Hip Hop Party

Well, I left these two sleeping beautys and am now back to the grind! However, it's only for 16 days, so I'm ready to give it all I've got! By the way, I won some Zevia from a fellow blogger who shares my affinity for the best furry friend ever...aka Schnauzers! She is having another giveaway for some AWESOME soups, so check it out! And, while your there, check out her blog: Live, Love, Eat and Play.
I added something special to my coffee grounds this morning. I'm addicted. By the way, I got this idea from the lovely lady mentioned above.
Starbucks ain't got NOTHIN' on me!
My life may never be the same. There is such a prevalent and thorough pumpkin flavor. It's amazing. Perhaps, if I win Lizzy's Giveaway, I'll have a new coffee variety to play around with?!
The remainder of my breakfast consisted of a banana (typicalllll) and an Almond Trail Mix Honest Foods Bar...which TOTALLY stole the show!
This bar is perfectly dense with lots of organic whole grain oats adding to the perfect chew. The second ingredient is Almond Butter, so you can only imagine how smooth this bar is. It's all natural and tastes homemade. As you can see, there are whole chunks of nuts, seeds and dried cranberries dispersed throughout! PERFECT-O! By the time I got home from my first 3 classes (the 4th one was canceled! Halla!), I grabbed some Kashi Heart to Heart and got to munchin'!
Please check out that pillow...my mom made if for me.
It has "SCHNAUZERS" ON IT! I love it.
A couple of hours later, I whipped up a PB&J and some carrots came along for the ride...into my tummmay!
Does it ever get old? I'll let you know!
I was extra hungry today. No clue why, but I needed a little somethin' somethin' about 2 hours later, so I crumbled half (the other half is being devoured right now!) of a Penny's Low Fat Dessert Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie into a Jello Pudding Cup. This. Was. Divine.
The PLD cookie came straight from the freezer and added the perfect chew.
Not to mention, the prevalent PB flavor from the cookie SHINED through!
After Alexa and I endured a little HIP HOP PARTAY action (yes, we are nuts and ordered that DVD...it's kind of fun to channel your inner hip hopper...for 40 minutes straight), we went to Keva Juice...I picked up a 24oz Kevaccino. It is an addiction. I guess there are worse things!? haha
And then a little later, I put together a mini dinner of sorts. First up, I toasted a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel and topped it with a LC Swiss Cheese wedge. Then, I sliced up a JUICY orange. I also had a Kraft 2% Cheese stick! MMM!
Lastly, I garnished with some new found creations...
Chocolate YUMNUTS!
They reminded me of a peanut M&M because they have a thin, thin coating over them that adds a slight crunch and perfect level of sweetness. However, the customary cashew taste is not overpowered and shines through just perfectly. I think I liked them better than peanut M&M's. They are tied with Almond M&M's though.
Good to know!
Not too shabby! :D
All Natural! Love it!
These would make perfect Christmas presents.
Something different, yet something that most people would enjoy!

I decided to show you my daily eats, for no apparent reason, today. Do you have a preference between this and the norm?



Santa Clause is coming...to TOWN!

Blogger town, that is! I have a little idea brewing in my head (never good...) and I'm wondering how many of my lovely friends (that's YOU!) want to get in on the action?

See, there's this fab-o holiday coming up where you get to bake cookies that look like this: And drink tea that looks like this: (who am I kidding...I drink this stuff morning, noon and night).
And get to open presents that look like:
This is where you come in. What do you guys think about a little secret santa action? I know that some other bloggers probably already have this up and running (and if that is the case and they already have a massive following, then I'll just join in on their partayyy!), but I'm just wondering how many of you are interested in doing this little switcharoo.
Here's what I was thinking:
1. It's secret santa, so we need to be secretive (always fun). I was thinking that I could gather all of the names of people who want to join in. Then, I can put everyone's name into a hat (or cup or box or empty PB Jar...that might be messy) and email each person as to who their secret santa is! Fun, no? Perhaps you'll meet a new blogger?
2. The price of the gift would probably be about $15 + shipping (just some fun little foodie items!).
3. If I get at least 14 people in on the fun, then I will give it a go! So shoot me an email to nutritiousisdelicious@yahoo.com and let me know that you are in (plus your address). I'll let you know if we get enough bloggies involved. If there is an odd number, then I will play along too!
4. I would need to have your name by December 14th and the presents need to be mailed out at least by December 20th. That sounds good, right?
5. I'd like to keep this in the US, just so that the shipping is somewhat even for everyone. I still appreciate my overseas bloggers and hope that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest!
Spread the word...and spread the Cheer!
Ho Ho Ho!



Check out this bomb diggity dog popcorn creation...Spritz your popcorn with some spray butter & liberally sprinkle with cinnamon and a bit of sugar. Mix. Repeat. :D I found these Emmi Caffe Latte drinks at a nearby grocery store for 2/$3 with a $1.00 instore coupon, in addition, so I gave them a try. I've never seen them before! You?!
They possess a deliciously rich coffee flavor (yet not so rich that it's bitter) with just a touch of cocoa powder that complements the drink very well. It's also just perfectly sweet and smooth (not overwhelmingly so).
Only 130 calories and 2g of fat in each drink, thanks to the super short and respectable ingredient list!
With a snazzzy top, to boot!
Alrighty, kids (I'm probably younger than about half of you, but we can pretend)...It's Post-Thanksgiving and there is loads of leftovers, especially turkey! What are you doing with yours?
Simple egg white omelet with turkey and broccoli, dressed with gravy. This was so delicious. I'm going to make another one for my parting meal tomorrow morning!
Grilled Turkey Sammies...with gravy. Bahaha! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Turkey Gravy. From a Jar. Heinz. Don't test me. Life Cereal. Better than candy.
Remember THIS combo? Good enough for seconds! ;)
Gingerbread Clif Bar! Yay...I never got around to baking anything these past few days, but this really made me want to bake some little gingerbread men (and women! haha). It was pretty darn good...very strong ginger flavor, surprisingly.
I don't know if this is a new idea or if I have just been hiding under a rock, but Arnie (the stud that we all know and love) makes PHENOMENAL French Toast. Phenomenal.
Along with some caramelized bananas...ohh la la!
Soak Arnie in Egg Whites dressed up with lots of cinnamon (I accidentally dumped about 1/4 of the container in there...lots is a relative term!) and a dash of sugar. Here's the trick: The longer that you let them soak, the better. The second one that went into the frying pan was much fluffier and less dense than the first one, which I took out of the egg whites too soon. Let them soak for about 15 minutes or so (They will be hard to pick up and get into the frying pan, but all of your efforts will pay off big with a pancake that tastes like you whipped it up from scratch!). Hmm...I have no words...just desires...to make it again! :DJACKPOTTTT! I went to one of our many grocery stores in town and their markdown freezer section was like a type of foodie heaven. Amy's Pizza for $2.50? Amy's Toaster Pops (Which I have never tried) for $2.00? I'll take 2 boxes! SmartOnes sinful desserts for $1.50?
Yes, Please! I'll have lots of goodies waiting for me when I come back on December 16th!
Let the Countdown Begin!!!
Lunch consisted of Quinoa, Pacific Natural Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup and a lentil/carrot/zuc medley. Twas delightful!
Oh yea folks, simple & flavorful! Yum yum!

I take off to head back to school tomorrow at Noon...BOOOO! However, I will be headed back home in no time! Let's get these pesky finals over with, why don't we?!


The Never-ending List

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Did anyone watch the Packers vs Lions game? The first minute was pretty laughable! Anyways, I have alot to be thankful for, so I thought I would incorporate my foodie pics into my list of blessings (because food most definitely makes the list...many times!).

1. My Family & Friends

2. God's Unconditional love

3. My desire and ability to learn

4. My man, Arnie, who steals my heart when toasted under the broiler and topped with PB, Chia Seeds, Turbinado Sugar and Cinn cinnnn! :D 5. You awesome bloggers/readers and all of the giveaways that I have the privilege of entering. Whether I win or not, I get to learn about so many new products, including this Chilies & Cherry Chocolate bar that I won from Errign of the 365 days blog! :D
Sweet, chewy cherries + Smooth Chocolate + a subtle hint of heat = a happy mouth
6. Gilmore Girls
Lorelai: Rory what are we if not the world's champion eaters?
Rory: It's too much food.
Lorelai: It's not too much food. This is what we've been training for our whole lives. This is our destiny, this is our finest hour.
Rory: Or final hour.
7. Whole Foods (and their Butternut Squash Ravioli that I had in my freezer from my visit to WF this past summer...I wish there was one closer...).
8. Generous Companies (like Honest Foods) that send me products to review (review to come!) and TARGET...of course!
9. Thanksgiving traditions (green bean casserole, TURKEY, stuffing, rolls, mashed taters and GRAVY(!!)) and leftovers! (bad pic b/c the fam was ready to chowww down! I only ate about half of that potato mountain)
9. See's Candy! These suckers are the BOMB dot com! I received these from another
generous bloggie friend (hey Tay!) and they are INCREDIBLE! Creamy, just big enough and full of flavor. I went so far as to find them online...12 of these bad boys for $6.65?
I'm thinking Christmas Presents!
10. My pupparooooskies! :D
Did I mention that these suckers ROCK?! The math homework in the background should probably have not made this list... ;)
I could go on and on and on, but I'd rather hear what's on your list! What are you thankful for? Tell Tall Mom on the Run and enter her awesome giveaway! While you're at it, let Leslie keep you warm this season! I know that I'm not turning down her offer! :D I'm also not turning down this sweet blogger's offer to share her goodies! Lastly, jump on this offer for COFFEE!


Baby Steps

I am home, safe and sound! Yay! I have about 3284547 pictures to share, so I think it's time for a good ole foodie post...

REWIND back to when I was still at school (not really though, because that would be no fun!) and check out the Penny's Low Fat Desserts Oatmeal Raisin Cookie that I chowed down on prior to taking flight. Straight from the freezer...the only way! ;)

By the time we got home (after a much needed trip to the grocery store!), it was 8pm and I was a HUNGARY lady, so I heated up some Pacific Foods All Natural Red Pepper & Tomato Soup with some frozen veggies and had some black bean chips on the side...Real exciting for my first meal back home, huh?!
These are Guiltless Gourmet Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips and, unfortunately,
they are not going back on my shopping list anytime too soon...
Oh and Check out this Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon that I found on my desk. My mom found it at TJMAXX and knew that it had my name written alllll over it! Love it!
I also spotted a little black pupster perched upon the couch (OH, who am I kidding. This was taken later. When I first walked in the door, they were jumping 3 feet in the air! Love them!).
However, they do love our new couch. It has this huge, fluffy, pillow-like back to it and they just get nice and COZY!
I taught her how to "paw" (or shake, whatever!) when she was younger. Now, she can't get enough. If there is a hand (or foot...haha) anywhere in her vicinity...she'll paw it! What a stud!
I know, I know. This coffee creamer is full of partially hydrogenated oils (and I actually typically only like my coffee with milk and truvia). However, it was in the fridge, so I gave it a try.
Case in point why I don't like these creamers...meh!
Archer Farms has a new line of "Simply Balanced" products, so naturally, I had to give them a try. I picked up a box of their Orignial Veggie Burgers.
The stats are fairly impressive and I am always up for a tasty veggie burger.
There are microwavable instuctions, but the burger was pretty mushy and not holding together very well, so I popped the bad boy under the broiler to let the oven work it's magic.
Topped with some melty cheese on top of a toasty Arnie, which I popped in the broiler too (why not!). Half of a massive orange (the size of a softball...and that's being nice! haha) made an appearance; but it wasn't nearly as juicy as it should have been.
The patty was good, but sort of mushier/softer than I was expecting. Full of great flavor and ingredients, though!
After fueling up, I cleaned out the fridge and freezer [I had to get things back in order! ;)] and made my daddio some spaghetti. Yes, you are seeing lentils in the spaghetti sauce. I snuck them in there and he said that he liked them. It's a miracle. :D
Baby Steps People, Baby Steps! After all of that, I broke out the spice cabinent!
I also got out 1 can of corn, a bunch of broccoli and a carrot or two and got to choppin'/shreddin'! I added light mayo and a bit of ranch and tons of spices.
It's one tasty salad and my mama is a lovin' it!
Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza.
One of the many things that an oven enables me to enjoy! :D
Today, my mom and I went shopping (no, we aren't prepared to ward off the sale-crazed shoppers on friday, although we have been known to do so before). However, I'm always a better shopper if my belly is satisfied! ;) Cue: Panera!
Black Bean Soup, Turkey on Honey Wheat & a juicy Apple
mamacita's tomato basil soup, turkey sandwich and chiiips (I stole a few!).
I got a PACKAGE! :D I love me a good package! haha Well, this was a special package from a special blogger. I won a giveaway on the 365 blog from Errign and boy oh boy did she hook me up!
The real McCoy will be seen in a moment, but check out all of the extra little goodies that she threw into the mix. I have never tried any of these bars before! SO EXCITED! Not to mention, I have been searching for the Spooky Smores Zbar since LAST YEAR! Thanks girl!
What I knew I was getting (and was very excited for) is this cute bracelet made from recycled paper by Ugandan women, working to bring themselves out of poverty. What a great cause!
It's called Bead For Life. Check it out!
Stacy's Pita Chips: Check this out...The parmesan garlic & herb pita chips were $1.50 at Target (just another reason to love this spotted dog store...despite their recent, annnnnoying commercials), while the other flavors were still the typical Three Buckarooos! To bring it a step further, there was a $1.00 off coupon stuck on the front of the bag! BAM....$0.50 bag of Stacy's Pita Chips...we got 2 bags! ;)
I also snagged some Sparkling Water to make POM Spritzers with. Funny Story: When I was unloading the groceries, my dad came into the kitchen and jokingly asks, "Why was this necessary? We've got perfectly good water right over there **points to the fridge/sink**".
I guess not everyone can understand the goodness of a POM Spritzer!
The perfect couple!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Family, Food and Football!

Here's a super cute giveaway for any little princesses in your family! Christmas presents?!