PB/C rollin' 0 to 60

I have officially tried them all: Cookie Dough, Chocolate Almond Cherry and Chocolate Peanut Butter. In fact, I just wrote them in the order of my affinity for them...saving the best for last. ;) Luna Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar- Granted, I did not know that this would be the best one, but I had a pretty good idea.

This was my favorite of the three Luna Protein Bars because the flavors really worked with the texture and overall feel of the bar. This variety also tasted most like a candy bar and least like a protein bar! :D
The chewy, nougat-like bar is enrobed in just enough chocolate to provide a smooth mouthfeel. There are some random peanuts and a few soy cirsps thrown in for texture...but overall, it's chew-chew-chew!
Here's my latest "dorm-made" trick:
However, it's really great for anyone who is on the go and needs a portable breakfast or snack.
Nothing ground-breaking... Just a Banana, the Nut Butter of your choosing and a Big Tortilla.
Wrap... (fold the ends in so the contents stay enclosed!)
Roll...Wrap with a paper towel/aluminum foil and...Out the door you go! This is fairly nutritious and well rounded, especially if you use a sprouted grain tortilla!
Looks similar to an ice cream cone. Mmm, ice cream...
Whoever came up with Dark Chocolate Dreams is brilliant...Not because it is some revolutionary idea that is sweeping the nation; but because it is plain and simple and they had to know it would sell BIG. Someone just had to get out there and make it happen. Thank you...whoever you are.
This is random, but I thought I'd let you know that this Kashi GoLean Caramel Peanut Roll is ta-ta-tasty! :D Reminds me of a Payday with chewy nougat mixed in. YUM!
Elmo and Friends deliver quite the tasty breakfast! :D
Check out what I will be diving into later:
A Snickerdoodle Cupcake!
My roommate and I went to a cupcake shop that we just discovered here in town and it was SO CUTE! The second that you walk in, it smells heavenly. The case is packed with cupcakes of all shapes and sizes.
I believe we will be making this $2.75 voyage a Friday Ritual! :DThe roomie got a dreamy chocolate one. There were so many to pick from, it is not even funny!
LORELAI: Wow, you beat me home by two minutes and your nose is already in the books.
RORY: I can go from zero to studying in less than sixty seconds.
Let's see if I can beat Rory's record...Turn off computer. Study. Ready? Go!
Who can explain the three parts of my title? Congrats! You read the whole post. haha There will be a giveaway for you coming up shortly! ;) In the meantime, here is a Chobani Greek Yogurt giveaway for ya!


  1. It's 4:17 and I'm hoping to be able to catch Gilmore Girls on ABC Family today =) I've been able to watch it most days now because of how my schedule is. AMAZING!

    Btw, that banana, nut butter, tortilla = my breakfast every morning at school. I eat it in the dorm if I have time to blog read adn savor it or pack up and much in class/work. It is totally versatile and delish - great suggestion to the blogworld!

    Nicole G

  2. LOL I literally used to be OBSESSED with those Kashi Roll bars. Not kidding. We'd buy them at CostCo, (12x3 flavors) and I would go through a box in a couple weeks! It definitely burnt me out on bars, but those are still my favorite if I had to chose.

    Thanks for your reviews - I really do appreciate them! And I love the up close pictures of the insides :) I've only had the cookie dough flavor of the LPBs, but I liked it enough. A good replacement for a candy bar!

  3. I am so jealous of your kashi+luna loving!! The kashi bars are so great (I found out after they had milk! :X My belly was not a happy camper!!)
    The banana wrap looks like a perfect morning option. I'll definitely be whipping out that trick next year!

  4. Cupcakes = Holy Yum! Wish there was a cupcake shop around my town..... :(

  5. peanut butter reigns supreme -- why am I not surprised?

  6. I feel like I can taste your food by these up close pictures...love it!! I haven't been able to find these lunas :( they look SO much better than any protein bar I've ever tried!! I love little dorm tricks! I have a kitchen this year, but the past few years I was known to have a stuffed mini fridge and be a wiz with the microwave haha...oh the value of my college education!

  7. yums I love making banana and pb paninis! total comfort food =)

  8. whoa snickerdoodle cupcake? heck yes! i'm amazed that cookie dough wasn't your fave...just goes to show how much taste buds differ lol! the pb one does taste likea butterfinger though = major plus

  9. I've never thought of putting a banana in a wrap but you make it look delicious!

  10. Ok, first things first, that cupcake or whatever looks so good. Second, love the banana roll up, and last up, that protein cookie dough bar looks heavenly. Nice eatin!

  11. Oh my God!!! Snickerdoodle cupcake?!? I'm in love.
    And I also love your banana/dark chocolate dreams wrap! Delicious!
    Have a great Saturday!

  12. Can I just say that seeing how to wrap a, well, wrap, was one of the most useful things I've read all week?? lol!!! Thanks!!! Hope you have a great week-end and some good studying too - I'll be doing the same in a few minutes ;)

  13. Are the Luna Protein bars vegan like their other bars? That would be awesome!

  14. YUM! I love all of these sweet things! I was really impressed with the Luna protein bars.

  15. cupcake shops always make me so happy!! :D


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