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Hey hey! Crazy days! Between getting all of these new syllabi (yea, that's the plural ...apparently), making sure my school bill is all taken care of and what not...there has not been much picture action going on. However, take a glance at my last post because it has not varied too much ;) .

Of course, I'll be back in full force soon; but until then....entertain you mind (and hopefully, your tastebuds) by entering Jenny's SCHWEEET GIVEAWAY!

That's all for now!


Pure Bliss

Hey hey!! I'm back!! Did ya miss me?! ;) Big Shout Out to Elizabeth...an old reader/new commenter! I had a very lazy day today; which is great because tomorrow, it's back to the grind (aka School!). I was awakened this morning at 6AM by a loud alarm. I thought it was one of my roommates' alarm clocks; but turns out....it was the fire alarm! Oh dorms....How I missed thee!

By the time we came back in (a mere 10 minutes later....it felt like an hour!), all of my roomies went back to sleep; but the early bird in me made a pot of coffee,whipped up a soy latte with some Truvia and got a little work done. Of course, I can't have coffee without a little somethin' somethin'...ENTER Kashi Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Bar. A little later in the morning, Alexa and I ventured over to KEVA JUICE and I got a Kevaccino with strawberries (PURE BLISS!). We walked around campus, went grocery shopping and did other random odds and ends. By the time we got home it was 2pm and I satisfied my tummy with a PBJ on an Oroweat Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin...
... and a deliciously sweet plum! MMM!
Then I organized my school supplies like a nerd and ate some Kashi GoLean Crunch!
Around 4:30, I started reading and next thing I know, I hear my phone ringing and jump out of bed to realize that it's 7PM! After waking up a little, I went downstairs to grab a salad and topped it with my Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing.
The salad was great, but I really wanted something sweet! That's where Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Fudge Drizzled Chips Ahoy Cookies come in! They aren't exactly "healthy"; but they sure do satisfy a craving. Each half dollar sized cookie has the same buttery crispiness that we all know and love with a messy chocolate drizzle to kick it up a notch!
Afterwards, my stomach was hurting for no apparent reason, so I had an applesauce cup and now I am munching on some Chocolate Little Bite Mini Wheats. Alrighty...time to sign off and get ready for tomorrow!
I bought some Stonyfield Farm FroYo today at the store....MMM....can't wait to crack open that baby!
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What in the world does that mean....oh, it's just my **clever** way of saying....I'm taking a Back 2 School Hiatus! I have a day and a half to pack/prepare and then a couple days to move in before school starts and there is just so much to do that I am eating in a rush for the most part! Plus, the main purpose of this blog was to chronicle the daily eats of a college student...and I'm excited to get back to that!

In other news, I just sauteed some veggies and added a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge and some Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing at the end...let it heat through for about 5-10 minutes...VIOLIA! I'm trying to enjoy the heck out of my kitchen....although I did have a PBJ earlier! haha Darn cravings...can't they wait until I'm at school and have no other choice?!

Anyone else in need of a B2SH!?
Going back to school means....
Saying HELLO to...
and GOODBYE to...

What kind of pets do you guys own and love?! Dogs (!!!), Cats, Fish (?), Birds, Gerbils....Am I the only one who treats them like my babies?! ;)

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Back to the Real World!

Did you think I had vanished off the face of the earth...nope! haha I have just been hanging around Kansas City enjoying a variety of sugary Quik Trip drinks, indulging in Dairy Queen treats, eating at just some of the MANY restaurants in the area, celebrating with my cousin at her baby showers, decorating the pink & brown baby's room, drinking an old school Coke Icee while watching Julie & Julia (it was really good, by the way!).....and doing alot of other random stuff! It was a long and much needed vacation; but now it's time to start checking off things from the never ending to do list that is in the works....

For now, lets check out some of the eats I found at the grocery store tonight (we went to pick up my puppies after we got out of the airport and they were shaking because they were so nervous! SOOO glad to have them back...until Saturday, when I leave again...for school.....ahhhh! It's all so fast!)....

A new Cereal! :D
Cascadian Farm Organic Flax Right Pomegranate Raspberry Clusters...for $2.99
Review to come...
Annie's Mac N Cheese....an old favorite!Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread.....it was pretty good. Nice and Hearty!Some Random Veggie Burgers that were on sale!.....
Franklin Original Recipe Fresh Veggie Burger (Gluten Free)I immediately fed my grumbling tummy when we got home from the store...it was great; but also eaten waaaay to fast! Whoops...And then my daddio showed me the stack of mail that accumulated while I was gone...add it to the list! However, packages never wait! ;)
Somersault Snack Co was nice enough to hook me up with some of their intriguing treats!
So intriguing, in fact, that my dad and I dove right in!
You get 15 dense, crunchy, flavor packed nuggets in one 150 calorie serving! Score!
My dad tried the Salty Pepper flavor (again...and again...just tonight) and said "It tastes just like normal!...Tell your blog that." HAHAH! That speaks volumes because he is weary of anything "healthy"!
I dove into the Chez Cocoa variety first and loved the chocolate background of flavor....but you do have to like sunflower seeds because they are the main component! Good thing I DO!!!
I also won a big ZEVIA Giveaway over at Mom on the Run! Woot! I got one of every flavor...and of course..couldn't wait to dive in!
The Ginger Ale Zevia is spot on with that unique Ginger Ale flavor and truly did have a more natural taste than your traditional diet soda!
I loved it!
Enough of that....Here's a peek into my trip! Too fun!
My aunt and cousin love McDonald's Iced Teas; but the Starbucks lover in me decided to give their McCafe Latte a try!
Delish! Just like Starbucks.....no really!
My aunt had a bunch of Weight Watcher Snacks, so I tried the Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cookie. It was small and not all natural by any means; but man was it dense with a smooth PB taste!
Breyers 100 Calorie Cheesecake YoCrunch tasted simply like a 1/2 plain & 1/2 vanilla yogurt mix with an optional 1/2T graham cracker nubs mixed in. I didn't get even a hint of Cheesecake essence...sort of a joke. I love Breyers, but this particular product let me down!
Caesar Salad Pizza....That's All I have to say!
I dug into my mom's travel candy stash and found a Chick-O-Stick...Sure, it's flourescent orange and all; but it's also crispy, crunchy layers of peanut butter, candy goodness! MMM!
The cake at one of the baby showers... PINK PINK PINK!
This was such a fun experience! We enjoyed walking the mile so much and I got lots of granola bars, 1 larabar (they were basically out by the time I got to their booth) and other random stuff! :)....what a great cause!
FUZE had a HUGE booth with more samples than you could dream of...my cousin and I were more than happy to give 'em a try!
Check it out...
All of those people = Lots of Fundraising $$$

We also took part in a variety of craft projects...after seeing this at Pottery Barn Kids when we were looking at Baby Stuff (of course), I decided to recreate my own on a smaller scale....with a cupcake and ice cream cone pattern...i'll take pictures of the final project after I hang them in my dorm next week!
I also made a pencil holder after a trip to Micheals...
One last thing....my plane snack was some Aged White Cheddar Pirates Booty...(along with lottssss of cereal!)...why have I never tried this stuff? I'm addicted! :D
Off I go to finish unpacking, organize my to-do list and prepare for take off...
to school this time!
I just found some lovely giveaways!

"Hey, do you know that if the entire population of China walked by, the line would never end because of the rate of population increase? That's my list, every Chinese person in the world." -Lorelai


Cram it in...Baja-Style!

I leave tomorrow for the airport....which will take me to uncharted lands....uhh, I mean Kansas! Oh, but my family and I have the most fun in KS! PLUS, they have QT's everywhere, so how could you go wrong?! Here's a few random eats to tempt your taste buds until August 17th...or so! Talk about a hiatus!

Kashi H2H Waffle with MaraNatha PB... It just NEVER gets old! :D
Spag Squash, BlackBeans and Shredded Carrots drenched in Sapghetti Sauce...MMM!
Package time :)
I won some intriguing Musselman's Applesauce
from Erin over at I Walk in This World.
They all went into the freezer (of course) and after a 20 second spin in the micro, I have a creamy, frozen treat anytime I want! **smiles** I have tried the Raspberry Acai and Key Lime flavors so far and OH BOY!
This Key Lime Cupuacu is phenomenal (and I am not usually one for Key Lime flavored things!). It is so refreshing and tastes like real limes were squeezed in!
Banana & PB....another classic!
Long Story Short...the white flour tortilla gets a little tough around the edges (meh! Try putting a paper towel over it when it's in the microwave...let me know if that helps!), it does not resemble anything crispy (despite the crisping panel) BUT the filling is AHHHmazing! It's chock full of cheese and crunchy corn, smooth beans and genuine tasting grilled chicken.
Perhaps in a pinch, the fantabulous filling will draw me in once again...
Between my mom and I (more from the latter..), this box was gone in 2 days. Holy cow, Banana Nut Cheerios taste so great and natural...like banana bread! The nutritionals could be a tad bit better but....YUMMM!
What is hiding within that seemingly innocent Sandwich Thin?!
N 'n D Chickpea Spread and Gooey Cheese...that's what!
Now it's time for me to go do my best to pack everything I will need for 10 days into a carry-on so that I do not have to pay an extra $30 to check my bag! Yea, I'm not sure how that will work either! :/
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