Stressed and Surpassed

What up? I've been MIA seeing as school has basically taken over my life. Woot? Yea, I think not. Anyhoo...I will be back, mark my word. I just have a 15 page research paper lingering over my head for about a week or so... :/ I would share a few quick food pics, but I don't have any...say whatt?! Yupp...I don't know what's going on! haha

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  • I have surpassed 100 followers and I am conjuring up a giveaway to celebrate! We can make it a 100 follower/research paper turn-in day celebration! Ahh...can't wait for that day!
Peace out, cub scouts!


  1. Good luck on your paper! We miss you!!

    Nicole G

  2. oh girl, i totally understand - research papers always take over my life. i know you'll rock it!


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