We have a Winner!

Okay, I know that everyone is just going to scrolllllllll down and see if they are the winner of some amazing treats; but here are a few pictures of random eats from the past few days for your viewing pleasure...

Stonyfield Farm FF Vanilla Yogurt with POM Juice swirled in (pretty, but not much extra flavor) Arnold's Sandwich Thin with 2% All Natural Cheddar, Lentils & Honey Mustard grilled on the Foreman! OH BABY!
My 2 Pups (Molly..aka Marty...and Abbey). I couldn't move the shoe or they would move too! haha
Amy's Spinach Pizza...I love all of Amy's Pizzas!
I think it's that phenomenal crust! Get's me everytime!!
These were on sale for $.50 at Wal-Mart....I piled them high in my cart and have already barreled through 3 or 4 of them in the past 3-ish days! ;) LOVE!
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Almond Poppy Muffin Top with some PB on top! CHEA! :D
Speaking of Penny's Low Fat Desserts.....There were a total of 91 legit entries with all of the link backs, donations, comments, etc and random.org helped me pick the winner....
Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-07-05 15:35:41

With all of her extra entries, the winner is ANNA! WOOT! Congrats girl!

Email me your address & what variety of muffin top or cookie you would like to try and I will get you all hooked up!

For those of you who did not win, I strongly suggest that you spend a mere $18 and check out
Penny's Sampler (SHIPPING INCLUDED!).
Click here! You will not be sorry!

Well, I work tonight from 5-10..then I come home, eat a homemade frozen fruit/yogurt parfait and hit the sack. Tomorrow, I'll wake up around 9AM, get ready (EAT & DRINK NOTHING! I'm going to really suffer without any water in the morning!) and hit the road by 10AM. My eye muscle surgery (on both eyes) is at 1PM. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I hope that I will be back up and blogging ASAP! I also hope that I don't pass out from lack of food & water! haha


  1. Congrats to Anna!

    I love the pretty POM yogs, too bad it didn't add too much flavor! Oh well, still adds nice color.

    You're in my thoughts & prayers girl! Best of luck!


  2. Good luck with your surgery!

  3. congrats to Anna .. hope she enjoys those tasty treats as much as i do :)!

    good luck with your surgery tomorrow, darling! I'll be sure to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

    lots of love,

  4. Good luck with your surgery...I'll keep you in my thoughts!

  5. the grilled lentil sandwich looks great. and the yogurt with pom is so pretty!

    good luck with the surgery! i'll send you good vibes. you're going to need some yummy eats and lots of water when it's over with! :)

  6. Omg that almond poppy muffin sounds delicious. I love lemon poppy and almonds are much cooler than lemons!

    Good luck with the surgery!

  7. AHHH! I AM SO EXCITED! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be emailing you soon!

  8. Congrats Anna! And good luck with the surgery :)

  9. Congrats to Anna and awesome eats girl, the sandwich thins with lentils and cheese look soooooo good!

  10. Congrats to Anna! she scored some awesome treats :-)

    Good luck with your surgery .. ill be thinking about you!


  11. Yayy for Anna, I know that she will love them as much as we do!

    I'm thinking about you all day and hoping that everything goes smoothly! I know it will and that you will be so happy once it is all done!

  12. Congrats to Anna! That Amy's pizza does look amazing! I need to try it! Good luck with your surgery!

  13. holy smokes that cheesy lentil sammie looks so good! I just may have to recreate that!

  14. Good luck girl!! I'll keep you in my thoughts!

  15. You're in my thoughts and prayers!!

    I've loved those amy pizzas since before I even knew what organic or healthy meant!! They're just soooooo yummy!!!!

  16. good luck with the surgery dear! love that pom juice swirled into the yogurt - good idea :)

    yeah for anna!

  17. The puppy photos are priceless, adorable!!

  18. Good luck with your surgery my dear!!!

    and i think we may have to start a kemps fro yo addiction group. its amammmmazing!!


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