1 down, 3 to go

Just got done with my FDCS Final an hour or so ago and ROCKED IT! :D That made me happy considering I spent from 10:30AM-10:30PM Yesterday at the same table.....with Alexa half of the time and then Kristen the other half! lol I got up about 10 times though to get food, go the bathroom, go back downstairs 3 times in a row because I kept forgetting things (like a fork! hah). ANYWAYS! I have pics of all of my eats (quite a few to be exact) and I will be doing a recap of Wed, Thur and Fri on Friday night!

Now I am off to Keva (I told my mom we need to buy a new blender....ours is gross and old!...so I can make Keva's at home! haha), then studying all day (AGAIN) for POLS and BIOL.....I have my Poli Sci at 7:30AM and BIOL at 4:30!! Can't wait to relax friday night! ........And then pick it back up over the weekend to drill Chemistry into my brain! ;)

Happy Trails!


Quick "din"!

Quick Post of What I Ate For "dinner" (more like snacks..but that's cool with me! :D )

For a more thorough recap of the day, see my previous post!

Campbell's Soup at Hand (My school doesnt have the low sodium ones.....OUCH! It's ok....my low blood pressure can handle it!)
Yogurt with a 100 Cal. Pack of Nuts! Yum!!!Popcorn (courtesy of Alexa's Care Package!)...Thankfully there was only ONE serving in the bag...hate it when they put 2 or 3 servings in a "single-serve" bag! And I just ate a handfull of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and I am about to turn off my computer and munch on a baby bag of Kashi's while STUDYING! :/ (CARBS are my go-to study fuel....)

Tommorrow morning we have no classes, so Alexa and I are hitting up KEVA JUICE at 10AM and starting off the day RIGHT!

Not So Ideal...

So Nutritious and Delicious Clean Week started off well!
Although I have indigestion right now and am not sure why?! hmmm.......when I was younger, carrots would give me horrible, unbearable indigestion! SOO glad that has changed! ;)

I was (once again) planning on getting up this morning to run, but my roomie had the tv on from 11-1...so I layed awake for 2 hours shiffting around. I threw a pillow over my head at 1AM and she finally turned it off! (6 more nights and counting!) So this morning I was very grumpy.......lol.....but I did have a delish breakfast by combining Plain Cherrios with Raisin Bran and a cup of skim milk! :D
Cereal = love!
I then went to take my last four pages of Food Science notes for the year! That test is going to be a doozy (is that a word?! haha). After FDSC, Alexa, Kristen and I grabbed lunch. I picked a yummy stirfry made with water to cook the veggies and a touch of teriyaki sauce! Delish! And Veggie-ful!
Then, I went to take my art test! I may have gotten close to a 20?! LOL Half of it was slides and I haven't opened my art book these past few weeks! I am pretty sure I got at least a 20 though, which is all I need for an A in that class! (too bad they aren't all that way!)

Afterwards, Kristen and I went over to Alexa's house because she had gotten a care package from her mom and texted me saying
"I just got as MAMBO package from my mom and can't eat it all".
Free Food?! Im there! Kristen and I picked out a few items and here is what I snagged! THANKS LEX! :)
Then the three of us went to get some gelato! Tiramisu Gelato.....toatlly delish!
Kristen and I quizzed each other on the first 6 or 7 chapters of FDSC (out of 20) and we both knew them really well! That's good...I guess!!?!

I am thinking that my ideal morning workouts are not so ideal....SOOO I am considering going around 5 or so to do a little run or something!

I just ate a banana randomly as well......love the sticker! Great Reminder!
I can't wait to get home because.....
  • The Fam & PUPS are waiting!
  • My KITCHEN and OVEN (brand spankin' new!)

  • I have a stellar giveaway to do............but until then.................

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So....last night I ate this mediocre dish (click here)..seriously....1 on a scale of 10! But I was hungry.....

Then I continued studying ....with Stacy's Pita Chips......next thing I knew my hand was reaching into an empty bag! HUH?! I just bought these earlier today! eeeeeeeek! So I ate 6 servings in one day! That's sad! And then I had a tummy ache! But eating all of that in one day is not going to immediately make me fat! (lol....duh) and I think it was God's way of telling me to FOCUS on my body, my eating and my health this week as well as my classes!

Here's the deal, I will be home in about one week and away from all of this junky food and back to fresh food and cooking! I haven't cooked in so long and I do not want to fall into eating packaged food this summer....I want to cook the heck out of these 3 months of summer before I am back at school.....kitchen-less! SO this week I am going to focus on my eating. Eating salads, wraps, yogurt, fruit...as close to what I would normally eat at home as possible! That way when I head home, I will be fully prepared to eat fresh! :D I am excited and expect my next 9 or so posts to be nutritious and delicious!

I WANTED to start out my "Nutritious and Delicious Focus Week" by going to the gym at 7AM before my class..but I was ....well woken up last night by my roomie at like 1AM and lost an hour or so of sleep.....I needed that sleep! I did take the stairs up to my room (lets just say it's WAAAY up there) and my thighs felt it!
(let me apologize in advance for the lack of pics...I was off my blogger game today! haha.....and I could write so much more, but I guess I need to study for my Art Test Tommorrow.......whooops!):
Dannon Light And Fit (The only thing my school offers......meh)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar
Little bag of Kashi's
Salad with Hard Boiled Egg

Apple (so juicy....it was rockin!)

Quaker Oatmeal Squares (about 3/4 cup)

A Fiber One Bar (just ate that b/c my never ending stomach was grumbling!).....

How am I not 500 Pounds?! LOL No complaining! ;)

25 Random Things about You...I mean me!

The Wonderful Michelle tagged me so here it is.....

25 Random Things about Me!

  1. I have only had dogs in my life....all though I love all animals! None of my pups has ever died a natural death.
  2. I may be seen from time to time jamming out to T. Swift while driving.....
  3. I don't get around much......I have only lived in 2 states (and have only visited 5 states)
  4. I have esotropia and am hoping to get surgery and ditch the glasses this summer or the next.
  5. I had surgery on my head when I was about 3 weeks old.
  6. I used to want to be a dietician, but thought I could utilize my love for food and science more efficiently as a Food Scientist.
  7. I strongly dislike reading/writing unless it is about food or science (go figure!).
  8. I can't draw, but love to collage and whatnot! My mom said she used to just give me a piece of paper and scissors as a kid and I would go nuts; while my brother would just sit there and ask "What do I do with it?".
  9. I USED TO beat my brother at wrestling (dad was the ref!...which may have had something to do with it!?).....then he got too strong and we grew up! lol
  10. I should be studying RIGHT NOW!
  11. I love ICE CREAM, CEREAL and PIZZA! haha (healthy versions of course!)
  12. I grew up on hamburger helper and my mom always had a candy bowl in our dining room! (Yet, my brother and I were never overwieght and my mom's theory is that if you give it to them as kids, they wont feel deprived and go crazy on it when they grow up! Come to think of it, I like her ideas because I never have really craved candy much! We always had whatever cereal we wanted (no matter how sugary) and Kool-Aid...the works! It seemed to workout nicely! However, nowadays....you probably won't find me eating those things.....ANYWAYS
  13. I have been blessed by the Lord with a brilliant mind and I have had straight A's since they started keeping track of that kind of stuff.
  14. I love double talk and I'm really good at it! (HAHA Just Kidding! That's a quote from GILMORE GIRLS.....my fave show)
  15. I do not like the smell of smoke.....
  16. I would rather be hot than too cold.
  17. I am addicted to Keva Juice and Cereal of all types! :)
  18. I watch movies and then ...later on....have to ask my friend's if I saw them! LOL I just can never remember the plots and what not! Plus I can't remember if it was a preview I saw or the real thing... It's horrible! haha Ok...not with every movie but with many!
  19. T. Swift is the only music I study to (If I need music) because her songs are the only ones that I know so well that I dont have to sing anymore....haha.....Any other songs I would want to sing to or.....with new songs I am too busy trying to learn the song!
  20. I grew up on Skim milk and all other milk tastes funny to me (besides soymilk).
  21. I got to go to Disney World with my Dad's company many years back and WANT TO GO BACK!
  22. I am on the ballot to be secretary for FDSC club next year.
  23. I can get a 20 on my Art Final and still have an A in the class!
  24. I write reviews for http://www.iateapie.net/
  25. I love jewelry and putting together cute, but casual outfits. However, this week, I will be sporting shorts and Tshirts and cramming my brain with a wealth of information..................................................OFF I GO! :D

I tag:










AND Everyone Else Who Wants to Do it!!

And now I am going downstairs to get some SOUP at HAND! :)

Quikie....Part 2!

Just a quick hey-hi-hello! I just got back from church and had a banana with some PB&Co (and a few dips of just PB! ;) YUM!
All of that cereal last night made for a not so hungry girl this morning.

I am about to go pick up Alexa, drop off the boxes at Kristen's, pick up some Pita Chips and Conditioner at Target.....yea I forgot them yesterday and Target is right by K's house.....then drop by KEVA JUICE and pick up a Kevaccino to take to the SUB with us to study study study study study study study.................................. :/
Get outside and enjoy the great weather for me today! :D
Let me start out with the fact that I have a new KEVA JUICE LOVE!
If you ever find yourself walking into the doors of the beloved Keva Juice...here is what you MUST ORDER:
A 24oz Kevaccino with Strawberries.
No, it is not on the menu. However, thanks to my bold decision....I have found the ultimate drink. Think ~fat free, creamy, cold, chocolate covered strawberries.......OH YUM YUM YUM! Nutritious and Delicious! ;) Expect to see many of these in the next week! (Like tommorrow! haha).
Moving on....we got everything dropped off at Kristen's house and I have gotten a bit of studying done, but after this post, I am turning off my comp and REALLY cracking down!
I had an unruly fruit cup again. Seriously, don't ever buy WalMart Fruit Cups! Especially not for some poor child to carry in their lunch box!
And another cheesestick with Food Science Notes! I actually enjoy studying FDSC!
It's just the whole actually DOING IT that gets me!
And Stacy's Pita chips....A Food I love to hate and hate to love! haha They are like the ultimate chip and I knew that buying a bag meant eating more like 4 servings (there are only 6 in the tiny bag!)....but I didnt care b/c I have not had them in A LONG time and wanted them. Period. Needless to say, Im not too hungry; but will probably grab a salad downstairs later and a bar or something!

PEACE OUT! Im off to study in my quiet room before the roomie gets home!

Can't wait for May 5th to roll around! :D


Waiting on the Crown

Hey! Today was go-go-go! However, I did get to sleep in until 8 (making for 9 Wonderful Hours of Sleep!). I really needed that going into this next week! :/ Needless to say, I got up (skipped my workout) and took a shower. Then Alexa and I went to Starbucks to study and grab a drink!

LOOK: I found yet another hidden element of the SmartWater bottle.....haha..... I ate a Banana upon waking up and consumed the PBJ while chilling at Starby's!
NUMMMMMM!! :D There is nothing like waking up to a perfectly ripe banana! :)
Grande Coffee Frap Light!
Starbucks is trying.......
Quaker Oatmeal Squares (I just had another handfull.....if it was not for cereal....I would starve......or go into a state of depression! LOL)
I also got my laundry done today and with all of the running around to and from the parking lot, up and down to the laundry room, over to Alexa's dorm.....ahhhh I was STARVING!
A Black bean, cheese, tomato and lettuce WW wrap always does the trick! :D
Alexa was eating these and there were a few crumbs in the bottom that I snagged.....I would never purchase this product because it is WAAAY too good! It's dangerous!
Snack during the movie......We watched Dr. Brooks.....It was Scarry, Intense, Wierd......okay, but not something I am dying to see again! lol A little too wierd for me!
Then I came home to open a TINY fruit cup...it was Wal-Mart Brand.....the lid was soo hard to get off that juice went sloshing all over the floor and (as you can see) I couldn't get it all off.....umph!
So I had a satisfying cheese stick to make up for that nonsense!
And as I said before, I just ate some cereal! Yes, I go through about 2 boxes per week. I am addicted. But, I am not sure I want help because that would mean less cereal in my life..........I'm just fine being the Cereal Queen.....Still Waiting on the Crown Though! ;)
So as you can see from my post....not much studying went on today! I don't think it has clicked that my EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK!
Tommorrow after church, we are going to be bringing our boxes to Kristen's and then hitting up Keva for some serious studying (and DELISH smoothies!).
In other news......PLEASE PRAY FOR JENNA AND HER FAMILY! Read her post here. I am very sorry for your loss Jenna and know that God is with you always. You and your family are in my prayers!
Also, here is a cool link that my aunt sent me!
Send a free card to soldiers across sea and make their day by showing your appreciation!


What else am I missing?

I have never had smart water before this week and I am continually finding new little surprises on the bottle (I think the cost of the bottle is $1.49....forget the water inside!). Not to mention that they do not use capital letters.......which is kind of odd!

A little fish is on the inside (can't be seen from the outside) and it says "spring water is for swimming, smartwater is for drinking"
"enjoy the inside, recycle the outside"

Anyways, lunch was a whole wheat sandwich with buffalo chicken, swiss cheese, lettuce, red peps, black olives and tomatoes. The buffalo chicken gave it a bit of a kick, but I rather liked it! (even though I am a baby when it comes to "spiciness")
Then I went to Target! :D (**Big Smiles**) I ended up getting 2 short sleeved summery shirts. I realized that most of my closet is full of sweaters and what not; which contradicts the 94 degrees temperature we are experiencing now-a-days! I also found a free coupon for a 20oz Bottle of Dr.Pepper that I recieved some time ago so I figured I would use it up! That's an interesting pic.....makes it look like a wierd cup!?
Verdict: The pasta was tender and the filling (while it could have been fuller) had a delightful pumpkin flavor. The asparagus were plentiful and a great texture, but the butternut squash cubes were way too mushy. There were also 3 extremely random little apple cubes!? The sauce needs to be thicker and had an unappealing oil suspended throughout the wateriness. It was not bad, but not perfect! I think it needs, yet another, makeover!
AN APPLE was consumed at some point this night!
I then had 1 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares! YUM! I forgot how good this cereal is! And it has the goodness of oats.....in a cereal form! And if you know me, I CAN'T turn down any cereal.
And Alexa and I are about to enjoy these little babies!
Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae
Can I get a "Holy Yum?!"

Tommorrow morning, I plan on shoving in a morning workout (lol) and then Alexa and I are going to Starbucks to study study study! The rest of the day holds laundry, more studying and who knows what!
I will be driving home on May 5th! It is fast approaching! :D
I just ate some sweet and salty Chex Mix b/c
A. I should have known I am not the type of person who can survive off of a 300 calorie dinner.....
B. It's Exam Week coming up! EEEK! J/k I am going to try to eat HEALTHY this week! It's the best medicine! ;)

Look What's Showing on the Early Show!

Since my 9AM got cancelled today, I skipped my 8AM (whoops!) and went to the gym:

  • 5 Minute Warm-Up

  • 10 minute Run (I was just NOT feeling it today..and I was on some old school treadmill)

  • 10 minutes at a 7 (out of 10) incline (Whooosh! That is a good workout!)

  • 15 minutes cool-down (I was watching the Early Show and they were interviewing the college FootBall Players that are up for the draft this weekend! THAT (ladies) will definitely keep you going! ;)

Then I headed home, devoured a BANANA and got ready! Now it is a little past 10 (HELLO GILMORE GIRLS! :D), so I had time to pick up some breakfast and blog before my 11AM class! What a relaxing morning!

Balance Pure Chocolate Cashew Bar and Pearl Vanilla Soymilk (this soymilk is okay...not the best....would be better in cereal or something.....However, it is all my school offers, so take it or leave it!)

Warning: I heated the Balance Bar for 15 seconds and it got semi-tough! Sure it was warm and tasty, but it did lose a bit of it's textural goodness! Then again, it might have been worth it?! Yum! Combine a hot, chocolate bar with vanilla-y soy milk and I felt like I was having dessert for breakfast! :D

Well time for Biology and then I am meeting Kristen and Alexa for lunch at 1! After lunch I plan on getting some studying done and then........................?!?!

Have a Fabulous FRIDAY!


Re-E-P..We Reppin' it!....

PUMP IT! Got me through the last 5 minutes of my workout this morning! It was a good one!
  • 2 Minute Warm-up (I hate Warm-ups because by the time I reach 30:00.....I havent actually ran for 30 Minutes~! BOO!)

  • 28 Minute Run! (Stupid Warm-up! haha)

  • 10 Minute Cool-Down (These I like! :D )

It was awesome! After my workout, I came home to to get ready and ran downstairs to grab a smoothie. Today, the guy making my smoothie put in 1/2c peaches and 1/2 cup sliced bananas, 3/4 cup skim milk, ice and then asked me if/what variety of juice I wanted. The juice is not fruit juice, but basically sugary syrups and I had never been given the option (I think it was because I got a wierd fruit combo and he wasnt sure which juice to use)....So I decided to try without the juice! It was refreshing, but I think the juice really makes it extra special, so I won't skip it next time! Sorry for the bad picture! I had no time to stop somewhere pretty and snap a pic!

After Food Science (BTW, we got our tests back and I got an A++!....yay!), we went to the cafeteria to eat and ....DUN DUN DUN.......The Return of the Black Bean Tacos! Under that pile of lettuce (I always ask for lots so I can make a little taco salad half way through!) are black beans and tomatoes gracing 2 hard shell tacos. I skipped the cheese today for no particular reason!

Then I went to the library to attempt to study...SNOOZE! I did have some yummy dried fruit to accompany me....And after eating one banana slice, I remembered why I don't like them (There is just something about the taste and texture that I don't care for!)Alexa and I decided to meet back up and grab some gelato! :D Cookies & Cream Gelato in a Cake Cone! Worth every $2.15 of it!

Then we attempted to study (again); but after about an hour, she had to go to class and I decided to come home. After blogging, I am going to watch Gilmore Girls and try to review over some notes! I am munching on this right now:

**1/4 cup Bear Naked Trail Mix Granola**

Tonight is ONE GUY's Pizza (granted we don't have another tornado threat that decides otherwise!)!!
I drink one of these MAMA's just about every day! (in addition to whatever else I may be drinking!....Just a fun fact!)

I just had a bit more Dried Fruit (minus the bananas!) AND a FF Yogurt!

GIVEAWAYS: http://smmuconn.blogspot.com/2009/04/on-road-snacks-and-contest.html




Chocolate Eraser

Before my Chem Lab final I ate the second half of my brownie and it gave me some awesome energy (hehe) and I think I did well on my test. The brownie was about the size of one of those old school rectangular pink erasers (but ohhhhh so good!).
It was about a 15 minute walk to and from my test, so I got in some relaxing exercise (However, considering that the high was 95!!!! today, I almosted melted onto the sidewalk!).

After the Chem Lab final, I came home and made a yogurt concoction with about 1/3 of a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar crumbled on top! I am not a huge fan of coconut (The texture or taste....dont hate it, but dont love it!). However, crumbled into the yogurt, it tasted like there was chunks of soft baked cookie in every bite! :D Nom Nom Nom!
I am about to catch up on a few blogs for 20 minutes and then cut myself off to get prepared for tommorrow! I am getting my lazy butt out of bed tommorrow morning before Food Science Class to go for a run because I wont have any time throughout the rest of the day!
I also picked up the thing I painted at the Pottery Shop place about a week or so ago, but I am sending it to my cousin and I am not sure if she reads the blog. However, if I remember (or if you remind me!), I will post the picture of it in about a week or two!
Ooops...just had a small baggie of the Chocolate Little Bites! :D

Not as Planned

Wow! So I went up to the Taco line for lunch knowing exactly what I wanted.

ME: "I'll have two hard Tacos please"
Worker: "What meat do you want?"
ME: "I want Black Beans."
Worker: **Stares for a second** "We can't do that."
ME: "WHAT?!?! I have gotten it many many times before....yesterday to be exact."
Worker: "Well the people making it were breaking the rules because we can't do that."

Ok well after this mess, I was frustrated.....got a quick salad (Hard Boiled Egg, Spinach, roamine, Carrots, Broccoli) and my friends and I sat down to eat. After eating, Alexa was getting a refill on her drink and found a manager and confronted her with the issue. She went and talked to a few other managers and was like...."It shouldn't be a problem......our workers must just not know!?".

Let me just tell you that Black Bean Tacos are on the Menu for Tommorrow and I hope that girl is working! LOL!

The salad didnt keep me full for long and 2 hours later, Alexa and I were headed to KEVA JUICE where I got a........24oz Kevaccino (durrr!) The manager was there and made us a complimentary shot of carrot juice!!! hahah (I told you they know us there!).....I rather liked it, but Alexa..........................well didn't!! ;)

Now I am back home, eating a PBJ and APPLE! and about to study and then head to my Chem Final at 7!

Hope you had a more enjoyable earth day than I did!! :D

P.s. Check out this up and coming blogger!

***Think Green!***

It's Earth Day!
Do something good for the planet today (and every day for that matter!) :D

This morning I brightened up my **not so bright** Poli Sci class with a new breakfast find......
Sure I had the typical banana, but I accompanied it with one of these Hearts I bought at the little health food store around here!

They were not as sweet as I was expecting; but after my second bite, I was hooked! It is so refreshing and had the texture of a cookie/cake/muffin hybrid! The lemon poppyseed flavor was very natural and refreshing! I can't wait to try the other flavors! Perhaps when I eat the second heart I will try microwaving it and topping it with some PB.....or jam!? YUM!
After Poli Sci and Chemistry, my tummy was growling, but nothing sounded good and I was trying to study but had NO energy....SOO I headed to the on campus Starbucks and got a Tall Coffee with 1/2 Skim milk and a bit of Splenda (whoops!). It only cost $1.68! Make your own drink and pay less! :D
Ok I am supposed to meet Alexa and Kristen for lunch across campus in about 15 minutes so I need to get going! I am planning on ordering up some of these YUMMY Black Bean Tacos! It will look something like this!
After lunch, I am going to hunker down in the library and STUDY!
Oh Exams..........................