Eat 'n Eat 'n Eat

I hope everyone had a fabulous...whatever day it is! haha Seriously, that is the way I feel right now because everything is moving so fast! I don't leave for my two week trip to KS (to see my family and soon-to-be-mommy cousin! :D) until next Thurs, so I guess I have more like 3.5 weeks until school! Either way, it will come too quickly fo' sho! Lots of eats to share, so let's get to it!

No Pudge Brownie made with FF Plain Yogurt (this is so much better than the vanilla in these fudgy little things..try it!)...and topped with a PB Spoon, of course!
I froze these yoplait delights that I found and then defrosted it for about 10 seconds in the microwave...not as creamy as Yoplait Whips; but still pretty darn good!
Muir Glen Organic Southwest Black Bean Soup...I haven't tried a Muir Glen soup that I didn't like!
Plain yogurt and some croutons took this soup over the top!
N 'n D Chickpea Spread
(yes, you could call it hummus; but it's a little thicker and funkier! TRY IT!)

Throw the following into a blender to reach the right consistency...
  • 1 can chickpeas
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon (This is key!)
  • LOTS of Chili Powder & Garlic Powder
  • ~3T Plain Yogurt
  • 3T EVOO (plus a tad more drizzled in as needed)
    I first tried it with steamed broccoli and OH MY! It reminded me of Jason's Deli Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, which is to die for!
    I found these stellar waffles at H.E.B. and they are awesome! They have such a contrast between their soft middle and crunchy exterior! MMM! I have used them in so many ways.

    Why, Hello....

    Savory Waffle?! Oh yes I did! Saute shredded carrot with thinly sliced onions and green bell pepper. Top a Whole Wheat waffle with 1 triangle of Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese and pile your sauted mixture on top. Italic It was seriously phenomenal! A must try! Emily's First Apricot! That's right folks...while I have had too many dried apricots to count, I have never biten into the real deal. They are kind of mushy, but have a nice flavor...Are they supposed to be a tad mushy or were mine just over ripe?!

    I also collaged the cover of my planner for next year... pretty cute, huh?! I think these Oroweat Sandwich Thins that I found might be a little bigger & sturdier than Arnold's Sandwich thins! Seek them out and tell me what you think! I like them better. MMM! Melty Cheese :D
    Apricots & Blueberries were meant to be together!
    N 'n D Chickpea Spread, Shredded Carrots & Tomato Slices....OH YUMMMM!
    Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette rocks my pink & blue striped socks! Dinner tonight = PITA PIZZA! yaya! Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge, Lentils & Broccoli.....BAM!

I work tomorrow night, but who knows what the day holds! Sorry for the QUICK post (There's probably some typ-o's)....I'm off to spinnnnnnn!

I'm back...with some giveaways! WOOT! :D

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  1. apricots are supposed to be soft. although, yours does look pretty ripe. i like them that way though! and i didn't even know that muir glen makes soup! i love their tomato sauces though.

  2. Love the savory waffles! And the no pudge brownies..are you saying thy are better when you use plan yogurt, rather than vanilla? That surprises me, as I would think the vanilla would add more flavor. Either way, I love those brownies. Oh and I LOVE Annie's dressings. I haven't had one bad flavor yet, they are so wonderful.

  3. Apricots are sort of weird to me because they're... Kind of fuzzy on the inside? In a strange way? i don't know. Maybe it's just me. :D I'm loving your pita pizza though and of course, the frozen yogurt. Yum! i always stick my greek yogurt in the freezer just long enough for the top to get slightly firm. That's the best!

  4. no pudge brownies are officially the best creation - EVER! i'm praying they come out with a peanut butter flavor.. ugh, imagine!?

  5. That hummus recipe looks simple, I'll have to try it out

  6. you know I can't find arnold's so i may have to look for those orowheats I'm pretty sure the store carries those!

    I think your apricot may have been just a tad overripe

  7. Totally bought chickpeas this week to try making hummus... will let you know how that goes!

    Why would the plain yogurt be better than the vanilla?? I LOVE vanilla yogurt, but does the tang of plain do somethin?

    Ummm, I've been searching high and low for sandwich thins ANYWHERE... and I can't find them! So irritating because I know my mom was able to by a TON at the costco back home in Oregon! URG! I can't wait to move back to my hippie-state, where they like health food!

    I'm sure you could conquer goat cheese with ease!


  8. I am losing track of the days too! I love apricots- so good with almond butter! Love the savoury waffle...in the UK, waffles are made with potato (like tater tots in waffle form). I need to pick some of those up...so good. Ah, nostalgia....

    Enjoy your...Wednesday?

  9. this post is filled with way too much deliciousness for me to even handle! And omg i LOVE apricots...they are so delicious and soft and great in yogurt! Girl, I really just cant get over all the amazing foods stacked up in this post! MMMm

    haha totally agree that these days are just going way too fast!

  10. Hey love, thank you for the supportive comment :)
    Oooh lots of eats, blooberries and apricots are my fav fruits and combined is even better :D
    I shall definitly be making that chickpea mess for sure!!
    take care xxx

  11. owww that will be such a fun trip! I hope you have a blast :) I <3 black bean soup. I havne't made it in a while! Great chickpea dip/spread. I bet it would just be fabulous with a huge bowl of veggies. Enjoy your day!

  12. I lovelovelove apricots, and yes - they are a perfect pair with blueberries! I had them with blueberries my first time trying them as well. Mmm, I want one now.

    Hope you have a fun trip in a few weeks! Isn't it crazy how fast school is coming up?!

    Much love,

  13. Love the idea of freezing yogurt. Mmmm...
    Oh, and I'm so glad that your bars arrived safe and sound!
    Take care!

  14. SUCH fabulous eats! I just have to say first that you have the cutest striped bowls... love them! :)

    What a neat idea with that waffle. So delicious. And with the apricots, you want them to be a BIT soft on the outside with some orange color beginning to show. They should be a little mushy, but have a definite (crunch? chew?) to them. It should be similar to a peach. I LOVE apricots... they are perfect for slicing/chopping up and mixing in yogurt. YUM!


  15. Oh! I like the savory waffle idea! That's genius :) Well done on your hummus - it looks great!

    As far as I know, Oroweat and Arnold are the same product just different names (they're sold on the east coast under Arnold and west under Oroweat).

  16. Wow, as always I am OVERWHELMED by how much good food there is here! I LOVE No Pudge.


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