Yo' So Smooth!

Don't you just love being smooth?
  • You cut in line with one of your friends whom you haven't seen in a while and act as though they were "saving your spot", so that you don't have to wait in some astronomically long line. Yo' So Smooth!
  • You trip over your own two feet while walking to class and don't have any friends nearby to laugh it off with, so you just keep on goin' as if nothing happened. Yo' So Smooth!
  • You order a creamy, cold Kevaccino that was just whipped up before your eyes in a full-powered VitaMix that you are secretly so jealous of. Yo' So Smooth!
Do you want to know who else is smooth? Yoplait! That's right.

I won't lie. When I first spotted the new Yoplait Smoothie Bags in the Freezer section, I was very weary. My First Impression: "Thanks for bagging up frozen fruit for me, Yoplait...What has this world come to?". HOWEVER, I was given some free coupons from the people over at Yoplait and I barely ever (never) turn down free food. Home for spring break, with a blender in my reach, I grabbed the two varieties that my grocery store had to offer and put my blender to good use.

Triple Berry Nutrish Facts:
Strawberry Mango Pineapple Nutrish Facts:
Look at that vibrant blender! :D Okay, you see those big hunks that look like bananas? NOT BANANAS! Those little chunks are what make this smoothie that beast of burden (Anybody see that song on American Idol the other night?! No? Click Here! Love the kid who sang it...Lee Dewyze! :D) that it truly is! No really, those are magic little nuggets and it makes the 2 servings in each bag worth that $2.98 price tag.
You can't recreate this mix with yogurt and frozen fruit. Trust me.
It was a creamy, cold creation with lots of body and fruity flavor. PLUS, it tasted like it was made with ice cream (although, all that I added was a splash of milk). It's those magic nuggets I was talking about earlier.
My attempt at showing you just how thick and lucious this really was...
And I have a rinky dink blender that I had to shake and whatnot to achieve this texture. If you have one of those aforementioned VitaMix Blenders, then you could probably whip up Frozen Yogurt in one of those things! So Jealz...


  1. smoooooth criminal. looks amaze!

  2. I have always wanted to try this! Thanks for reviewing them, looks awesome :)


  3. i had been weary of those smoothie mixes too but now I might try the out!

  4. How are you so witty and fab! Mmm I love that smoothie weather is almost here!

  5. i saw those at costco but was wary of them also...do you add water or milk, or just blend-and-drink?

  6. Hey Sassy Lady!!!
    ...hehehe LOVE this POST!!!....I must admit that when I first read the "Don't you just love being SMOOTH", I thought about how excited I am to have super smoothy shaved legs right now!! bahahaha!!!...uhh can you tell it's been cold-jean season for too long!??!! :)
    ~I hope you have an AMAZING friday my gorgeous gal!

  7. wow, that smoothie does look pretty awesome! how much milk did you add?

    have a great afternoon!

  8. You add 1/2 cup milk per serving (1 cup for the whole bag). I added just a small splash extra because my blender is so old school, but I also let the bag sit in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes before blending and that really helped, so that you didn't need extra milk.

    If you decide to split the bag like I did, you will want to make sure that you split up the little yogurt cubes evenly so that one smoothie isn't less/more creamy than the other. I counted out the yogurt cubes and eyeballed the fruit!


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