Sun Shine

It is supposed to be a high of 92 today! Where in the heck did that come from? Shorts weather is finally here. :D Then again, who won't miss their cute scarves and coats? I know I will. Anyways...In celebration of this SUNNY day, I thought I would share with you a sunny "recipe" that has been sitting my my picture folder just begging to be posted on the blog. Okay photos, you win:

The culprit for the creations pictured below is Organic Garden Herb Sunshine Burgers.
Of course, we all remember this bad boy. I can almost taste the delicious-ness and it is only 7:09 AM. ;) I have to run to Wally World to pick up some resume paper for a function this weekend. Perhaps I should score a Velveeta cup or two while I am there, so that I can reinact this...Maybe I should do it up tuna style tonight?
You know how a Waldorf salad has grapes, apples, chicken and whatnot in it? Well, I applied that concept to my latest wrap, layering a Sunshine Burger and crispy Gala apple slices within a French Meadow Bakery sprouted tortilla for a sweet and savory medley.
My roomies thought I was a little odd (nothin' new! haha), but I thought it was fantabulous...
Give 'er a try! :D


No Apples to No Jam

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA! However, between my big research paper, Calculus take-home test, lab reports, new job and a big function this coming weekend, the reviews may become a little sparse until I figure out how to balance extracurriculars, like blogging, with all of my newly introduced activities that require more attention. :/ Anyhoo... Here is a product that I photo-ed in this yummy post, but never got a chance to review in full:

My mom loved it. My dad loved it. I loved it. It was a HIT! The ingredients are pretty straight up and I love the buttery smooth pine nuts that are dispersed throughout. The flavor is pleasant with a nutty, garlic-y flavor profile accentuated by a touch of olive oil and a dash of spices.
However, I had greater plans than to just dump this in a pan and dish it up! ;) The nutritional profile? Well, take a looksie:
Me gusta! For those of you who missed out on 11th grade Spanish...I like it! :D

I added fresh chopped, bright red bell pepper, golden, sauteed onions and protein-packed black beans for a tastttty meal!
MMM...I wish I could have had that for dinner instead of a frozen veggie burrito, a starbucks coffee drink and a 100 calorie pack of popcorn! phaha
I also wish that I could sit down with Gilmore Girls, a cup of steamy sugar cookie tea and my favorite cookbook. However, I have no kitchen, no cookbook and no time.
I guess dark chocolate and my research books will have to suffice! ;)
Have a fabulous week! Hopefully, I will be back with foodie pics sooooooon...and a giveaway. Fingers crossed.



Hey guys! Im taking a spontaneous voyage this weekend...so ive decided to practic blogging from my phone. It works pretty well; although the typos may be more often than not because my fingers are too big for this teeny keyboard! haha Have a good weekend!


Stressed and Surpassed

What up? I've been MIA seeing as school has basically taken over my life. Woot? Yea, I think not. Anyhoo...I will be back, mark my word. I just have a 15 page research paper lingering over my head for about a week or so... :/ I would share a few quick food pics, but I don't have any...say whatt?! Yupp...I don't know what's going on! haha

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Peace out, cub scouts!


Pink Money Shot

I won a Vermont style package from Jessica over at Healthy Exposures and she hooked me up with some good stuff.
Let's check it out before I unviel the BRAND NEW frozen treat that I basically pounced on when I spotted it on the frigid shelves of Wally World... Woodstock Cookie Company...Will you marry me? These things are indescribably moist and thick and soft and delicious!!!
COFFEE! You know you are a college student when you happily own 3 bags of flavored coffee. Gotta keep things interesting, no?
The cutest little jug of maple syrup that I have ever seen...
Vermints...apparently, they are all the rage now...at least over here! ;)
Crackers...pardon the orange chip clip, my roomie and I had to refrain ourselves...
In case you can't tell, I like pink! :D

TADA! Let me just preface this with the statement that,
"If you see these in the freezer aisle, buy them! Stat!".
Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ahh... These were so good! The ice cream had a sinfully creamy flavor and texture with little bits of cookie dough dispersed throughout, while the cookies were just as I hoped they would be...firm and somewhat thin, yet soft and chewy! I could enjoyably consume both components of the treat alone; but together...
together, they could knock. you. out.
I know that ingredz list looks really long, but hear me out on this one:
  • There are three components to this treat.
  • Read through what you can from the blurry picture seen below and you will realize that (other than the pesky high fructose corn syrup...which I am actually not all that turned off by since this is just a treat) it's all pretty understandable.
A bit smaller than what I have come to expect as a "Super-Size" conditioned American, but when you stop to think about it...This was a very satisfying treat and was actually the perfect size!
Ready for a close up?Shaped like an Easter egg...no biggie!
There's the money shot!


Happy Hostess Club

Well, spring break is sadly coming to a close, but let's check out some of the eats that went down...
(not to mention copious bowls of LIFE cereal, popcorn while walking around Target, Starbys, Jason's Deli, etc, etc...)

Rory: What's with the carrots?
Lorelai: I was afraid you weren't eating well at school.
Rory: Ohhh.
Lorelai: Marshmallow?

Shall we start things off with a little appetizer platter? We shall!
Sweet-Heart Bread toasted in a frying pan and topped off with caramelized nanners and lucious PB!
Gilmore girls mug holding some magical brew + bread + butter + bluebs
Magic Brew:
A cheesy Arnie Imposter took a ride on the Foreman!
Warms the soul
Happy Hostess Club Pres, right hurr!
Fish Fillet! nom nom
Kale Chips (my crunchy true love)
Veggie Burgggs never go outta style!
Crouts, Best Dressing Eva, Cous Cous Medley (Product Review to come!)
No more crouts? No problem! Pretzel Thins suffice!
Triple Berry Madness...I think he'll be my VP! :D No Pudge Peanut Butter Brownies
Mom- "I'm not sure how these could be No Pudge. They seem like all pudge." lol
Helped mom raise some chickadees for the office...
Full-grown little guy!
This crunchy, warm, PB, Banana sammie chilled out (or moreover...warmed up) in the oven, outfitted with a lovely aluminum wrapper, while the chikadees were hatchin'!
An estimated 30 minutes in a 350F oven...Hawt Dawg!

Peace out! I better go get my school stuff organized, so it doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks when I get back to the grind...Ahh, who am I kidding? :/ Leslie is giving away some Element Bars. Make your own granola bars?! Love it!


Yo' So Smooth!

Don't you just love being smooth?
  • You cut in line with one of your friends whom you haven't seen in a while and act as though they were "saving your spot", so that you don't have to wait in some astronomically long line. Yo' So Smooth!
  • You trip over your own two feet while walking to class and don't have any friends nearby to laugh it off with, so you just keep on goin' as if nothing happened. Yo' So Smooth!
  • You order a creamy, cold Kevaccino that was just whipped up before your eyes in a full-powered VitaMix that you are secretly so jealous of. Yo' So Smooth!
Do you want to know who else is smooth? Yoplait! That's right.

I won't lie. When I first spotted the new Yoplait Smoothie Bags in the Freezer section, I was very weary. My First Impression: "Thanks for bagging up frozen fruit for me, Yoplait...What has this world come to?". HOWEVER, I was given some free coupons from the people over at Yoplait and I barely ever (never) turn down free food. Home for spring break, with a blender in my reach, I grabbed the two varieties that my grocery store had to offer and put my blender to good use.

Triple Berry Nutrish Facts:
Strawberry Mango Pineapple Nutrish Facts:
Look at that vibrant blender! :D Okay, you see those big hunks that look like bananas? NOT BANANAS! Those little chunks are what make this smoothie that beast of burden (Anybody see that song on American Idol the other night?! No? Click Here! Love the kid who sang it...Lee Dewyze! :D) that it truly is! No really, those are magic little nuggets and it makes the 2 servings in each bag worth that $2.98 price tag.
You can't recreate this mix with yogurt and frozen fruit. Trust me.
It was a creamy, cold creation with lots of body and fruity flavor. PLUS, it tasted like it was made with ice cream (although, all that I added was a splash of milk). It's those magic nuggets I was talking about earlier.
My attempt at showing you just how thick and lucious this really was...
And I have a rinky dink blender that I had to shake and whatnot to achieve this texture. If you have one of those aforementioned VitaMix Blenders, then you could probably whip up Frozen Yogurt in one of those things! So Jealz...


Wonton Wonders

Okay, who can I blame for not introducing me to wontons before I had lived 19 wonton-less years of my life?
My mom knows my love for trying new foods and walked up to me, as I was aimlessly wandering around Target, with a package of wontons. "These are on sale for $.99. Have you ever used them before? Do you want to give them a try?". Umm, sure. Why not!
Here's what you do (it's reallll scientific!):
  • Wet the edges with water
  • Fill the wontons with WHATEVER you want.
  • Fold them up into whatever shape you feel like making at the moment.
  • Bake on a cookie sheet in a 375-400F oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown!

Baked Beans in one and cheesy spinach in the other!
Those were both so good that I decided they should be combined during my next venture.
Wonton Crisps! Brushed with a little hot sauce and Mrs. Dash!
Just Cheese! MMM!
Sometimes, the filling doesn't want to stay within the confines of the crunchy wontons.
It's okay, it still tastes divine! :DDessert Wontons!
Bluebs, Chocolate Chips and Cinnamon.
What else could I stuff in there (more like...what CANT I stuff in there!)?
Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Spinach and Red Bell Pepper
Don't make the same mistake that I did. Go buy some wontons and start experimenting! :)