EVOL- Take Two

First things first, I had a Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks today. It's new. It's fabulous. MMM!

"LUKE: Do they let kids drink coffee before school?
RORY: Why, do you think it might lead to harder stuff? Lattes, cappucinos. . . "

Anyhoo...EVOL Take One can be seen right HERE and looked a little somethin' like this... and this... :DWith all of that love, I thought that evol's other products were probably just as delightful. Unfortunately, my grocery store only offers two varieties...Veggie Fajita and...
Shredded Beef. I am not a huge beef eater, but I like to try new things and this looked like a good culprit:
Insanely tasty flour tortilla is right on! The tortilla is soft, doughy and delicious!
It withholds the perfectly seasoned (slightly spicy) tender shredded beef, crunchy corn, gooey cheese, al dente rice and firm pinto beans. It withholds a party for your taste buds. It withholds the potential to get you content and out the door in 5 minutes or (for those of you with more time on your hands) to dress up a bed of greens and provide a unique way to switch up your average lunch routine.
I paired mine with some steamed broccoli and it was the perfect lunch. It kept me full and focused until my snack cravings set in and I was forced to whip up something to quench my sweet tooth...
MMM...that oughta do it! ;)
I'm back home with my kitchen and ready to show you all some of the things I am whipping up!
Until then...
evol provided me some coupons, so that I could try and review their products for you all! Thanks Danielle!


  1. Glad you're having a good time at home. Apple and nut butter - perfect sweet ending to a meal, yum!

  2. lovin the sweet tooth apple action, so good!

  3. ah how does it feel to have access to a fully stocked kitchen?! can't wait to see all the magic you whip up!

  4. Dark Cherry Mocha?! Starbucks, here I come. If they don't have it, I'm gonna cry :(

  5. Hooray for being HOME!

    That new starbucks drink sounds wonderful!
    <3 jess

  6. LOL i just saw your comment on Tori's blog and died laughing over the fact that you brought up gilmore girls. so typical!! haha i love you girl, you're hilarious!

  7. the apple is a serious pbgasm. im jealous.


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