Sunshine in the Snow

Good Morning, Everyone! It is 18F outside (with a feels like of 4F) and I have to go to class in 2 hours. That gives them 2 hours to shut 'er down! Let's hope they DO! Anyways, my post yesterday was super long, so if you are in the mood to read some product reviews, Click Here.
We had a MASSIVE snow day hit yesterday, out of the blue; and, being the Texans that we are, we were not ready for it.
Read Part 1 of my snow day, here. It involves me jumping into a swimming pool and then turning into a snowball...
Read Part 2 of my snow day, here. It involves a race against the clock, a field of snow-y hills and the picture below...
In other news, I was featured on Sunshine Burger's Facebook page, after they saw me enjoy one of their all natural, wholesome, TASTY burgers yesterday. Check it out!
Leslie Loves Veggies is having two giveaways! One for some Hot and Healthy Coffee (I just took the last sip from my mug this morning about 2 seconds ago... It's always sad! haha) and another for Gluten Free Mixes from the Heartland! Averie is giving away a certificate to iHerb.com! :D ALSO, An Apple A Day is giving away progresso soup! Stay Warm!


Snow Day Reviews

Lend an ear and let me tell you just a smidgen about my morning.
3:00 am-
I got up to what sounded like my coffee maker malfunctioning and turning on (The Best Part of Wakin’ Up, right? By the way…WHY IN THE WORLD are they trying to find a new jingle?). Anyways, turns out, my coffee maker is just fine (whew!) and the sound was that of rain pelting up against my windows. Awesome.

6:30- I get up to the same sound, but this time I flip on Mr. Coffee to duel it out with the noisy rain.

9:20- I leave for class. Torrential rain doesn’t even begin to describe it. However, it was Calculus class and she told us specifically to GET there, no matter what. I walked outside, opened my umbrella and immediately, the 30mph winds inverted my cute plaid pink shelter and almost knocked the thing right out of my hands. Awesome. I looked around and saw a trend…RUN like you are on fire…through puddles up to your shins and wind blowing you almost off of your feet. Thankfully, the building I needed to get to was right across the way from my dorm. Then again, I still showed up looking as though I had just jumped into the deep end of a swimming pool and couldn’t get out. Anyways, some cute kid sat next to me in math (that has nothing to do with anything...). After class, I walked out with one of my friends and…IT WAS SNOWING. Terenchal snow. No sign of rain anywhere. The deep end swimming pool that I had jumped into earlier had turned to slush and I looked like a walking snowball.

Then my Elementary Analysis Lab and Food Micro Lab were cancelled; which has given me the time to do all of the food reviews that I have been neglecting (against my own free will) because school has taken over my life. There are ALOT of reviews ahead. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just read about the ones that catch your eye. Or read some today and some tomorrow. I probably won’t be able to post again for a couple of days…just pace yourself! lol ;)

I received this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
The nutrition facts are fairly impressive. These babies are PACKED with creamy, creamy, creamy cheese...hence the high sat. fat. Actually, if I was required to do a nutrition test on a product for one of my food science classes, this would be the one. It looks almost too good to be true.
Upon ripping off the plastic covering, the dish looks like a mound of masa with a chincy amount of roasted red pepper sauce. I wanted more sauce.
The filling was phenomenal. You could see every component of the dish from the cilantro, to the veggies, to the CREAMY cheese. Lovely filling.
The ratio of masa to filling was just a tad bit off, with a little too much masa taking center stage. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the first tamale and the well developed flavor that it brought to the table. However, these babies are so substantial and filling that by the time I started to dig into the second tamale, my stomach was turning. The overall mushy, doughy, creamy texture was getting to me and I couldn't finish the second tamale. I would suggest that Cedarlane ditch the second tamale and replace it with an equally flavorful side dish!
Photo Credit
These babies were awesome. NO weird taste of any shape or form. Just airy, crunchy goodness. They reminded me of the cereal, Puffins. LOVE THEM! Very cinnamon-y. The description "Almond Filled" is pushing it because 3/4 of them are not filled at all and the ones that are "filled" contain an ultra thin layer of said fillling.
Kay's Naturals Honey, Almond Filled Cookie Bites
Photo Credit

These were not bad, but I liked the Cinnamon ones MUCH better. The honey flavor was just a bit off, in my opinion.
Where's that almond filling they speak of?

Airy with a delightfully substantial crunch! :D

18 Rabbits Cheeky Cherry Chocolate Bar
I got these bars from Katie and did a review of the Haute Diggity Date (green wrapper) here. The red one was just as delicious, with sweet cherries and chocolate chunks mixed within the signiature granola base. Most def. recommended!

I won these FitDeck Pilates cards from Erica and they are a really neat idea. Great little gift addition for someone because they have so many different venues available. I am enjoying learning new pilates moves!
I received this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
I had no clue what to expect, so I consulted the box. Zesty tomato sauce, loads of veggies, feta cheese and a creamy white sauce nestled within thick slices of eggplant?! Yum!
Once again, the nutrition profile is low cal and high in all natural goodness, protein and fiber!
This dish looked pretty darn appetizing for what I was expecting from a frozen meal.
The ingredient list is straight up and with milk as the second component, you can bet that the overall feel of this dish will be creaminess. :D
The "Veggie Ground Round" tasted exactly like ground turkey. I actually had to consult the ingredient list to solidify that is was indeed, not turkey. The layer of soft, creamy feta cheese was very thick. Almost too thick, but I still enjoyed it. Overall, it tasted like a cross between a chili, a lasagna and sauteed veggies within a creamy tomato sauce. I would buy this again!
I received this product at no cost to me. The opinions expressed are my own.
Photo Credit

Here is what I pulled out of the sunburst wrapper. Half of the tortilla had broken off at some point between the factory and my freezer. However, there was just enough tortilla to completely enclose the filling, so it actually turned out quite nice because I didn't get any tough spots that generally ensue from the overlapped tortilla.
Plus, it popped open a little and made for a great foodie-licious photo op!
The tortilla was soft and just perfect. However, the filling tasted a bit too mushy for my liking. I was expecting fluffy eggs with veggies mixed throughout and got a mushy cheesy egg mixture ...with veggies mixed throughout.
Upon closer examination, I noticed that the third ingredient is POTATOES. No wonder why the filling resembles mashed potatoes, in a way. I suggest that you go a different route for breakfast and let Cedarlane take care of your lunch.

Off I go! Come back tomorrow if you didn't catch all of the important review action going on up there! Does anybody have other thoughts about any of these products? All taste buds are welcome to speak! ;)


I just went downstairs to get some soup from the dining hall. They didn't have any. Is that a joke? Maybe Leslie can hook me up, with the Progresso giveaway that she has going on?! :D



Hey homies! I have a quick minute (ya, I know...there is no such thing; but dream with me here) and wanted to say hi! Things are just crazy, so I love when I can find the time to share the food finds that make their way into my nutritious and delicious world with you all. I have been eating alot of processed food, which (let's face it) is not going to change b/c I am a college student in a tiny dorm and there are not many other options for my busy lifestyle. By the way, I've got lots of product reviews to post about, when I find the time. :D

However, I do whip up things from time to time. They are not exactly homemade, but I like to call them "Dorm-made".
This little concoction consists of a sliced banana beneath a sea of berrilicious yogurt, trail mix and Kay's Naturals Apple Cinnamon cereal. Some like to call it a yogurt mess...
Sunshine burgers and Arnie are like two peas in a pod.
Carrots and Frito Lay Bean dip. It's good. Trust me! ;)
Arnie also hooked up with a banana and some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and made me one happpppy girl! :D
I could have Dark Chocolate Dreams every night! ;)
Stay warm, if it is chilly! And if it's not cold as can be, then share the warmth, would ya?


Art's Style

How is school treating you? To see how it's treating me, click here...

On to the FOOD! :D I dove into another product from Cedarlane yesterday as I was scurrying around trying to check everything off of my to-do list...all while adding more "to-do's" with every hour. I ran downstairs to the dining hall, picked up a garden salad and came back to my room to throw a Cedarlane Bean, Rice and Cheese Style Burrito into the micro. Okay, so I may not have pretended it was a football or anything, but I was in a hurry! ;) It looked like a fairly standard frozen burrito. I was expecting the inside to be bursting with cheese, beans and rice...as stated on the wrapper. However, if you look closely, the description of this all natual burrito says "style". Keep that in mind.
I was expecting stringy cheese amongst mounds of rice and beans (sort of like this baby), but I got nothing that I was expecting. Was that a bad thing? Not at all. It was creamy in its own way thanks to the abundance of soy cheese that brought the organic brown rice and pinto beans together perfectly within the doughy tortilla. The very ends of the tortilla got a bit tough where it was folded over (per usual with frozen burritos); but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this quick meal and would enjoy it again, fo' sho!
No Cholesterol. 1g of fat. 260 calories. 7g of fiber. 13g of protein. I'm impressed!
I was going to write a review of Cedarlane's nutritious and delicious Beans, Rice and Cheese Style Burrito for Iateapie; but I discovered that one had already been written. And I agree with the author 100%. Read it here.
In other news, I received some 18 Rabbits Bars from Katie ! I have never even seen these in the grocery stores where I live, so to say I was pumped doesn't begin to describe it. My first culprit: I noticed that there is butter within the ingredient list, which I don't usually see in many granola bars these days; but I think it added an extra element of flavor to the bar.
It had a nice and hearty oat background from the dense compilation of granola. The delicious granola is held together in a delightfully smooth, pliable and chewy (not gooey) way by naturally sweet maple syrup, butter, safflower/sunflower oil, tapioca syrup and dates. This combination of ingredients provides just enough sweetness to the bar without overwhelming the wholesome texture and flavor profile that the hearty granola provides.
I took this pic to show you exactly how pliable it was. Chewy, yet firm. Hard to describe.
Nutritious and Delicious is just easier to say. :)
I have the best friends. They fuel me when I am covered in books, even if it means swimming through the papers and binders that flood my room to do so.
My friend, Kristen, made PB/Choc, Cherry and Blueberry Granola bars and totally HOOKED ME UP! I may not have a kitchen, but the homemade goodies are still rollin' in! :D
Art's Good For You California Trail Mix. These randomly popped up in the dining hall, so I gave them a try. Just a standard trail mix. Nothing extra "good for you". Meh.
However, mixed with the crunchy Kay's Natural Protein Cereal that I won from the beautiful ladies over at The Actor's Diet, it made for quite a snack! :D
I guess I should get going! I had an hour break between Food Micro and Chemistry (which = blogging...duh!). The next break I will have is at 5:00. Yay. ;) Have a wonderful Monday!
I just found a blogger who not only has a rockin' name, JewliaGoulia :D ; but also has a great blog and is hosting a giveaway. Check it out!


Bars Galore!

Luna Lemon Zest Bar This is just a little reminder of the review that I did not too long ago of this bar.
Did I hate it or love it? Click to find out!

Prana Coconut Acai Bar (Thanks Monica!) This was like a Larabar on steroids!
It was gooey, yet firm and had a perfectly natural sweetness from the date paste. The puffed amaranth, chunky nuts and crunchy coconut came together with the smooth almond butter for a delicious surprise! :D
Lemon, Vanilla and Cashew CLIF Nectar Bar
(Supposedly these are on their way out...yet, all of my grocery stores are still carrying them! :D).
Hello, "Cookie Dough"! Snicker's Marathon Nutrition Bar-Honey & Toasted Almond

This bar had an ever so slight chalky texture, but it also had a nice chew and a thin caramel & chocolate layer on the base of the bar to create the ultimate Snickers experience. Pretty tasty and one of the options that my dining hall offers in the way of Nutrition Bars...I'll take it!

Power Bar Harvest Energy- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Hate is a strong word, so I will say that I strongly dislike old school, original PowerBars. Their texture and everything about them just does not jive with my scrutinizing taste buds. However, when I saw that PowerBar had a whole grain energy bar up for grabs, I decided to give this creation a try.
Whoa baby! The second that you pop open the hunter green wrapper, you will find a delightful discovery: a PLETHORA of mini chocolate chips. Each bar has a substantial 240 calories, which is a great addition to a breakfast on the go!Before you bite in, get your chompers ready because this bad boy is extremely chewy. The peanut butter/ almond butter flavor is prominent (they are both in the bar and I can’t tell which creamy nut butter I am enjoying…perhaps BOTH!). If you can handle the dense, extremely chewy nature of this flavor-packed bar, then I would say go for the gold!! I know I am...

The ingredient list was much more natural than I was expecting! I love seeing Peanut Butter, instead of "Peanut Butter Flavor". Gimme the Real Stuff! Thanks! :)
Snicker's Marathon Nutrition-Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar

This bar is a cocoa version of the Honey & Toasted Almond one up top.
Not my favorite, yet not my least favorite. It's one of those, only-buy-on-sale kind of things.
I have reviewed Honest Foods here, there and everywhere; but I still thought it deserved a moment in the spotlight, since I devoured this bad boy a few days ago! :D
I saved the best for last. Well, maybe not...but it is NEW! Doesn't that make it pretty sweet? You're about to find out...
Quaker True Delights Dark Chocolate Mocha Hazelnut Cafe Squares were perched upon Target's shelves today and who would I be if I passed up these new creations?!
Each bar is a good source (i.e. 10% of the RDA) of Calcium, Iron and Fiber and has only 110 calories...which makes it's small size somewhat acceptable.
The ingredient list is not quite as au natural as I would have liked; but it's also not exactly a novel and if you read through this short story, you won't find partially hydrogenated oils in the mix, so it's not ALL bad...
At first, I dismissed these WAY TOO FAST, as I took one out of the box and was appalled at how small they are. HOWEVER, this flavor profile (although it may sound like Quaker was confused and just threw everything from their dessert kitchen into a pan) really works together. Really.
This is not your average granola bar. There are many components that contribute to the final, small, yet substantially satisfying, product:
  • thin, gooey, "icing" that possesses a delightfully strong mocha flavor (Similar to the gooey layer of THIS Kashi bar)
  • liberal drizzle of creamy, rich dark chocolate
  • sprinkling of hazelnuts (which really doesn't do much for the bar)
  • typical granola bar that is neither too dry nor too sticky, but simply has a nice and hearty chew
I would def. shell out $2.83 again.
And with that, I shall go start on one of the three lab reports that are due this week...and bury myself in books before the mooovies tonight! Lata gata's!
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