FroYo makes it all better!

Thanks to my lovely, dry, irritated and sore eyes....
I made the picture small so as to not completely gross everyone out...although it doesn't LOOK too bad.
My diet the past two days has consisted of 2 things (They have to put a breathing tube down your throat while you are under anesthesia, so my throat has felt worse than my eyes the past 2 days!)...
1. Frozen Yogurt (I went through 1.5 containers! oops! hah)
I topped/mixed it with a variety of things...
  • Frozen Bananas/Chocolate Syrup
  • Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat Cereal
  • PB (BEST thing mixed in with fro yo!)
  • Clif ZBar
  • Ice Cream Cones...my mom could only find the Jumbo....no complaints! ;)
  • Frozen Berries
  • Cinnamon Puffins

2. Campbell's Select Harvest Vegetable Soup
And look what showed up yesterday after my 4 hour nap (sleeping/closing my eyes feels best at this time!).....FLOWERS from my BFF Alexa!

What would I do without that girl?!Today, although my eyes still hurt, was the first day that my throat was feeling up to real food....

Breakfast was a delightful bowl of:

  • Cinnamon Puffins
  • Multigrain Cherrios
  • Slightly Defrosted Frozen Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Skim Milk

After lounging around with an ice pack for a few hours, I stumbled into the kitchen with squinty eyes and fixed a scrumptious lunch! I broke out my Alvarado St. Bakery Sprouted Wheat Tortillas and whipped up a quesadilla. Alongside, I had some rutabaga, which I microwaved with some water and doused in Chili Powder.
This crispy baby contained black beans, lentils, cheddar cheese, onions and BBQ sauce! YUM! :D
However, I couldn't turn down this soothing FroYo that was sitting in the freezer!

I washed/reused those little Kemps FroYo contianers and filled them up with my own FroYo...this was a Strawberry & Vanilla Combo from the Shop that I work at... So good! MMM!

Not long after, I enjoyed a big, fluffy, perfectly sweet Penny's Low Fat Desserts Oatmeal Raisin Cookie!

***Legally Blonde 2***
And then I broke into another one of my little FroYo concoctions. This was one that I made yesterday with the Blue Bunny Vanilla FroYo & Chunky PB mixed throughout. OMG! Make this now! The PB got hard and was more like PB Chips or something! YUMMMMM! For dinner, I heated up one of the veggie burgers that I made earlier today (I had to use a different recipe from last time because I didn't have the right ingredients; but I think my last recipe was much better because this one was falling apart!). Either way, pile it high atop an Arnold's Thin with Honey Mustard, Tomato slices & Broccoli Stem Shreds and you have one heck of a sandwich!
I think I tired my eyes out writing this post...I'm going to hit the couch and let them rest a bit, so that I can watch SYTYCD in a few! :D More FroYo may be in my future....there's just something comforting about smooth, sweet FroYo when your curled up on the couch, not feeling your best! I will be back to reading all of your fabulous blogs as soon as possible!


  1. you are the froyo queen, girlie! glad your feeling better and i hope that sweet gift from your friend put a smile on your face :)!

  2. oh goodness girlie I hope your eye gets better asap!
    haha i love your fro-yo obsession :)
    man that lentil melt looks uber yummy!

  3. hope your eye gets better soon!

    the froyo looks SOOO yummy! and so do those fabulous flowers :)


  4. I must have missed what happened to your eye...you had to go under anesthesia?? Yikes. Well thank goodness for FroYo, and the pb mixed in the FroYo is the best combo! I love those Campbell's soups too. They are so filling!

  5. Aww, hope you feel better soon. After my rhinoplasty, I had a sore throat from that stupid breathing tube, too. At least you get to eat yummy froyo! Take it easy girl :)

  6. FroYo does make everything better! :-)

    glad your surgery went well !


  7. Feel better!! I hope your eye and throat feel better :) Continue to eat up that froyo!
    <3 jess

  8. your eye could definitely look worse. and anyway, even if it truly DID look disgusting and you posted a huge photo of it, we would all forget about the grossness after seeing that bowl of bananas with chocolate syrup! yum!

  9. mmm so much froyo goodness in this post! i love the idea of freezing the pb to make chips!

  10. Hope your eye is feeling better! It's possible that I'd trade places with you to have an excuse to eat froyo all day long!

  11. fro-yo is definitely needed in times like this! feel better! xxx

  12. Hope you feel better. Fro-yo always makes things better.

  13. awww sweets! I am so sorry that your eye is stil bothering you. Just htink about how much better it will be by the end of this whole recovery process, though, right?! Right.

    Oh and fro yo makes everything better so I have to give you props for being the smartest girl around for realizing that one. haha


  14. Hope you are healing quickly! And I agree, fro-yo does make it all better. Oh, and I got my Penny's products last night! Thanks again. I can't wait to review them.

  15. Get well fast! I love frozen yogurt, I don't get it often..but when i do it definitely makes me feel better!

  16. Yikes! Hope your eye starts to feel better!! Heal up quickly :)

    That 'dilla looks amazing!

  17. sorry about your eye, but at least you got to eat a healthy amount of froyo :) one of the best summer foods ever!

  18. AWWWWW!! poor baby :( hope you get more rest and continue to get your ice cream on

  19. Hi beautiful! The title of this post is nothing but the truth, haha! You deserve all the froyo in the world...eat it up! I hope you're feeling much better and hope your eye is looking better & better each day! You have gorgeous eyes, by the way, even if that picture is tiny, still!

    Enjoy your Thursday!


  20. fro yo and soup? Sounds like the perfect diet to me ;-)
    I hope you feel better soon, hon!

  21. aww pretty flowers :)
    glad you liked them!

    i hope your eyes are doing better today - i miss youuuuuu! heal all up so we can get back to being grandmas!

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