Second Chance

I didn't wake up this morning until 9:30 and had two hours until I was to head off to work...I missed church (unfortunately)! I decided to give my Kashi GoLean Creamy Vanilla Oatmeal a second chance and it did not disappoint (although I would probably not buy this product again). Into the mix went:
  • 1/2 Chocolate Brownie Gnu Bar
  • 1T Chia Seeds
  • 1 mashed Banana
  • 1T Melty MaraNatha PB :)

After getting ready, I had a small fruit plate before work...

Along with 2 True North Almond Clusters on my way out the door!
When I got home at 5:20, I had a Penny's Low Fat Desserts Peanut Butter Cookie topped off with some of my homemade melon sorbet! Oh baby! FABULOUS COMBO!
Then I went to the gym and spent 45 random minutes on the treadmill before coming home to make some dinner. I warmed a Whole Wheat Pita on the Foreman and stuffed it with a mixture of lentils, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and BBQ sauce. These ingredients melded together just great!
What else would I have alongside, other than KALE CHIPS! I don't know if it is because I randomly fell in love or because I have two HUGE ziplocs full of kale sitting in my fridge (I use every piece of my edible arrangements bouquet!); but I can't get enough kale chips these days!
Melon Sorbet in Diet Cherry Pepsi...So bad, yet sooooo good! :D
My fudge-like pumpkin brownies (the part that I could eat...seriously, don't try this at home!).
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an episode of Next Food Network Star and some munchy pretzels awaiting me!
Tommorrow is my only day off this week, so what else would I do...go grocery shopping...duh! ;)


  1. you're making me really want to make kale chips! i've never made them before. what's your method? :)

  2. do kale chips taste like kale? I have eaten kale once in a soup and found it really bitter and tough...

    Grocery shoppins is my favourite thing to do on a day off!

    Enjoy your Monday...

  3. i've heard so much about these kale chips! What exactly do they taste like?

    The eats look delicious as always and Im really glad you got a workout in!

    Oh and I love grocery shopping on my day off, its pretty much what I always do!

  4. Hey sweetie, Think this is definitly a day for grocery shopping :D Im just heading off to see what goodies I can find, and I'm definitly going to buy Kale and make chips :)
    Can you email me your address (teck5168@aol.com) cos I would like to send you something if you don't mind.
    Pumpkin brownies??? I am intrigued xxx

  5. Oh your melon sorbet looks awesome! The only sorbet I've made so far is the chocolate sorbet, which turned out way too chocolatey, but was still really good. Love the lentil pita too, that's my kind of meal!

    Who do you want to win The Next Food Network Star? I really like all the final three, but I think Debbie is my favorite!

  6. KALE CHIPS! Are the. best. ever. And I like the brownies!

  7. Your eats look great! I love kale chips, and those brownies look good. Sorry they didn't turn out well, though.

  8. I've mixed chocolate cake mix with pumpkin and it tasted brownie-like so I can imagine that pumpkin with brownie mix would be uber dense. They still look good though, like brownie sticks!

  9. That stuffed pita looks supa good. What seasoning or spices did you use? I adore lentils. yum.

  10. mm kale chips sound so good right about now :)
    have fun grocery shopping tomorrow!

  11. Mmm everything looks super yummy! I want to try kale chips. Neat!
    Enjoy your night!
    <3 jess

  12. i've always heard that pumpkin can be used as a substitue in baking recipes .. it looks like it definitely worked awesome in your brownies :)


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