Betta with Feta

How has everyone's Tuesday been going? Eventful? Lazy Day? Mine was eventful...and the one thing that made it 100X better is pictured right below! You guessed it...KEVACCINO! :D

By the time I woke up and got around this morning (no classes!), it was 9:30 and Alexa and I decided to make a Keva run at 10! I was somewhat hungry, so I decided to add a pretzel to the mix. Look at that doughy, spinach stuffed, cheesy goodness! Check out the nutritionals here. You can find the smaller 4oz pretzels at Target so LOOK FOR 'EM! They are worth that somewhat hefty price tag! MMMM MMMM!

Check it out!
  • All Natural
  • 17g of protein
  • 25% of the RDA for Calcium, Iron and Vitamin A
  • Spinach is the 4th ingredient
  • Whole Grains
  • Made from Scratch
  • No Partially Hydrogenated Oils

This was not a free sample...I just REALLY like these things! :D

Eventually, I fueled my bod with a Kashi Pumpkin Pie TLC Fruit & Grain Bar.
And some Vitamin Water 10-Lemonade Style...Gotta LOVE it!
Around 5, I toasted up a Nature's Own 100 Calorie Multi Grain English Muffin (These things are starting to grow on me, which is good because I have 3 more to burn through...) and SLATHERED it in MaraNatha All Natural Peanut Butter!
About an hour later (I like to eat in spurts when I'm studying/doing homework/busy...it makes for a nice and tasty break!), I made a DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS cold and creamy treat.
  • Cut one banana into bite sized pieces and freeze overnight in a ziploc.
  • Microwave said banana at least 24 hours later (but you can keep them longer of course) for about 10-15 seconds. (JUST long enough to separate the pieces and thaw SLIGHTLY, but...whatever you do, don't cook the banana!! It happens quickly so 15 seconds MAX!).
  • Place the banana in a bowl and top with whatever you please!

A 4oz container of Blueberry Oikos took mine over the top!

The banana bites are like ice cream! ALMOND M&M's Rock! 'nuff said! ;)
Now, I am off to watch Chopped on the Food Network, do some Chemistry homework and eat a bowl of Multi Grain Cherrios!


Get some sleep and have a delicious Wednesday!


You've got a friend in me...

Let's just start out this post with a big SHOUT OUT to my friend Kristen, who gave me a coffee mug this morning just like hers! Read more about it here. However, prior to going to Chemistry class, I still had a jolt of caffeine this morning thanks to the cup that I reused from yesterday (score!). The famous banana and a scrumptious Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Granola Bar rounded out the morning.

After a boring monday full of schoolwork, I met up with Lex to eat a nutritious and delicious salad with low fat honey mustard dressing.
I also had an Organic Flatbread or two from Jason's Deli (Dr. Kracker brand, but repackaged).
Gotta have that crunch!
Then, Calculus got the best of me and I needed a sweet little break of sorts...
By 2 or 3pm, my tummy was ready for more! haha So I toasted up a 100 Calorie Nature's Own Multi Grain English Muffin (Which I would NOT exactly recommend!...too doughy/crumbly and need a long toasting before resembling what I would consider an english muffin).
Topped with <1T of PB and some preserves.
And when that didn't do it, I washed off a baby gala apple...
I still had this empty feeling within (I think I need more carbs at lunch...or I just need lots of fuel...), but I felt like I was just constantly eating, so Lex and I headed to the gym. I did about 30 minutes on some random machine (it looked like a wierd elliptical) and then we played ping pong for almost an hour. Anybody else like to play ping pong? We like to call how we play, EXTREME Ping Pong. I think I burn more calories than I ever would on some machine! ;)
My stomach was ready for more when we got back, so I ordered up a whole wheat wrap with as many black beans, lettuce and tomatoes they could cram inside! Oh... a touch of cheeeese! As satisfyingly delicious as that was, my sweet tooth is bigger than all of my other teeth...so I hushed the big bad wolf with a Chocolate Fiber One Toaster Pastry (another bust...they just don't crisp up and the crust is weird!! I have had the strawberry one before, though, and it tasted really good, so who knows!).
And then, I could wait not longer to try my new find: Kozy Shack Simply Well Pear Mangosteen Pudding. SACKAJAWEEEAH! This stuff is awesome! I don't know what a mangosteen tastes like, but I now want to try one! The fruity notes are so well established and after a thorough stir, the creaminess is so inviting! YUM! If you like pears and are looking for an INCREDIBLY UNIQUE taste sensation...look no further! The new baby girl and her mommy and daddy are doing great and should be out of the hospital soon! Thanks for all of the well wishes! G'night!


It's a GIRL!!

WOOO! I got a text from my aunt (and soon after, from the mommy herself) that my cousin's water broke today! Funny enough...today is her birthday, so she might have the baby on her birthday! :D I'm SO SO SO excited! Her name is Emery.
(Little Em and Big Em!)
I can't wait to spoil this child to pieces!!

I woke up this morning and ate a banana after showering/getting ready...

Probably the oddest picture of a banana I have ever taken...
Then, Alexa and I started on laundry and I ran downstairs to get some coffee while my clothes were in the dryer...after adding milk/truvia and taking 4 sips...It went down the drain. It was burnt tasting and there were grounds in it! YUCK! How does that happen? It makes no sense...Coffee and I are sort of in a rut... :(

Chemistry + Coffee (-Coffee)
Before I knew it, it was noon and I hadn't eaten breakfast. I was not in the mood for another lunch consisting of a PBJ, so I decided to use the 2nd half of my Flavored Starkist Tuna Pouch mixed with the remainder of my Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing and pair it up with some veggies from the salad bar downstairs...sandwiched between two AMAZING slices of Earth Grains Wheat Berry Bread.

Satisfaction at its best!

It was quite funny when I went down to get the veggies...the lady working the salad bar (who also happens to work the sub sandwich part) was so confused. I was like "Can I just get two lettuce leaves, some black olives and some peppers". CoNfUsIoN! (So I try to clarify) "I just need it to put on my sandwich".... (The lady responds) "Oh, so you want a sandwich?"..."No"..."So you want a salad"..."Yes, I want a salad..." pahaha! "A salad consisting of two lettuce leaves, black olives and some peppers".

It was quite comical!

A juicy gala apple completed the delicious journey my taste buds were taking.
After completing my Pre-Lab and MOST (not all...darn!) of my Post Lab for Chemistry, my hunger was back. Therefore, I pulled out some Somersaults that I had been saving and had a handful.
I followed that up with a nummilicious OIKOS Blueberry Yogurt!

About half way through, I thought, "DARN, I should have crumbled the Somersaults into the yogurt...Epic Fail!"
Not having breakfast caught up with me, so I devoured a lip-smackin' Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie Bar!
See my review here!

And now I am going to sign off and clean my room a bit. In an hour, my friends and I will be hitting the local pizza shop to fuel ourselves for some massive cheering! You've GOT to love college football! :D

MMM! Best. Pizza. Ever.


Top Secret

I am amazed at how many of you have never tried a Sunshine Burger! I have another pack to sample (the one's I tried first were the Original variety), so I'll do a full fledge review of those when I bust 'em open and tell you guys a little more about this newfound veggie burger (I thought it was old news...You can never be too sure!).

Anyways, I woke up this morning and ate a banana and half of a PBJ (EarthGrains Wheat Berry Bread...best bread ever. Period.). I ate the other half before my Math test ***which went well!***. I find that breaking up my breakfast like that (or eating a banana and then a bar after my first class) works better than consuming it all in one sitting...plus I have 4 classes in a row, which start at 8AM! Woot! No complaints here though...I chose those classes! I hate when people complain about the time of their college classes. I mean, I know that there are a few that are very limited and you must take what is offered; but, either way, you selectively made the decision to take an 8AM or a 6PM...Enough ranting... When I got back to my room, I had a couple hours to spare before Alexa and I were headed off to KEVA (loveeeee), so I broke out a reserve bag of Aged White Cheddar Pirates Booty. The fact that there is only like 130 calories in this whole bag still blows my mind.

There is no "no" column...Odd? I thought so!
We eventually made our way to KEVA JUICE and I got a KEVACCINO WITH STRAWBERRIES AND PROTEIN-GIZER. Enough said! Nobody else has a Keva Juice nearby?! I'm sorry!

I then went to a friend's apartment to work on a product development competition that we are preparing for. I can't reveal much, but I did ALOT of tasting of tamale variations! (aka Dinner-ish).

I returned home fairly stuffed, although I had only had lots of small little bites so after about 1 hour, hunger striked. I fueled my body in random ways! lol

Apple & 100 Cal. Popcorn
Free Sample of Fiber One Honey Oat Clusters Cereal
(which has a slight artificial flavor to it...)

I also had an apple sauce and a baby bag of snyder's PB sandwiches......then this little guy right before posting! Random...sure...but I was hungry, so why not! :D
Tomorrow= Homework, Food, Laundry, Homework, More Food, Movie?, PIZZA, COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!! :D
Who are you rooting for?!


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So, you might as well add an apple to my daily eats because I just devoured one while waiting for my pics to load...Anyways, I need to get studying for my math test tomorrow, but that can wait...right?!

By the way...what happened to yesterday? I don't know! I do know that I got my salad though! ;)

So long story short (or sort of short) ...I bought a new coffee mug from Starbucks after my pink dotted one spilled all over my bag and I threw it in the trash in anger. However, my new Starbucks Coffee Mug hit the trash after about 3 days because it had a double-walled feature that was supposed to keep the contents extra warm or some nonsense...Umm, actually it just acted as a reservoir for some of my coffee. That's right, my coffee/milk was collecting in between the walls and that can't be good to drink out of! THEN I bought an $18 stainless steel one at Starbucks and by the time I got home, I was like...Why in the heck did I just spend $18 on a coffee mug...this is turning into the $50 coffee mug! SO I put that mug aside to be taken back ASAP and called my mom to send me my old stand by that I forgot at home, which has never let me down. Stick with what you know peeps!

The moral of that story: I won't have a coffee mug until that package gets to me...(Is that a moral?...hah!)

Okay, so POM ICED COFFEE Cafe au Lait is just darn impressive. The ingredient list is short as can be (Reduced Fat Milk, brewed Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee, POM Wonderful Pomegranate Antioxidant Extract, organic cane sugar and natural caffeine), containing only 20g of sugar (most coming from the natural milk sugars) and 7g of protein! The flavor is just as deep and rich as the Starbucks Frappuccino Bottled Beverages, plus you get antioxidants! If you see it on the shelves...grab it!!! :D

I drank half of it yesterday, so this morning I filled the remainder of the bottle with some skim milk and the coffee flavor was just as prevalent as ever (this is a great money saving tip!). Yum yum! A Kashi Raspberry Chocolate Bar and a dalmation of a banana rounded out my morning.

After a little Math action, Alexa and I went to the Boar's Head Sandwich Shop (our favorite treat!). I got Turkey, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Green Bell Peppers and Lettuce in between two amazing slices of WheatBerry bread! Nom, nom nom.
As we were walking back upstairs, I felt the urge for something sweet and went with some Snackwell's Sandwich Cookies...only $.52 at my school's c-store! :D
And I also had about 1 serving of Pretzel Snaps (the last of the bag...and I'm not buying any more! lol) while watching a little Full House. (I know you still watch it from time to time!)
After a 3 hour Food Science class, I needed some fuel for my lovely Chem test (which I just finished about an hour ago...I think I did well, but let's not jinx it!). SUNSHINE BURGERS! Okay, so this is my first post about sunshine burgers, but it is my 3rd time to eat one. I was graced with some coupons from the company a while back and just got around to finding them.
BOY O BOY are they worth the hunt.
I am not sure I will ever eat a Boca Burger again!
My munchies got the best of me and a baby bag of Snyder's PB Pretzels made their way into my mouth (about half way through, I realized this was my 2nd Snyder's Snack today!).
More Beautiful You...If you have not heard that song, go download it right now.
And a Cheese Stick finalized my typical college "dinner" of sorts...
The disturbing thing is that I knew the answer to that question...and I haven't watch Spongebob in...well, A LONG time! haha
Time for math! Tommorrow is another busy day, but I know what will make it better...(of course, it's food related!)
(don't you just love hearing that?!)



This morning I woke up bright and early and went to Starbucks for some quality study time. Of course, you can't have quality study time without some quality food: ENTER Pumpkin Spice Latte and Apple Bran Muffin. I have had the scrumptious apple bran muffin before [and pictures to prove it...this picture actually ;)], but this was my first taste of the Pumpkin Spice Latte...and it won't be my last, that's for darn sure! It was so comforting with a lovely pumpkin background in the midst of the steamy, creamy, coffee goodness! MMMMM! Lunch was a light smorgasbord of study fuel....
Campbell's Chunky Veggie Soup

Peaches are pretty!

Stacy's Simply Naked Bagel Chips...these have the same flavor as her irresistable pita chips. They are just a bit different texturally (of course). However, they are a little lighter and not as "break your tooth" hard as a traditional bagel chip. Addictingly good!
Blueberry Oikos! Okay, so they finally got the little 4-packs of Oikos yogurt at my Wal-Mart and (although they are $4.00/pack...), I just couldn't resist! Thick and creamy goodness right there...can't put a price on that!

I also munched on some Snyder's waffle shaped pretzels to further fuel my ravenous study appetite (the bag is dwindling...thankfully!). I see a delectable PB&J with Apricot Pineapple Preserves between two soft slices of EarthGrains Wheat Berry Bread in my future!
As you can see, my veggie count is getting away from me (3 tests and 1 lab are to blame...). Therefore, I can see what I will be having for lunch tomorrow...am I a mind reader?! Perhaps! ;)
By the way, it's only Tuesday!! Yea, blows my mind too!



I'm baccccck! Don't ask where I went because, honestly, I don't know! I just stopped taking pictures one day, then school took over....and now, here I am! Anyways, not much has changed in my way of eating (are you surprised!? haha). I would write out a long coolio post, but my internet just took about an hour to upload all of this shinanigans, so I'll keep it short and sweet (my POLS homework awaits...) and hope for better luck tomorrow!!!

POM Iced Coffee. Brand. Spankin'. New. (Those people at POM pretty much rock. Period). The Cafe au Lait flavor tastes alot like really cold coffee flavored milk..in a good way! lol (similar to those Starbucks drinks at the grocery store). I only drank half, so I'll give a more thorough review at another date! Oh yea, add a banana...per usual.
P.s. Have you tried those Nature's Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Bars?! OBSESSION!
Pretzels.....too many pretzels...
Kevaccino...That SURELY hasn't changed! :D
Apricot Pineapple Preserves....Say whaat?!
Albacore Tuna Creations Tomato Pesto
Half of it atop a bed of spinach/'shrooms....topped with Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing.
Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds.....Vitamin Water 10 - Lemonade Flavor (some of the flavors are nottttt good!)
I made that art with a canvas, thread, jewelry glue, buttons and paper circles! Crafty, no?! Tomorrow a cold front is moving in....high of 70 is COLD down here!
Good thing I have a trip to Starby's planned in the morning!