Women's Mission

Such a simple phrase, but French Meadow Bakery has made it their mission. They dish out some darn tasty creations packed with sprouted grains (PROTEIN) and made solely from all natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, they are certified by many of the top agencies and are committed to sustainability. Love it.
I loved the idea behind French Meadow Bakery and when I saw their Women's Bread, I was immediately intrigued. This was a must try in my mind...
I recieved this product from French Meadow Bakery at no cost.
Each serving is two slices, which offers 180 calories, a healthy serving of fat, 3g of fiber and a whopping 14 grams of protein.
I utilized this small, yet dense, flavor-packed, soft, texturally amazing bread in a number of ways this week and each time, my tastebuds gave me a round of applause. ;)
Remember my dorm-made tuna salad? Women's Bread was the base.
Dark Chocolate Dreams could enrobe just about any food on the planet and make me smile.
Check out the dense, yet soft nature of the bread. It may be a bit smaller than the bread that you are used to chowing down on, but what it has to offer is so much bigger.It also has a nutty flavor from all of the sprouted grains that are packed within and, really, you don't need to put a thing on it to enjoy what it has to offer.
It's simply delicious...and nutritious!
When you toast it, the yum factor is increased exponentially. Now, your bread has a crusty exterior that you sink your teeth through to reach the dense and chewy interior that melds with the soft and sweet banana enrobed in the creamy peanut butter and....
I just described foodie nirvana.
It's kind of like when I toasted this bad boy: Advice of the day: Go pick up one of these products, toast them, lather them with peanut butter, sink into foodie nirvana, come back and thank me. Ready?? Go!
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  1. I LOVE the idea of a "Woman's Bread"! We deserve it. Me want some pleasee

  2. This bread looks great..love all the protein!
    I have always wanted to try the Dark Chocolate Dreams..looks so yummy!
    And Pb and banana is like the best combo ever! This is all making me very hungry.

  3. sounds like a carbaholic's (aka me) dream... me want!

  4. that bread looks awesome! i have seen it before, and always wondered what it tastes like LOVE your reviews :)

  5. Love your review! I will definitely have to check out that bread. Yum!

    Have a fabulous night!

  6. i contacted the company so hopefully i'll be getting some of this yumminess to try soon :)

  7. Ooo I'll definitely have to try that bread- it does look doughy and delicious! Thanks for the review!

  8. I love the Women's Bread. It has a great flavor and texture. I love dark chocolate wonderful on everything. So delish.

  9. ya ya GF goodies!...but even better are the looks of these delicious breads you've got goin' on!! WOMEN's Bread!! hehehe...that cracks me up! I hope you are having a great day chica! xoxo!

  10. That looks like some seriously amazing bread...wish I had a store near me that carried them! Your description of it toasted? You're right - sounds like foodie nirvana! I'm a carb-head :P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - loving yours, too!


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