Crunchy Rainbow

How are ya'll doing?! ;) This morning's breakfast was a bust ...
(cue Kashi GoLean Creamy Vanilla Oatmeal)I tried to make it better, but ended up throwing half of it away! Would anybody like to do a little trade....I'll send you the remaining 7 packets for...Anything! Even just a bar or two! I hate to waste food!

So, I decided to post a Meal of the Day today!

Because it is so worthy of it's own post! MMMM!

I sauteed my 2 remaining baby 'bellas (chopped), 1/8 c. chopped onion and a handful of carrot shreds in a bit of walnut oil. Then, I added the Spaghetti Squash until it was all heated through.

I plated the base mixture and then added some spaghetti sauce and lentils to the sauce pan. Once it was all bubbly and hot, I scooped it onto my colorful (AND FLAVORFUL) base!


Yes, I took my plate outside to get the natural lighting! The pictures come out soo much better! I had Kashi Heart to Heart Original Whole Grain Crackers alongside.

I found these at Target the other day and HAD to have them because they are new and I am a foodie! haha They have the same look as Triscuits, but they don't have much flavor. Some have the perfect touch of salt, while other bites are as bland as can be! If Kashi could correct that error, these wouldn't be a bad snackaroo! However, they aren't my top favorite!

Now, I'm off to organize all of your entries (89 so far! Wowzers!) for MY GIVEAWAY! Which, by the way, you still have time to enter!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! :D

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  1. Ahhh, your dinner looks fabulous!! I tried spaghetti squash one time before and it didn't really turn out all that great. I'm not giving up though...I think I need to try your combo! Thanks girlie!

  2. your meal of the day looks amazing. i've got nothing else to say! you enjoy your holiday weekend, too! :)

  3. you should be the spokesperson for kashi and all of its new products! you always manage to find them - lucky you :)!!

  4. Your meal looks so good and fun to eat!

    Thanks for the Amazing Grass contest shout out! Good luck!

  5. What a bum about those crackers and the oats! I love their other crackers, so hopefully they can fix these ones. Until then...I'll stick with Triscuits ;-)

  6. Your meal looks like a photo in a magazine!! please come over and make me dinner ! lol

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

  7. What is it with your Target and getting all the new products?! Lucky you!

    <3 jess

  8. sorry you didn't like the oats .. but where are you finding all these other new kashi flavor products!?!


  9. I LOVE that kashi cereal- it's the only product I *do* like! I make it with milk- a little extra than it says, then eat it cold...it's like rice pudding. Amazing stuff!

  10. hey girl!

    u know-- i used to HATE that hot cereal- but lately i've been adding banana slices, raisins, truvia n cinnamon to it and i am IN LOVE with it!!!!! perhaps you can try adding things?? i promise it changes a lot!!!

    ahh-- once again you totally rock at getting the latest kashi products!! isnt target the best at carrying their newest stuff? awesome job!
    xoxoxox j

  11. Okay so that hot cereal needs to have stuff added to it in order to give it some extra flavor! I love to add the Spenda French Vanilla coffee sweetners (weird i know) because it adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Then I would suggest adding banana and/or raisins (as Jaime suggested) and top with dry cereal and peanut butter. This makes it SOOO much better and I promise you will like much more.

    Oh and that meal of the day = bangin'!

  12. Thanks for the Kashi cracker review. I haven't seen them in stores yet. I think a Target trip is in order!

  13. Oh ugh, I hate it when I purchase something I don't like.
    Your meal of the day looks wonderful! Very creative :) Have a happy fourth!

  14. Aww sorry your Kashi Truly Vanilla experience didn't work out. I tried it on vacation a few weeks back, and while it wasn't my favorite, I thought it was okay as far as instant oatmeal goes. Then again, I did crumble a chewy, decadent Clif bar over it..

    Your meal of the day looks FABULOUS and very colorful indeed! I love just throwing stuff together and finding an amazing combination.

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Much love,

  15. you must work for kashi - you always have their newest stuff :D im so jealous! haha sorry to hear the oats were a bust though :\

  16. ahhhsorry about the kashi :( thats too bad!!!

    Happy 4th of july love!!

  17. I love spaghetti squash! Have you ever put veggie chili on top of it? mmmmmm! :)

  18. Your meal of the day certainly looks like a meal of the day, very scrummy.


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