Sunny Choice

Gosh I love making up random titles. Simple Pleasures. Anyhoo...

Healthy Choice has not exactly earned a spot as my GO TO frozen meal company. However, I'm sure you noticed their new packaging and with that comes...
New Recipes! I am allllll over new food items, and when I spotted the Healthy Choice Grilled Basil Chicken meal in the small freezer section here at the dorms, I decided to give HC a fighting chance. Healthy Choice...show me what you've got!
Let's see here...It's Mediterranean inspired, which has something to do with the "Duotray Steamcooker"? Who knows. Let's proceed.
As you can see above, 20g of whole grain and 20g of protein are packed into this dish and let's be honest, the ingredient list is pretty short when compared to the average (not claiming to be all natural) frozen dinner out there. I was impressed!
There is this handy picture representation of how to prepare the meal. Not good enough for you? Well, lucky for you, you are under the care of a scrutinizing food blogger...
Right after I popped it out of the microwave:
Let's just look at this for a second. First of all, you can see that noodles are not the main star, which I loved. LOTS of chicken. The veggies were big and made their presence known! :D It looks surprisingly fresh, no?
To continue with the fairly easy assembly of this meal, pour the contents into the sturdy bowl containing the intriguing basil tomato sauce.
Stir and enjoy. The chicken was the best chicken that I have ever had in a frozen dinner. LARGE pieces and alot of it. The veggies tasted like I just chopped them up and added them after a short saute. No, really, how in the world did they keep the red pepper and zucchini so fresh and tender? The noodles were just a tad past the al dente I was hoping for and the sauce could have used an extra kick of flavor; but, overall, I have come to look at Healthy Choice in a new light! I think they have changed for the BETTER!
The folks over at Sunshine Burger sent me some $1.00 off coupons so that I can continue to enjoy their burgers on a regular basis. By regular, I mean daily. Just joking. Sort of. ;) These things are delicious, all natural and really the way to go when it comes to veggie burgers (in my opinion) !
Sunshine Burger, Women's Bread, Frozen Broccoli & a Mustard pouch from the dining hall...
A sensationally nutritious and delicious "dorm-made" meal! :D

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  1. I love love love Sunshine burgers! You're so right, veggie burgers that aren't trying so hard are the best!

  2. I've always wondering how those baskets were! And you were right, the burrito did not disappoint!

  3. i cant stomach the healthy choise canned soups. they have no taste. i havent tried any of their other products though so i should hold my judgement.

    i have never tried that brand of veggie burger. maybe ill go see if they have it at safeway.

  4. i actually think those "steamers" work out pretty darn well! and yes, i believe the xoxo coffee mug is dunzo. its not like i don't have others, but that one was *indestructible* ... or so i thought. :(

  5. I`m really not a big frozen dinner person... the only ones that I'll have are Amy's and if we had kashis I'd probably try those too ;)

  6. bah haha your posts titles keep me so entertained. Woo for frozen meals, reppin' the college student lurveee.

  7. I love Sunshine Burgers. Best burgers on the Market in my opinion. Frozen meals have come a long way. That one does look good!

  8. I'mma eat that for a meal sometime this weekend! Sounds GOOD!!!!

  9. sunshine burgers are something on my "must try" list!

  10. yum I have always wanted to try those steamers! It looks awesome!

    also mmm sunshine burgers- keep 'em comin!

    Have a great weekend girly!


  11. I love the healthy choice steamers, but they need more fish options. I love the salmon and dill but they don't sell it at the commissary here. I wish they did cause yours looks so nice.

  12. Hi there!

    This is my first time on your blog. I think it is so great that you show how to eat better in a dorm! Great mission! :)

    Maybe I live under a rock, but if that ingredient list is relatively short, what does a long one look like?! I am shocked. Writing on one whole side of the box? :) I guess I have to go look at some when I am out shopping.

    Thanks again!

    - Christina


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