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I am amazed at how many of you have never tried a Sunshine Burger! I have another pack to sample (the one's I tried first were the Original variety), so I'll do a full fledge review of those when I bust 'em open and tell you guys a little more about this newfound veggie burger (I thought it was old news...You can never be too sure!).

Anyways, I woke up this morning and ate a banana and half of a PBJ (EarthGrains Wheat Berry Bread...best bread ever. Period.). I ate the other half before my Math test ***which went well!***. I find that breaking up my breakfast like that (or eating a banana and then a bar after my first class) works better than consuming it all in one sitting...plus I have 4 classes in a row, which start at 8AM! Woot! No complaints here though...I chose those classes! I hate when people complain about the time of their college classes. I mean, I know that there are a few that are very limited and you must take what is offered; but, either way, you selectively made the decision to take an 8AM or a 6PM...Enough ranting... When I got back to my room, I had a couple hours to spare before Alexa and I were headed off to KEVA (loveeeee), so I broke out a reserve bag of Aged White Cheddar Pirates Booty. The fact that there is only like 130 calories in this whole bag still blows my mind.

There is no "no" column...Odd? I thought so!
We eventually made our way to KEVA JUICE and I got a KEVACCINO WITH STRAWBERRIES AND PROTEIN-GIZER. Enough said! Nobody else has a Keva Juice nearby?! I'm sorry!

I then went to a friend's apartment to work on a product development competition that we are preparing for. I can't reveal much, but I did ALOT of tasting of tamale variations! (aka Dinner-ish).

I returned home fairly stuffed, although I had only had lots of small little bites so after about 1 hour, hunger striked. I fueled my body in random ways! lol

Apple & 100 Cal. Popcorn
Free Sample of Fiber One Honey Oat Clusters Cereal
(which has a slight artificial flavor to it...)

I also had an apple sauce and a baby bag of snyder's PB sandwiches......then this little guy right before posting! Random...sure...but I was hungry, so why not! :D
Tomorrow= Homework, Food, Laundry, Homework, More Food, Movie?, PIZZA, COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!! :D
Who are you rooting for?!


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  1. GO UT Longhorns! If we lose to El Paso I will scream!

  2. Yeah, go bucks!!
    I have to try that pirates booty. I like white cheddar rice cakes, and I need a break, so the Pirate's booty would be a nice switch!
    I agree with you about the early college classes. How can you complain, this is supposed to be getting you ready for the real world, and in the real world you'll have to be ready at 8, or earlier! COme on people.

  3. hey girlie! I'm a big fan of breaking my breakfast up into smaller servings too! I feel like it keeps me fuller longer. Pirates booty rocks and glad you enjoyed your juice. I wish I could watch more college football today (GO PENN STATE!!)

  4. I hate when people complain about classes, too. The fun thing is that you get to make your own schedule, and sure you might end up having a class that starts earlier than youd like, but if you take it on there must be something special about it

  5. the last picture of that post (the bar thing) looks superb. what is it? and yes i could not agree more about the college classes thing. YOU get to PICK the times. so you'd think people would pick times they like.

  6. I do the same thing when I have busy days.. I space out my food so I keep fueling throughout the day.. plus, who doesn't like to be eating more frequently?!

  7. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed looking over yours. Will follow. Exhausted now from a long night of BBQing.

  8. Thanks for letting me know what kind of bar that was. I actually went grocery shopping this morning and looked for them but couldn't find! sad right?

  9. Yay for getting a Keva Juice! Awesome! I've never had a Kevaccino with strawberries, but it sounds delicious! I'll have to try it! :)


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