Frosty Q

Let's start this post off with a picture of probably the best sweet potato fries that I have ever made. I'm not sure if it was the thickness that I cut them or just pure luck of the draw, but they were AWESOME...which is great because they will be the last batch that I enjoy until spring break in March!
The first time that I tried this treat, I was not it's biggest fan because I didn't think that the flavors really jived well with my taste buds. However, my palate must have matured since then because they are my only PLD Treats left in the freezer (eeek!), so I popped one into the microwave and gave it another try. Wowzers. These babies are just as delicious as all of Penny's other low fat treats. The top is utterly dense, yet soft and fluffy, with a sweet burst of cranberries in each citrus enhanced bite. It reminds me of a bread or muffin that I have had from Starbucks before (can't remember the name). It's phenomenal!
Sometimes, all that you need is a frosty. I haven't been to Wendy's since high school because I just don't crave fast food much anymore. But I always crave ice cream....
Yes, I took it out of that bright yellow paper cup. No thanks.
Remember when Q.bel graciously sent me some products to try? I reviewed the Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls, the Milk and Dark Chocolate Wafer Rolls...and now it's time to fill you in on the WAFER BARS!
The packaging of these treats is just so vibrant and inviting! I love it!
My brother dove into the Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Bars. He loved them so much that he asked if he could have the other package too...to which I graciously complied! ;) He said that it was like a Kit Kat, but better because the wafers added a different texture. He also liked how big they were and how smooth and creamy the milk chocolate coating was! I also gave him a package of the Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars, which he loved too. However, he said that the peanut butter bars were better. Then again, he likes peanut butter just about as much as this nutty girl...
My brother had never seen this brand before and was curious as to what Q.bel meant and, wouldn't you know, he didn't have to look too far...
These are not diet food, but they are all natural and perfect for a tasty dessert when you want a special chocolate treat. Because these sure are special! :D
While my brother ripped into the Peanut Butter Bars, I enjoyed the Q.bel Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars. They are much bigger than I was expecting, which is always welcomed with open arms! ;)
The second that I ripped open the package, a lovely dark chocolate aroma delightfully filled the air. I eagerly bit into one of the large bars and enjoyed how thick the dark chocolate coating was. The interior is composed of layers of airy wafers and creamy cocoa. With each bite, the wafer middle is readily compressed and your mouth is consumed by the deliciously dreamy dark chocolate, which is enhanced by the crispy, crunchy remnants of the wafers. The cocoa between the wafer layers adds a milky, sweet essence to each rich and delightful bite!
Tomorrow, I hit the road (back to school) and leave my babies in the background... :(
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Next time, I'll be writing from the confines of my dorm room! Until then...


  1. Those bars remind me of candy bars like twix!!

  2. I love those kinds of chocolate bars, the wafery kind! those sweet potato fries look killer, nice job!

  3. good luck going back girl! it feels GOOD TO BE BACK! those fries..amazing!!!

  4. safe travels..cute puppies!! i'm dying to make sweet potato fries- on my to do list before i go back to school. and those look amaizing.. i'm jealous!

  5. frosty's are my shizzzzzz. I used to <3 dipping my french fries in there.. don't judge me.

    safe travels home, pooks! xo

  6. i love frosties :) missed you girl!!!

  7. Did you know Q.bel just came out with 2 new flavor wafer bars? Double cacao(vegan) and mint! I can't wait to try them.
    And oh my, how many times I've had frostys and fries. good stuff

  8. *Haha Jenny, I totally dipped my fries in my frosty too! Sooo good.

    Those Penny tops look so delish, can you buy them in stores or do you have to order online?
    Travel safe!

  9. Mmm, your sweet potatoes look great! Any tips for making the best sweet potato fries ever? I actually just made my baby a baked sweet potato today and was thinking about how I want to try making sweet potato fries when he gets a little bit older. Your page always makes me so hungry! :)

  10. I love when SP fries turn out just right.

    I could def go for a frosty right now lol....thanks!

    koosh your pups are so cute

  11. Oh my, that chocolate looks SO good! As do those sweet potatoes. Mmm! I just love it when a batch turns out fabulous!
    <3 jess

  12. The sweet potato fries look amazing! And the chocolate bars look good, too! ;)

    Have a safe trip!

  13. teh fries look SO good! and so do those Qbel;s! thanks for the review :) have a safe trip back to escuela, girl!

  14. Wow those sweet potato fries DO look amazing and all that chocolate, yum!

  15. Those fries and bars look yummy!

    Is that a Gilmore Girls mug I spy? If so, where ever did you find it? That's amazing!

  16. That wafer chocolate thing looks to die for. Wow. And I almost forgot all about the dear old frosty. I loved those things.

  17. cute pups!! they are adorable. Thanks for the awesome product review. I also see these products at whole foods and havent tried them yet but they look delicious! Thank you for sharing. Love the sweet potatoes too! Have a great day!!

  18. makes me want to run out and buy those chocolate bars! yummmmmy!

    chocolate frostys used to be the bane of my existence. seriously. with fries. dipped right in.. holy cow... lol


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