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On to the FOOD! :D I dove into another product from Cedarlane yesterday as I was scurrying around trying to check everything off of my to-do list...all while adding more "to-do's" with every hour. I ran downstairs to the dining hall, picked up a garden salad and came back to my room to throw a Cedarlane Bean, Rice and Cheese Style Burrito into the micro. Okay, so I may not have pretended it was a football or anything, but I was in a hurry! ;) It looked like a fairly standard frozen burrito. I was expecting the inside to be bursting with cheese, beans and rice...as stated on the wrapper. However, if you look closely, the description of this all natual burrito says "style". Keep that in mind.
I was expecting stringy cheese amongst mounds of rice and beans (sort of like this baby), but I got nothing that I was expecting. Was that a bad thing? Not at all. It was creamy in its own way thanks to the abundance of soy cheese that brought the organic brown rice and pinto beans together perfectly within the doughy tortilla. The very ends of the tortilla got a bit tough where it was folded over (per usual with frozen burritos); but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this quick meal and would enjoy it again, fo' sho!
No Cholesterol. 1g of fat. 260 calories. 7g of fiber. 13g of protein. I'm impressed!
I was going to write a review of Cedarlane's nutritious and delicious Beans, Rice and Cheese Style Burrito for Iateapie; but I discovered that one had already been written. And I agree with the author 100%. Read it here.
In other news, I received some 18 Rabbits Bars from Katie ! I have never even seen these in the grocery stores where I live, so to say I was pumped doesn't begin to describe it. My first culprit: I noticed that there is butter within the ingredient list, which I don't usually see in many granola bars these days; but I think it added an extra element of flavor to the bar.
It had a nice and hearty oat background from the dense compilation of granola. The delicious granola is held together in a delightfully smooth, pliable and chewy (not gooey) way by naturally sweet maple syrup, butter, safflower/sunflower oil, tapioca syrup and dates. This combination of ingredients provides just enough sweetness to the bar without overwhelming the wholesome texture and flavor profile that the hearty granola provides.
I took this pic to show you exactly how pliable it was. Chewy, yet firm. Hard to describe.
Nutritious and Delicious is just easier to say. :)
I have the best friends. They fuel me when I am covered in books, even if it means swimming through the papers and binders that flood my room to do so.
My friend, Kristen, made PB/Choc, Cherry and Blueberry Granola bars and totally HOOKED ME UP! I may not have a kitchen, but the homemade goodies are still rollin' in! :D
Art's Good For You California Trail Mix. These randomly popped up in the dining hall, so I gave them a try. Just a standard trail mix. Nothing extra "good for you". Meh.
However, mixed with the crunchy Kay's Natural Protein Cereal that I won from the beautiful ladies over at The Actor's Diet, it made for quite a snack! :D
I guess I should get going! I had an hour break between Food Micro and Chemistry (which = blogging...duh!). The next break I will have is at 5:00. Yay. ;) Have a wonderful Monday!
I just found a blogger who not only has a rockin' name, JewliaGoulia :D ; but also has a great blog and is hosting a giveaway. Check it out!


  1. School--so glad not to be there yet. 2 more days of freedom!
    Great eats. Happy Monday!

  2. Cedarlane burrito looks fab! Where do u buy them?!

  3. I am so jealous. I want that burrito!

  4. I lurve your product reviews; they help me make good grocery shopping decisions. And I'm going to imagine you punting your burritos into the micro from now on because it makes me smile!

  5. I am so happy that you like the bars! :)
    Thanks again for the swap!

  6. i have heard great things about those bars~ i need to find them!

  7. So many good eats as usual. I haven't had burrito's in a LONG time...Amy's is usually my go to, but the Cedarlane ones look good too!!

  8. hang in there fische! someday you will be DR Wolter!!

    Prayers are with you fische!!

  9. NO JOKE I AM EATING THAT CEDARLANE BURRITO RIGHT THIS SECOND. oh my god -- I am in love with the fact that we are the same dang person!

  10. thanks for the review on those burritos - they look terrific. 18 rabbits are my new faves - they're just what a granola bar should taste like!

  11. That burrito looks amazing!! I love big burritos!!
    <3 jess

  12. Ya Ya for lovely roomies that fuel you!! Yummy eats chica!! I LOVE 18-rabbits bars! And everything Kay's makes is amazing! I hope you have a great week! xoxo!

  13. Thanks for those reviews! I've never tried either bar but they look amazing!

  14. I recently had my first 18 Rabbits bar and did really like it!


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