Where's my kitchen!?

So, Alexa and I saw the Hot Pockets on sale for $2.00 and ... well, I can't remember the last time that I had a Hot Pocket. Between the sale price and my desire for something other than a PB&J, I got caught up in the moment and the next thing I know, Alexa and I have two Hot Pocket items in our bags, as we are walking out to the car. Umm...did I just buy a Hot Pocket? MMkay, just checking. Looks good enough; but, in the end...
It's still a Hot Pocket. This is EXACTLY like their traditional Hot Pockets. No really, I think it's hilarious that they are marketing this as something different...We both ate about 3 bites of one half and threw it away. Wierd aftertaste, scant filling, spongy bread...tastebuds mature, apparently!
I would have showed you a pic of the inside but it was in the trash before I thought of it...You don't want to see it though. Trust me.
Hmm...don't let this little "nutrition sneak peak" fool you.
Once again, they have a fantastic photographer...Although, I'd like to eat whatever he's photographing and not what is actually in the box.
The filling oozed out within 1:45 of microwaving...it was pretty good dipped with carrots though.
It looks good... and was much better than the panini (I wouldn't feed that thing to my dog), but it was still somewhat meidocre. No wonder I haven't had a Hot Pocket in so long!
I can make dorm-made creations all day long, but I am so HAPPY that Spring Break is in the very near future. Real Food. My way. What should I make first?
While you are thinking, click here for 4 minutes of laughing at Hot Pockets! haha Funny Stuff!


  1. Funny stuff. I most def. remember the mediocrity of hot pockets, and burning the ish out of my mouth on a particular pizza hot pocket when I was in middle school.

    I don't know.. but whenever I look at them in the freezer isle, I just think that I could make my own version of the same thing for so much cheaper, and it would probably taste better too. Sounds like you agree!

  2. Yay for spring break! I used to love hot pockets but since overeating them in the past I dont think I could stand one anymore!

  3. i used to LIVE off of hot pockets! lol, probs not the best idea but they were sure tasty. woohoo spring break! i still have 2 weeks to go...

  4. when i was in 6th grade we got our kitchen redone and i think i ate hot pockets everyday for dinner for a month. needless to say - i haven't been able to even look at one since.
    yay for Real Food!!!

  5. Yes I have to admit my relationship with Hot Pockets. It's very unhealthy! But I actually haven't had one in the last couple months. Anyway I agree that real food is better. Hot Pockets are just convenient for lazy people like me :0

  6. After listening to Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pocket skit...I can't touch those things!


  7. mmm hot pockets remind me of college SO much. love 'em!

    Happy wednesday!


  8. It has been a long time since I had a hot pocket. Good times....Great memories.

    Glad you get a break soon :)

  9. havent had hot pockets in sooo long! Yummm :)

  10. Oooh I'll bet you are looking forward to spring break! I've been baking and eating eggs like no one's business this week!

  11. hot pockets are money! I'm obsessed with the egg scramble ones -- oh god, now I have a killer craving. Mehhh.


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