Just call me Mayan!

I'm taking a 5 (err 30) minute paper break! Posting will be a little sporadic until school is out, but what can ya do? Many photos to show...I'll let them do the talking!

Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake I have joined the colt following. This is superduperyummyfreakanutritialicious!
Take a BITE outta crime!
DARE? Doggy McGruff? Did you go to middle school? Bagel Thins taste nothing like a bagel. Sunshine Burgers are always delish!

Nature Valley Oats 'n Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

I stumbled upon these at the gas station when I was traveling this past weekend! Have I been hiding under a rock? Where are these babies? I only got two, but I should have bought the whole case. There are tons of creamy chocolate chunks dispersed throughout the crunchy chocolate granola base. NOM NOM NOM NOM! I have never seen this flavor in stores.
Homemade frappuccino? Refrigerate, Freeze, Refrigerate...SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Enjoy. Remember when I basically died after eating these? Apparently, I had not tried the Brownie version...
Creamy vanilla ice cream studded with fudgy brownie bits, sandwiched between two moist, chocolate-packed cookies with an indescribable fudgy texture/flavor action going on. Puts Skinny Cow to shame...
Need I say more?
This is becoming my "go-to" meal! Oh dear... I really am in college!Speaking of college...need some help with that math problem...or ANYTHING? Click here. I just found that website. My life has been forever changed. Haha! Let me know if you find out what else it can do besides integrals!
*Pop on over to this giveaway!!*
Another popchip giveaway? This is too good to be true! ;)


  1. DELISH eats! That mac and cheese looks esp. delish!
    <3 jess

  2. sadly i cannot afford the nutriliciousness of kashi frozen meals.. nor amy's... nor quorn or vita goodness. i need to get the hookup so they want me to "sample" them :D

    I CAN throw down for some ice cream sammies and velveeta though. bomb!

  3. hmm, i havent heard about that Nature Valley bar either...and i love that sugar is not the first ingredient! so rare! will have to go on a bar hunt when i come home :)

  4. MMMMM! I think i need a tissue to wipe the drool away hehe :)

  5. I wanted to say thanks for the link and your comments. :) Those brownie icecream sandwich things look to die!!! They are two of my favorite things. Mmmmm!!!! I hope to continue to see you around. :)

  6. kashi mayn harvest bake looks so good!!!


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