Hip Hop Party

Well, I left these two sleeping beautys and am now back to the grind! However, it's only for 16 days, so I'm ready to give it all I've got! By the way, I won some Zevia from a fellow blogger who shares my affinity for the best furry friend ever...aka Schnauzers! She is having another giveaway for some AWESOME soups, so check it out! And, while your there, check out her blog: Live, Love, Eat and Play.
I added something special to my coffee grounds this morning. I'm addicted. By the way, I got this idea from the lovely lady mentioned above.
Starbucks ain't got NOTHIN' on me!
My life may never be the same. There is such a prevalent and thorough pumpkin flavor. It's amazing. Perhaps, if I win Lizzy's Giveaway, I'll have a new coffee variety to play around with?!
The remainder of my breakfast consisted of a banana (typicalllll) and an Almond Trail Mix Honest Foods Bar...which TOTALLY stole the show!
This bar is perfectly dense with lots of organic whole grain oats adding to the perfect chew. The second ingredient is Almond Butter, so you can only imagine how smooth this bar is. It's all natural and tastes homemade. As you can see, there are whole chunks of nuts, seeds and dried cranberries dispersed throughout! PERFECT-O! By the time I got home from my first 3 classes (the 4th one was canceled! Halla!), I grabbed some Kashi Heart to Heart and got to munchin'!
Please check out that pillow...my mom made if for me.
It has "SCHNAUZERS" ON IT! I love it.
A couple of hours later, I whipped up a PB&J and some carrots came along for the ride...into my tummmay!
Does it ever get old? I'll let you know!
I was extra hungry today. No clue why, but I needed a little somethin' somethin' about 2 hours later, so I crumbled half (the other half is being devoured right now!) of a Penny's Low Fat Dessert Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie into a Jello Pudding Cup. This. Was. Divine.
The PLD cookie came straight from the freezer and added the perfect chew.
Not to mention, the prevalent PB flavor from the cookie SHINED through!
After Alexa and I endured a little HIP HOP PARTAY action (yes, we are nuts and ordered that DVD...it's kind of fun to channel your inner hip hopper...for 40 minutes straight), we went to Keva Juice...I picked up a 24oz Kevaccino. It is an addiction. I guess there are worse things!? haha
And then a little later, I put together a mini dinner of sorts. First up, I toasted a Sweet Wheat Alternative Bagel and topped it with a LC Swiss Cheese wedge. Then, I sliced up a JUICY orange. I also had a Kraft 2% Cheese stick! MMM!
Lastly, I garnished with some new found creations...
Chocolate YUMNUTS!
They reminded me of a peanut M&M because they have a thin, thin coating over them that adds a slight crunch and perfect level of sweetness. However, the customary cashew taste is not overpowered and shines through just perfectly. I think I liked them better than peanut M&M's. They are tied with Almond M&M's though.
Good to know!
Not too shabby! :D
All Natural! Love it!
These would make perfect Christmas presents.
Something different, yet something that most people would enjoy!

I decided to show you my daily eats, for no apparent reason, today. Do you have a preference between this and the norm?




  1. That is such a great idea with the coffee! If I drank coffee, I would definitely be trying that out!

  2. Love your dogs! I have got to go to bed, so good night!

  3. awww your dog is so cute!
    WOW, GENIOUS about the coffee!! yummmmm! i gota try it! youre my hero!!!

  4. Your dogs are so cute, very cute pillow too :)

  5. CUUUTE dog!!! & i loove chocolate almonds- they are the best. i really wish i were home so i could make my coffee like that too. & im lovin the thought of one of those penny's cookies & pudding-yumm


  6. You are the sweetest ever! Thanks for all the link love!
    There is nothing sweeter than a schnauzer curled up in a little ball sleeping. They are the cutest!

  7. oooh I want to try that Honest Foods bar...looks SO good!

  8. I love the idea of putting spices in the coffee grounds!

    My brother and SIL have two mini schnauzer's. I had one growing up too! Such sweet dogs.

  9. Those yumnuts sound so good! I used to love the cocoa almonds by blue diamond but had to stop eating them when I quit sucralose :-(

  10. the yumnuts look sooo good! (funny shape!) but delicious looking!

    great idea with the pennys on the pudding! you are teh pennys QUEEN :)

  11. PB&J best combo ever and I'm a UK'er, it's not the norm here.


  12. that pb cookie looks great in your puddin'!

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