No Apples to No Jam

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA! However, between my big research paper, Calculus take-home test, lab reports, new job and a big function this coming weekend, the reviews may become a little sparse until I figure out how to balance extracurriculars, like blogging, with all of my newly introduced activities that require more attention. :/ Anyhoo... Here is a product that I photo-ed in this yummy post, but never got a chance to review in full:

My mom loved it. My dad loved it. I loved it. It was a HIT! The ingredients are pretty straight up and I love the buttery smooth pine nuts that are dispersed throughout. The flavor is pleasant with a nutty, garlic-y flavor profile accentuated by a touch of olive oil and a dash of spices.
However, I had greater plans than to just dump this in a pan and dish it up! ;) The nutritional profile? Well, take a looksie:
Me gusta! For those of you who missed out on 11th grade Spanish...I like it! :D

I added fresh chopped, bright red bell pepper, golden, sauteed onions and protein-packed black beans for a tastttty meal!
MMM...I wish I could have had that for dinner instead of a frozen veggie burrito, a starbucks coffee drink and a 100 calorie pack of popcorn! phaha
I also wish that I could sit down with Gilmore Girls, a cup of steamy sugar cookie tea and my favorite cookbook. However, I have no kitchen, no cookbook and no time.
I guess dark chocolate and my research books will have to suffice! ;)
Have a fabulous week! Hopefully, I will be back with foodie pics sooooooon...and a giveaway. Fingers crossed.


  1. That couscous looks great!! Will have to keep my eyes peeled for it.
    Good luck with your busy week! At least it is likely to fly by, right? :P

  2. That dark chocolate looks AMAZING!

    I really want to try couscous!
    <3 jess

  3. that chocolate looks INTENSE. yum.
    i have to get that cookbook, you're the second blogger i've heard rave about it and it sounds wonderful!

  4. YUMMM that looks good! near east makes the best cous cous!!

  5. I've never trid couscous, but I've seen it on several blogs. I'll have to try it!

    <3 Tori

  6. "Yo quiero" means "I want" in spanish...."Me gusta" means "I like" :) Friendly correction!

  7. hahah! Apparently, my 11th grade spanish didn't stick too well! Thanks for the friendly correction! :D

  8. That is like my favorite couscous! And its so easy to make it into a complete meal. Fun review. Good luck with all your to dos girly


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