It's My Birthday! :D

That's right! As of today at 6:15PM, I am 19 years old and loving life! ♥

I have TONS of pictures to share from the past two days, so let's get to it!....

Kashi Heart to Heart waffle with frozen banana, sunflower butter and a frozen cherry!
So good that I had it two days in a row for breakfast! Honey Sesame Sticks.....ahhhh!
Best Grilled Wrap Ever (not so much because of the inside, but rather the crispiness of the sprouted wheat tortilla!)Sweet Potato, Grilled Onions/Gr. Peppers and this LightLife Meat Substitute stuff that I am not running out to stock up on anytime soon...
OMG! Just so GREAT! :D
Do Not Try This At Home
(The Pumpkin trick apparently only works with Cake Mixes, not Brownie Mixes!)
Look at what I found when I popped out of bed at 7AM this morning...
Mini Cake
Oreo Cake (Oh baby!)
Super Cute Little Bowl
"Love what you do, do what you love!"
2 CUTE CUTE plates (I love dishes!)
A New Coffee Mug for Next Year at School!
Another adorable plate that I will use year round...because I am cool like that! After a quick (and I mean QUICK because my Ipod was unknowingly dead!) morning trip to the gym, I headed to Smoothie King with a BOGO coupon and got a Skinny Strawberry Yogurt D-Lite! Not a KEVA, but fairly good! My Movie Snack! My mom and I went to see the Proposal today for my birthday (I work tonight) and, even though it was my second time to see it, it was so funny! My mom loved it too!
THENNNNNNNNNNN..... My dad's surprise gift showed up when we got home!
A Ginormous Edible Arrangements Bouquet

Thanks dad! Love you! :D
Some of it will have to end up in the freezer so I can enjoy it all to the fullest! YUM!

One last look....
I had about 3 of these little plates (only 1 chocolate strawberry) and some more picks straight from the basket! ;)
Another "Birthday Gift" from mom.....yum!
A teeny sliver of cake....but I DONT eat the icing....not a fan!
MMM....Lots of these crunchy cones the past few days!
This was not anywhere close to everything I have been eating...And I am planning on having a big salad after work...haven't had many veggies today! haha

I love how all of my gifts had something to do with food! Does my family know me or what?!
I better go get ready for work! Yep, workin' on my birthday! It's okay...it's rainy and yucky here anyways!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FELLOW 19 YEAR OLD BLOGETTE :)!!!! best wishes to you on your very special day! xo

  2. Happy birthday! And what an awesome fruit bouquet!

    (Please send that frosting my way, I prefer that to the cake).

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. it's your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! all those plates and cakes look fabulous! enjoy your last year as a teenager ;-)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! everything looks so great and festive! i hope you enjoy the rest of your day! you know i love the super cute little bowl the most because it would be perfect for oatmeal! (if it's big enough! in the picture it doesn't look very small.)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope the rest of your day is just as great as the beginning :)

  6. Happy birthday! I love your edible bouquet!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you're enjoying it!

  8. LOVE the fruit bouquet! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  9. HAAAAAPPPPPPYYY BIRTHDAAAAY!!! Looks like you had a super yummy filled day! Hope the year to come is the best yet! Enjoy :)

  10. Happy Birthday!! Awesome gifties, and I'm SO jealous of your edible arrangement! Those things looks like heaven.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is AWESOME!
    <3 jess

  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hurray! That bouquet looks DELICIOUS! I hope to one day get one of those!

    Grilled wraps have become a personal favorite! I just wish I was home more so I could use my grill!

    Love the new dishes! I think your family has definitely got the right ideas about what their daughters likes!


  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :D Ah, edible arrangements and cake- does it get better than that?!

    Good to know about the brownig/pumpkin thing. i was going to try that today!

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Emily! Happy birthday to you! I hope you had the most amazingggggg day ever! It seems like it, though, from all the pics and all the lovely goodies you receieved! I hope the rest of it is just as wonderful!

  15. Happy Birthday!!! That edible arrangement looks beautiful and delicious - especially those chocolate covered strawberries!

  16. Happy Birthday! All of the food looks pretty....and delicious!

  17. Happy Birthday!! Ohhh, to be 19 again :) That edible arrangement looks awesome! I've never tried one.

  18. What lovely presents! And yes, happy birthday to you!


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