Food Magicians

Hey guys! I am currently watching a Food Network Challenge called "Food Magicians". It's all about food stylists and taking pretty pictures, so I thought I would just share some random photos of some of my food from this weekend! Watching this show has made me decide to try to take more interesting pictures! We've all seen sandwiches, cereal, etc before....How about showing it from a new angle?! I am feeling a little better, so I am going to try to get to the gym tomorrow (for the first time in over a week). I'm ready to push past my eye issues and get back into my routine! :D

Whole Foods 365 Blueberry Mini Waffles with MaraNatha PB
Corn on the cob, Morning Star Farms Mini Corn Dogs, Grilled Zuc
Late July Organic Mini Whole Grain Sandwich Cookies
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie topped with Vanilla Yogurt
I only have one Penny's Dessert Left...**tear**
MaraNatha PB, Cherry& Blueberry Preserves, WW Bread
Homemade Veggie Burger Hash with Grilled Onions and Bell Peppers
Penny's Low Fat Desserts White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie (best one yet!)
Frozen Banana Chunks with MaraNatha PB (CRAZY good!)
Tostitos Scoops with Fresh Black Bean/Corn Salsa
Grilled Zuc, 365 Vegetarian Chili, Sweet Potato, Cheddar Cheese BOWL!

Until tomorrow friends...
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  1. MMM i think you would make an excellent Food Magician!!

    As for the blended strawberry lemonade - im actually not 100% sure theyre on the menu anymore but im sure they could make one. ive seen a few different blends of strawberry banana things, but this one debut last summer and i havent really seen anything about it since. It shouldnt look like a smoothie, more so a pink frappuccino, i guess :)haha

  2. That's great you're feeling better! Haha, I'm jealous you can work out already after surgery ;) I'm dying without my exercise! That chocolate pb cookie looks yummy :)

  3. veggie burger hash, yum! (but not as yum as the ever so simple and delicious banana+pb combo)

  4. loving the pictures :D very artsy!

    The frozen banana with PB sounds awesome- have you tried the raw banana 'ice cream' yet?

  5. first off, I am so happy to hear that you are finally feeling a little better! I cant imagine what a pain it must have been to have your little eye bothering you all week :(

    omg i love thise idea of just foodie pics and all new interesting ways to shoot them! Everything looked delicious, creative, and nutritious!

  6. lovin all the eats :) especially those waffles! yum!
    have a great sunday girlie

  7. I saw that "Challenge" on the Food Network! Your pics are just as good as theirs :) The White chocolate cranberry cookie and the Scoops with salsa look best, in my opinion!

  8. Love all the pretty photo shots! Hope your eyes feel better and that you are able to get back into your routine. Frozen banana with PB sounds divine!
    <3 jess

  9. I've never seen those morningstar mini corndogs... I've seen the regular, but I like the idea of mini ones better. MUST TRY! :)

  10. Black bean and corn salsa is my newest obsession - it's SO good!! Those corn dogs look good!

  11. Sad, sad day when those cookies are gone! I sure wish I could try some, they look yummmmmmy!

    Glad you feel good enough to get out and exercise... being thrown off for a bit from a routine can be a nice thing for a while... but soo enough, it's time to get back on the horse! Have a good time with it!

    I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to trying some frozen nana and AB... maybe I'll try it PBu? Wonder how that stuff freezes?


  12. what adorable little waffles!!!

  13. oh i love food network challenges! i have been wanting to order penny's goods.. they look better and better each time i see them in the blogland! hope your monday is fab!

  14. I love Food Network ANYTHING. It's so damn entertaining! Hope you're feeling great today Emily!

    Love all of the eats - so colorful and oh my gosh, that cookie looks too good to be true!


  15. you definitely captured the deliciousness of all those foods :) lovely pictures and i'm definitely drooling!

  16. I know, those food stylists are crazy! They do all sorts of insane stuff to that food to make it picture-worthy. But you eats look both picture worthy AND edible! :)

  17. aww those mini corn dogs are just the cutest things ever to be consumed :)

    your pictures always capture the deliciousness of food! haha

  18. awesome eats!! how are those morningstar mini corn dogs.. I saw them in the store today but I was too nervous to try them! lol


  19. Mm, that sure is a yummy cookie picture. I love having fun with food pics, it'd be so awesome to be a food photographer!

  20. i saw that show too! so crazy and cool :) you should be on it!

  21. yum, yum, and yum to ALL OF THAT! esp those corn dogs - they are gearing me up for the state fair :)

  22. sounds like a great show I'll have to keep my eyes open for it, I love the food network!


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