Sun Shine

It is supposed to be a high of 92 today! Where in the heck did that come from? Shorts weather is finally here. :D Then again, who won't miss their cute scarves and coats? I know I will. Anyways...In celebration of this SUNNY day, I thought I would share with you a sunny "recipe" that has been sitting my my picture folder just begging to be posted on the blog. Okay photos, you win:

The culprit for the creations pictured below is Organic Garden Herb Sunshine Burgers.
Of course, we all remember this bad boy. I can almost taste the delicious-ness and it is only 7:09 AM. ;) I have to run to Wally World to pick up some resume paper for a function this weekend. Perhaps I should score a Velveeta cup or two while I am there, so that I can reinact this...Maybe I should do it up tuna style tonight?
You know how a Waldorf salad has grapes, apples, chicken and whatnot in it? Well, I applied that concept to my latest wrap, layering a Sunshine Burger and crispy Gala apple slices within a French Meadow Bakery sprouted tortilla for a sweet and savory medley.
My roomies thought I was a little odd (nothin' new! haha), but I thought it was fantabulous...
Give 'er a try! :D


  1. I need to try the tuna and velvetta soon! I have been seeing it all over the blog world and I have never seen it before!
    And omg I love apples in my wraps- takes it to the whole next level ;)

  2. hey girlie girl!! where the heck are you living!? I wanna moooove there! it's RAINing here in CA today! :( and I LOVEEEEE sunshine burgers! I have 3-different packages in my freeeezer right now!
    I hope you have a glorious time in your BANGIN' weather!!

  3. 92 degrees? I am so jealous...it has been raining and cold in NYC. that tuna "mess" looks delish!

  4. Yum! I love waldorf salad - and just about any typically savory meal that incorporates a sweet element - like fruit! Looks killer :)

  5. 92?! WOW! Enjoy the shorts and tee's :)
    <3 jess

  6. i do that kind of sweet-savory combo ALL the time, especially with apples...my friends always think i'm nuts. secretly they're just jealous ;)

  7. Mmm I LOVE sunshine burgers. And I LOVE adding apples to savory wraps. Youz a girl after my own heart : )

  8. Dang awesome weather you are having! I still haven't tried sunshine burgers I think I need to yum!

    xo enjoy your night


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