Honey Blue and Creamy Yahoo

Have you guys seen these?
Why is it that all things fro-yo stay out of my reach? :(
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Well, FROyo may be somewhat out of my reach...but the YO part...That was sent straight to my door in a matter of 2 days. The people over at Yoplait heard about my predicament and jumped on the chance to make my yogurt dreams come true. Thanks Emilie! Enter:

Click above to print off a coupon...hint hint

I started off with the strawberry flava and, being the foodie that I am, I had to add some color to the photo for ya!Creamy and dreamy! Both of the flavors have real fruit puree in them, which is completely noticable and I LOVED that. It made it taste so fresh!
This girl needs her protein...and Yoplait sure knows how to hook me up! :D
The blueberry and strawberry were very similar, each possessing a subtle sweetness, letting the flavor of their respective fruits shine through each thick and creamy bite. Much better than your average yogurt...no doubt!
Honey Roasted Peanuts have pretty much been making their way into everything I eat these days. Ahh well, what can you do? ;)
haha! Okay, so you guys will get a kick out of this. Remember, Yahoo? No, not the "you've got mail" Yahoo...The chocolate-y drink! No? That's okay, me neither. I was never a fan as a youngin'. However, I grew up and my sweet tooth grew about twice as fast, so I am always on the lookout for chocolate-y, sweet things that I can munch on. I found a box of 10 Yahoo Freezer Pops at Walmart for $1.00. This was my best purchase this week. No doubt. I feel like a kid again. No worries, these two 8 page lab reports that I am about to write will bring me back to the real world.
WOW...I just realized it was Yoo-Hoo. Bahhaa! I told you I don't drink them...and I would erase all of that and spare myself the embarrassment, but I don't mind laughing at myself. I mean it is monday and I am running on 3 hours of sleep, so it's legit! ;)

Have a sweet monday!
In other news, I won a giveaway over at Healthy Exposures. Check out Jamie's Precious Peas to enter her cute giveaway for the little ones in your life!
Random Tidbit of the day: Have you ever heard of Chocomize? It's like your very own chocolatier! Dark chocolate, banana granola, ground coffee...nom!


  1. lol i was reading this thinking, "wasn't it called yoohoo?" but i see you beat me to it. mmm that snickerdoodle cupcake exposed looks amazing!

  2. You had me convinced that Yahoo and Yoo-hoo were different things. I even started to convince myself that I had also seen Yahoo drinks LOL The power of suggestion =)

    Side note: I'm watching Gilmore Girls right now and its "The Dance." Tristan and Dean are about to throw down - drool

    Nicole G

  3. haha! Yea, I thought everyone would get a kick out of my "Yahoo" drink! whoops..

    Nicole- I'm so glad that you say like 4 words and I can basically replay the whole episode in my mind! :D Too bad I have homework that needs to get done ASAP!

  4. oh my goodness I used to drink yahoos like they were going out of style! those pops are brilliant!

    is it just me or is greek yogurt taking over the world? I swear, so many companies are coming out with it now. Makes me so happy :)

  5. YUM! and that fro yo looks too easy to eat :) but SO good!! i was not a HUGE fan of the yoplait greek yog, but it wasnt bad!

  6. That snickerdoodle muffin looks DELISH! I just bought that greek yog--now I'm really excited to try it!!
    <3 jess

  7. Bahaha! That's too funny! I didn't even realize that you were calling it the wrong thing, and I use to drink Yoohoos ALL the time growing up!

  8. hehe Yeah that Yoo Hoo stuff sounds vaguely familiar - don't quite remember it though.As for the Yoplait Greek, I still have to try it - I haven't seen it at Safeway though..Where's it sold?

  9. Just tried the yoplait yog today - I wasn't impressed, sadly :( Maybe their flavored ones are just the way to go, though!

  10. That cupcake looks fabulous!!!! I have actually NEVER had yogurt before!

    Have a fabulous night!

  11. oh yes, I can relate to the 3-hours-of-sleep brain fuzziness. it always leads to a good laugh :D

    and I am SO. JEALOUS. of that cupcake. holy cinnamon!

  12. Hooray for the free yogurt! I've heard mixed reviews on this so far! I think I need to give it a try myself! I love that its cheaper, but I doooo love my oikos & chobani....so I will be interested to see what I think. Have a good Tuesday

  13. I haven't seen those yoplait greek yogurts! I want to try them :) Love the snickerdoodle cupcake!


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