Bada Bing Bunny

I hope all of you students out there are pushing through this hectic end of the school year and finishing strong! I know that I am sure trying my best to do so. And one of the most important things to ensure that you are able to push through is some good eats! I can only imagine what is going to happen when summer strikes...All of the foodies that were stressed beyond belief with finals and whatnot are going to unload their overflowing camera and share a plethora of mouthwatering eats...can't wait! :D No really, I can't wait; so I am going to take a little study hiatus for a moment and share some with you right now:

I reveiwed Wally's Biscotti over hurr and after trying those three mouthwatering flavors, I knew I had to go back for more. To my surprise, I discovered that WB brought together two of my favorite things (Almonds and Chocolate) within their crumbly, buttery, sturdy biscotti base.
They like to call it Bada Bing and I like to call it delightful. I need to go get another one of these PRONTO! :)
Blue Bunny came hopping out with a new line of frozen yogurt recently and, like clockwork, I hopped on it like it was my job (I guess you could say it sort of is...).

Blue Bunny All Natural Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt
A look into the oval shaped tub proved to be delightful, but a spoon into the oval shaped tub is what really put a smile on my face. This stuff is ultra creamy with big hunks of strawberry offering a welcomed chew in select bites. The flavor is a perfect marriage between strawberry and banana, with each bite offering a different ratio of the two taste sensations due to the swirly nature of the product. At times, it tasted like a banana split, when the ratio was just right.
The ingredient list knocked my socks off and I was too far into froyo nirvana to take the time to put them back on...
That touch of fat is what truly makes this frozen yogurt something special. Plus, 15% of the RDV for Calcium per serving! Dang...I probably get 30%+ with each scrumptious cone-full! ;)
One more look...I'd suggest you go purchase a carton unless you have some new fangled device that let's you taste things off the computer screen (in which case, you need to share it with me!).


Easy Cheesy Broccolini

Okay, so I have always been intrigued by the big, plastic, Eat Smart Simple Melts that sit upon the chilly shelves in the produce aisle next to my favorite chips. Therefore, when I was shopping the other day and noticed that the little tubs came equipped with a $.50 off coupon (not much, but their marketers know it's enough to reel me in!), I was ready to take the plunge! They have so many different options, but I went with a classic:

Eat Smart Simple Melts Broccoli Cheddar Those stats are not too shabby! Although, two servings in this baby?
Perhaps that was a typ-o? ;)
Cheese and Broccoli. Did I really just pay $2.00 for this?
Yes, Emily. You did.
Hmm...and why did I do that? Am I stupid? No. The label clearly says that I am smart. Or perhaps the company is smart? Hmm.
Whatever, I'm hungry! The cheese seems to disappear, but it simply melts into this glorious sauce that sinks to the bottom. No biggie! Just get your stir on... Yum! The broccoli was cooked to perfection...not too mushy or too hard. The cheese melted like magic into this amazing sauce that absorbed into the broccoli florets and burst into flavor upon entering my mouth. :)
A steamy, cheesy, broccoli sponge! haha
Welp, my Lab Report won't write itself! What a dream...


The WB

No, I am not talking about the program that used to run new episodes of my beloved Gilmore Girls (sigh...). I am talking about Wally's Biscotti. These little babies have been sitting in the dining hall this whole year and with 20 days left to go (WOOT!), I decide to pick some up. Waiting that long was the worst decision I have made in a while (not counting the Chemistry Test that I just took...probably didn't make all of the right decisions there... :/). Anyhoo...Here are the flavors that I tried (and LOVED!):
  • Razzleberry Krunch
  • Pistachi-O-wie
  • Sticky Bun-Scotti

You guys, they are just amazing... Put simply. They are crumbly, yet dense, buttery, yet not overly so, crispy, yet meld within your mouth, natural tasting, flavorful and the best biscotti that I have ever eaten.
Love the clever names. The flavors match these tempting names like your most perfect outfit.
I could not pick a favorite, but my camera was lovin' the pink, crunchy delight that is Razzleberry Krunch:
I have gone through three of these babies in the past two days. I should have no trouble polishing off my dining bucks by the end of the semester, as long as these little gems stick around! :D


I'm a baby. You're a winner.

I'm a baby! aka...I like to snag baby food on the MAJOR markdowns at Walmart (think $.50). Okay, so the mushy peas and stuff...we can set those aside for the youngsters; but when cookies are $.50 a box, they better have a furry animal on the front of the box, if you are going to keep me away from them.

Hence, the reason why I am reviewing the following:
Beech Nut Let's Gro Banana Cookies I thought there was only one snack the "smiles back"...
Think Shortbread/Graham Cracker Hybrid with the real banana flavor that you would enjoy from a slice of fresh baked banana bread.
Put these in a big kid box, so I don't have to pretend like I am 12 months old when I sneak into the baby aisle to grab a box.
It's gonna happen.

You're a winner. Okay, so you aren't ALL winners. ;) But the one winner of my CSN giveaway is...

Simply Life said...
if I could have anything it would be a Kitchen Aid mixer!
Saturday, April 10, 2010
She writes some awesome recipes, so I can't wait to see what she buys with her $40 credit!
Off I go...
Where are you off to today?



Jenny hooked me up with an amazing procrastination tool...

Try it out for yourself!

Rise and Shine

I love the label on Vitamin Water.
Lorelai Gilmore could totally be the mastermind behind these witty stories. Great Value Multi-Grain Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal blew me away. I know...what? I was at Wal-Mart picking up a few things and realized that I needed some oatmeal. I walk over and the only brand that they are selling is their own. Fab. They were all artificially sweetened and I was really disappointed, until I spotted one lone ranger on the bottom shelf that looked promising:
Check out those ingredients!! Eight packets for $1.79.
That enabled me to sneak some Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
into my college budget this week! :D
And for the Shine part of this post. Well, let's just say that when I am studying and taking notes...it looks like a rainbow exploded all over my desk. phaha
Therefore, when my friend picked up a package of highlighters for me (I go through them like termites go through wood!)...and I saw this...I was NOT happy. No pink. What's the point of putting together a pack of highlighters without pink? That would be like having the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers without the Pink Girl. You know she is everyone's favorite.

In other news, I am getting a spiralizer, so hook me up with some fun recipes! I will have a kitchen in T-minus 26 days! (and school will be ovaaa!)
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$40 worth of THANKS!

I have been busier than ever lately and the fun carries on as I start up my internship/job tomorrow!! I really do enjoy being productive, but my productivity has been in a different direction than this blog, lately. And, truthfully, that probably won’t change very much until May rolls around. However, my followers just keep on increasing! You guys are awesome! And due to your awesome-ness ...Made up word? Who cares! I turned in all of my proper grammar with my 15 page research paper on Tuesday. ;)...I think it's time for a GIVEAWAY! This is a “thanks” to all of my 105 + followers! You all are amazing.

Soo...I'm sure you have heard of CSN Stores before, right? They have just about everything you could possibly dream of under their umbrella of 200+ online stores, from barstools to luggage to baby stuff to dog beds to…

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While you're at it...Check out this yummy giveaway!

My chocolate covered bloggie friend is also having a giveaway!

Jenny is going to hook you up with some Vitatops...or hopefully, hook ME up! ;)

ANOTHER awesome giveaway for some Nature's Path goodies! :D


Just call me Mayan!

I'm taking a 5 (err 30) minute paper break! Posting will be a little sporadic until school is out, but what can ya do? Many photos to show...I'll let them do the talking!

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake I have joined the colt following. This is superduperyummyfreakanutritialicious!
Take a BITE outta crime!
DARE? Doggy McGruff? Did you go to middle school? Bagel Thins taste nothing like a bagel. Sunshine Burgers are always delish!

Nature Valley Oats 'n Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

I stumbled upon these at the gas station when I was traveling this past weekend! Have I been hiding under a rock? Where are these babies? I only got two, but I should have bought the whole case. There are tons of creamy chocolate chunks dispersed throughout the crunchy chocolate granola base. NOM NOM NOM NOM! I have never seen this flavor in stores.
Homemade frappuccino? Refrigerate, Freeze, Refrigerate...SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Enjoy. Remember when I basically died after eating these? Apparently, I had not tried the Brownie version...
Creamy vanilla ice cream studded with fudgy brownie bits, sandwiched between two moist, chocolate-packed cookies with an indescribable fudgy texture/flavor action going on. Puts Skinny Cow to shame...
Need I say more?
This is becoming my "go-to" meal! Oh dear... I really am in college!Speaking of college...need some help with that math problem...or ANYTHING? Click here. I just found that website. My life has been forever changed. Haha! Let me know if you find out what else it can do besides integrals!
*Pop on over to this giveaway!!*
Another popchip giveaway? This is too good to be true! ;)