Wonton Wonders

Okay, who can I blame for not introducing me to wontons before I had lived 19 wonton-less years of my life?
My mom knows my love for trying new foods and walked up to me, as I was aimlessly wandering around Target, with a package of wontons. "These are on sale for $.99. Have you ever used them before? Do you want to give them a try?". Umm, sure. Why not!
Here's what you do (it's reallll scientific!):
  • Wet the edges with water
  • Fill the wontons with WHATEVER you want.
  • Fold them up into whatever shape you feel like making at the moment.
  • Bake on a cookie sheet in a 375-400F oven for about 10 minutes or until golden brown!

Baked Beans in one and cheesy spinach in the other!
Those were both so good that I decided they should be combined during my next venture.
Wonton Crisps! Brushed with a little hot sauce and Mrs. Dash!
Just Cheese! MMM!
Sometimes, the filling doesn't want to stay within the confines of the crunchy wontons.
It's okay, it still tastes divine! :DDessert Wontons!
Bluebs, Chocolate Chips and Cinnamon.
What else could I stuff in there (more like...what CANT I stuff in there!)?
Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Spinach and Red Bell Pepper
Don't make the same mistake that I did. Go buy some wontons and start experimenting! :)


  1. Wow, all your wonton creations looks fantastic!!

  2. hey lil sista! ohhh my these look fabulous! you are quite the creative chica! I hope you have a great st. patty's day! xoxo!

  3. great ideas with the wontons!

  4. mm, a banana and nutella wonton would be amazing!!

  5. your next wonton adventure has GOT to include pumpkin. Little bit of sweetener, maple syrup, and cinnamon -- amazing!

  6. omg... definitely going to try this!!

  7. p.s. thanks for the info about the GG mug! :D

  8. I love how much you did with a Wonton Wrapper. My favorite thing to do with them is to make a replication of the Chili's Southwest Egg Rolls. So tasty and so much better than the fried version.

  9. I have never made anything with wonton wrappers - sad, I know. I always see them in the grocery store, think about it for a minute, but never buy them. Maybe soon, though.

  10. mmm what a fantastic idea..I wonder if I can find these wontons anywhere!? The dessert ones would be divine...I would fill mine with banana, chocolate and coconut.mmmm.

  11. mmm SO GOOD! I love taking a base like wontons and stuffing them with all sorts of ingredients :)

  12. Wontons sound like a 'ton of fun'. Ha, I crack myself up! But seriously I'm imagining all the stuff I could cook in those babies!

  13. omg ! so creative! i love it :)


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