I've seen them all...

...Or have I?! Apparently not because I am currently watching Food Network Challenge-Chocolate Landmarks. Remember the Food Magicians from yesterday?! I love this show! And there is a new episode of Chopped on tonight! Oh, the things that excite me...

Anyways, I didn't post yesterday; but I do want to share a picture of my lunch with you all....MMM! Gotta love the crunch of those Ian's Fish Sticks! :D
I woke up bright and early this morning and was feeling up to getting out of the house! So after one week of not going ANYWHERE, I got up at 7AM and got ready for the gym (Yay!). Before heading out (at 8:30), I put my new SunButter Sample to good use.
I drizzled about 1/3 of the packet over a Kashi Heart to Heart Waffle and it wasn't too shabby. Honestly though, the sunflower flavor was very prominent and I think I prefer AB or PB! In my opinion, Sunflowers should remain whole for salads and ball games...unless you have allergies to nuts...then you might enjoy this product! I enjoyed a nice pilates class and rushed home to shower, get ready, eat and go to work! As quick as light, I was ready and in the kitchen. I decided on a grilled tuna sandwich with lots of mustard, carrots, mozzarella and romaine. Alongside, I had a peach and a plum. The peach was on it's verrrry last leg (but still tasted okay) and the plum was at the peak of perfection! Just how I like it!
And I was gone...
...Until 5:00, when I came home and got 1.5T Chia Seeds soaking in 1/2 cup milk, while I changed for the gym.
Chia Seeds are so funky! Here's their mug shot after a good 15 minute soaking!
I threw the Chia Mixture in the blender along with:
  • 1 frozen, chopped banana
  • About 5 frozen Cherries (more for color than flavor)
  • About 1/2 cup of StonyField Farm FF Vanilla Yogurt

Half of the mixture went into my re-used 6oz Kemps FroYo Container and is currently firming in the freezer (Can't wait to see how it turns out!). The remaining half was blended with about 1/2 cup ice and served up as a refreshing & satisfying pre-SPINNING snack. I topped it off with some of my MixMyGranola creation.
And my hand dug into the MixMyGranola container like 3934837 more times! ;)

Darn Carbs! I just love 'em!

When I got home from spinning at 8:00, I was starvin marvin and, apparently, mom had made a trip to the store after work...
I ate a small handful (Practicing Restraint!) while I fixed dinner...
I could have eaten the whole bag! YUM! Dinner was composed of half of a sweet potato (The mother of all sweet potatoes), about 1 cup of 365 Vegetarian Chili and a combo of yellow squash and broccoli (This was supposed to be spaghetti squash, but I had frozen and defrosted said spaghetti squash... it sounded like a bad idea when I was doing it. haha Yep, it just didn't defrost correctly...too mushy. So I improvised!).
And as pretty as that picture is...Here is what the true delicous-ness looks like:
I am excited to be out in the world again (haha!)...although my eyes are still all red and my vision is not 100%. My birthday is on Thursday! WOOT! But I work that night...However, we don't tend to go all out for birthdays anymore since we've all gotten older. I'll probably just hang out with friends on Friday/Saturday....which is fine by me!
Now I am off to enjoy the same brownie/IC dessert that you can see here and play Sequence with mom!


  1. i love carbs too! bread, potatoes yum! i could live on that and fruit alone for sure.

  2. I'm excited to try my sunbutter sample! :) But I was so confused when I got it... I don't remember ordering it... did they send them out to everyone?

  3. carbs are the best. no shame! and yay for being able to go out in public again! ANOTHER yay for it almost being your birthday! enjoy the dessert and have fun playing sequence! my family used to LOVE playing that game! we should bring it out again.

    good night, chica!

  4. Your grilled tuna sammie looks delicious! And that's great that you can be out and about again. I hope your eyes clear up and vision gets better soon, though :)

  5. so glad you are feeling better! :D

    Dinner looks delicious! I was wondering yesterday about freezing spaghetti squash- glad I didn't. Instead, I now have a 3lb cooked squash sitting in my fridge :P

  6. aww love, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling so much better and were able to go out in the world and get in a little workout that you had been missing! You also added to your day with some delcious eats...that dinner and the tuna sammy both appear to be scrumptioussss!

    Oh and yayyy for your birthday in 2 days!

  7. happy early birthday!!!!
    holy smokes that grilled tuna sammie looks amazing!
    and fro yo? heck yes! It would be a post without it ;) haha

  8. Oooo chia fro-yo! awesome idea. can't wait to see how it turns out.

  9. i don't know where to start on this post - it all looks SO GOOD. i think i might have to get me a sunbutter sample...definitely worth giving a shot!

  10. Hello love :)

    Ya know what? its an extremely rainy, yucky day here today, and in addition to blogging, I was thinking of catching up on some tv today. And Im hoping one of these awesome shoes you keep mentioning is on :)

    That sunbutter is flyin!! ive seen tons of it on everyones blogs lately. but like you, i also think it needs to stay whole..i like them in salads...and my dad and brother looove them at baseball games!

    Arent those kemps fro yo's SOOO AMAZING!!! How many different kinds have you found? Ive found 6 or 7 so far, I believe, but Ive realized that I mostly like the kinds that have a flavored yogurt instead of just plain vanilla with fruit chunks. the peach mango is the best though!!

    Happy early birthday girlie!! love you!

  11. Sesame sticks are dangerous! They're so addicting!! Oh and carbs are a girl's best friend! The more the better ;)

  12. I love chia seeds! I think they are so neat!

    And i'm with ya; I love my carbs. can't live without 'em!

  13. I'm actually a huge fan of sunflower seed butter... I like the intense flavor of it (means you can use less, and still taste it!).

    Anything carby, crunchy, and/or salty is dangerous by me too! But, sounds like you needed all the energy with all the good workin' out you did! Sounds like a bunch of fun!

  14. I have GOT to try chia seeds. So cool!

    I love my carbs as well. Gotta have them. Love your dinner!
    <3 jess

  15. That waffle looks amazing. I don't think I've ever had Kashi's frozen waffles. I should try them out some day. Making waffles from scratch all the time can be a pain.

  16. i just tried the sunbutter myself and it definitely can not replace my beloved nut butters :) we like what we like, right?!

  17. Okay so I dont mean to sound like a dork but I just about flipped out when I saw the HEB tag!!! I am from San Antonio, though have lived in Colorado since '99 but still consider Texas my home and get back at LEAST once a year... Oh man that was like take me back flashback!

  18. I got the Sunbutter sample too. It really grows on you if you eat a lot of it. I'm like addicted now since my bf bought a jar!

  19. Carb-whore here!
    Darn, that's too bad abt the Sunbutter...I was qute excited to try it, because it is cheaper than AB, which I adore!

  20. I buy sesame stix for my daughter. But, I have to be careful because I can eat an ENTIRE BAG before I know it! Happy Early Birthday! You should start a count down! How old will you be?

  21. Happy Birthday girl! Fun Foodie gifts = awesome!



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