?) !

I headed back to my dorm around 4:30 (LONG day!) and ate a Kashi Blackberry Graham Bar! Yum-o! (Sorry Rachael Ray is on my roomie's TV at the moment!).

I am about to do some more online homework and begin studying for my big FDSC test that is on Tuesday! (It never ends!)

At 7:30ish Alexa and I are heading to One Guy's for some more pizza! Delish! Then it's church and back home to hit the sack! (Edited to add: It was just as yummmy and veggie loaded as always....AND the guy behind the counter officially knows us and our order by heart! :D)

This weekend I will be a busy busy bee! Friday after school Alexa and I are going to hit up the tennis courts and go see the movie "The Changeling", which our school is showing in the Student Union around 8pm! Should be fun.

Saturday morning I have to get up and be at the AFS (Animal and Food Science) building by 9am to make CHEESE with my FDSC club. We sell it at a shop on campus to raise money. Then I need to do laundry before the boy's basketball game at 5pm! A friend of Alexa and I is coming down this weekend as well to watch her team play ours in Bball (and see her crazy friends!) haha.

Sunday is church, Jason's Deli (HELLO Ice Cream!), and shopping for a b-day present for Kristen! Then study study study for FDSC!

I hope I made up for the lame-o posts!

Fact of the Day: Clarence Birdseye is the Father of the Frozen Food Industry. (Much progress was made in the Frozen Food Industry between 1920-1945!)


I Blame My Art Test!


I had a 2 hour long Chem Review tonight and still need to study ART.........I will be back in full force tommorrow! Thanks for hangin' in there with me! :D
A handfull of pita chips.........make that wayy too many pita chips! Because mindless studying (an oxymoron!) and a bag of pita chips is never a good combo! haha Ok G'night!

News worthy..........

Hey guys! I have another really hectic day and need to get studying for my art test tommorrow ASAP!! When will it ever stop?!?! OH YEA in 4 weeks when spring break rolls around! :D

Anyways, I will be back for a recap later (short or long will depend on how much studying I get done!). However, I wanted to take a moment to post two news worthy items!

1) My friend, Alexa, has started her own blog! She loves her classic rock! haha If you are interested, check it out here: http://classicrockforthesoul.blogspot.com/

2) I don't know if you get emails from Starbucks, but they are giving away free samples of their new instant coffee! Check it out here: http://www.starbucksstore.com/products/via/freesample.asp?CCAID=SBXNWSL217T

Ok I shall "see" you all later!


And I thought Mondays were CRAZY!

Hey guys! Wow loooong day....anyways, I have lots I want to write and like no time to write it, so I will surely do a longer post next time!

Here's the eats! Lunch was an unpictured SALAD(romaine, spinach, sunflower seeds, light italian dressing, carrots, broccoli, noodles....)!

[[[[[YUM!!!.....I totally forgot about the recall until about half way through this.....However, according to Kashi this bar is not afffected......I still wouldn't take any chances!]]]]]

{{{{Granola can really kick your yogurt up to the next level!}}}}

{{{Not quite as photographic as yesterday's, but still utterly delicious!}}}
One thing I do want to tell you about is the basketball game! Alexa and I went to the girl's basketball game tonight and it was all about breast cancer awareness. They dropped down streamers, handed out free pink T-shirts, etc, etc,! It was alot of fun, but it also made for a late night!

After the game, I ate the sample sized Fiber One Cereal (It was really good. Then again, I have had it before.....but it's kind of sweet, so if you do not have a sweet tooth, it's probably not for you!) we were given for free from General Mills as we left the game and (since there was still some milk left in the bowl....and I was still kinda hungry)....I ate some Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat! Oh and I had a Mott's No Sugar Added Applesauce (I have one basically every night!).

And while I am waiting for my pics to load.....
Fact of the Day:You know how sometimes you will see big industrial food trucks with big tanks driving down the road?! Well, sometimes, the ones that carry fruits and veggies will be equipped with a device that allows the driver to spray the produce with liquid Nitrogen periodically, to cool the foods and slow spoilage!


Put a lil' bounce in the ounce!

Hey guys! How was your Monday?! Mine was hectic; but thanks to all of your well wishes and good lucks (And tons of studying), I think I did well on my BIO test, so that's good!
Breakfast was eaten on the road. A Kashi Soft-Baked Bar and a Banana! Those bars are phenomenal!
Lunch was a pretty tasty way to break up the day. While I studied my Chemistry Lab Manual, I had a PB&J (on new & super soft honey wheat bread!), an Apple and some Propel Fitness water. I also had about 1.5 cups of coffee throughout the morning!
After Lab, I ran home and ate a yummy yogurt and got organized a little bit. About an hour later, I met up with Alexa for dinner and we planned out our week! I got a salad with romaine, spinach, an egg, a few noodles, broccoli, green pepper, carrot shreds......I think that's it?!After dinner, Alexa and I decided to be spontaneous and hit up the tennis courts! It was alot of fun, but you can tell we have not played in a LONG time! Practice will make perfect (or hopefully, at least close! hah) I ate a Caramel Kiss before our hour of not-so-perfect tennis! haha We will get better!!!! (If only that net was a littttle shorter.....)
After our workout, I came home to a big bowl of Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (I took the pic after scarfing down about half of the bowl! lol I was hungry!). I used lactose free milk because they were out of the usual kind that I buy..........surprisingly, it didnt taste any different to me!

I am currently popping open my last Chocolate Chunk Chex Bar.........yea, it's sad! ;)I think I am going to browse around the blog world a little bit, get my mom's packaged taped up and ready to mail tommorrow & do a little homework! Enjoy your night!
Fact of the Day:
The process of Hydrogenation:
(Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Oils + Hydrogen + a catalyst in the form of Nickle to get the reaction going) undergoes high heat and high pressure and moves towards a saturated fatty acid. Saturated Fatty Acids have all of the possible hydrogen bonds on it's Carbons, while unsaturated Fatty Acids have some double bonds between Carbons. Hydrogenated Oils are used to make things like margarine (a solid, but still spreadable). Hydrogenated oils make up the infamous Trans Fats, which are harmful to your health because they increase your bad cholesterol (like saturated fats) AND decrease your good cholesterol levels!
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Edited to add:
A small handfull of Stacy's Pita Chips! Stacy knows her chips!!! ;)


Howdy Ho Ranger Jo!

Does anyone else remember that episode of Full House?! haha

Ok, so I didn't wake up today until 10!! I needed that sleep. Anyways, after getting ready I ate a PB&J and some yogurt.


Then I forced myself to go to the library, so I could study BIOL without any distractions. I stayed there from 11:30-4 and I still don't feel ready for this test! eek! My study snack consisted of some Powerade Zero and a YUMMY Kashi Blackberry Graham Bar.
Afterwards, I came home and ate two very orange-y items. The fruit was super juicy and sweet! The cookies did not change from the last time I ate them (lol!), so they still have a gross after taste, but not SO bad that I am going to throw all of the 6 remaining packages away......

Then Alexa got back home (She was gone this weekend visiting her parents) and we headed to the grocery store to restock! On the way we snagged a much needed, extremely delicious KEVA....... :D The Keva filled me up quite well; but I am currently sipping on a Campbell's Soup at Hand because it's warm and sounded good! I may grab a few pita chips later if I get hungry. Then again, it's already 8pm so they probably won't be necessary?!
Before I let you go, I must show you these cute tennis balls that Alexa's mom got me for Valentine's! They are so cute and now we have a perfect reason to hit the courts and sharpen our skills!
Tommorrow is Monday, which means I have 6 classes back to back to back to back with only a one hour break (oh and a BIOL test on top of it all!). However, I am not here to be Debbie Downer, so have a super fantastic Monday! I promise to get back to all of your wonderful blogs ASAP!


It's a Fluke.....

Amy's Low Fat Butternut Squash Soup that is!! (usually I can't get enough of Amy's!) I thought it would be thick and creamy. Oh NO! It was like vegetable broth with grainy bits of butternut squash floating around and visible oil dispersed throughout (an unappealing amount). I ate about 1/3 of the can and the rest went down the drain! Sad, I know!Anyways, now I am pulling a total college move and eating popcorn. (If I was at home I would throw some roasted veggies in the oven or heat up an Amy's Pizza in the oven or .......ya I miss my oven and all of those options!) I will probably break open my last yogurt later.
Fact of the Day: (Not FDSC fact because I have something funnier to tell you and I dont feel like being intellectual at the moment.....hahah!)

Ok so my mom sent me a package about a week and a half ago and she keeps asking me if I have gotten it....sadly, I keep saying no! Then, tonight, she calls and tells me that she found the receipt and turns out that the package was sent to Pennsylvania because the lady at the Post Office entered the zip code in wrong! hahahh! It was really funny! (and nice to know that my package is not totally lost somewhere).

P.s. Bigger Pics it is! :D