Pink Money Shot

I won a Vermont style package from Jessica over at Healthy Exposures and she hooked me up with some good stuff.
Let's check it out before I unviel the BRAND NEW frozen treat that I basically pounced on when I spotted it on the frigid shelves of Wally World... Woodstock Cookie Company...Will you marry me? These things are indescribably moist and thick and soft and delicious!!!
COFFEE! You know you are a college student when you happily own 3 bags of flavored coffee. Gotta keep things interesting, no?
The cutest little jug of maple syrup that I have ever seen...
Vermints...apparently, they are all the rage now...at least over here! ;)
Crackers...pardon the orange chip clip, my roomie and I had to refrain ourselves...
In case you can't tell, I like pink! :D

TADA! Let me just preface this with the statement that,
"If you see these in the freezer aisle, buy them! Stat!".
Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches
Ahh... These were so good! The ice cream had a sinfully creamy flavor and texture with little bits of cookie dough dispersed throughout, while the cookies were just as I hoped they would be...firm and somewhat thin, yet soft and chewy! I could enjoyably consume both components of the treat alone; but together...
together, they could knock. you. out.
I know that ingredz list looks really long, but hear me out on this one:
  • There are three components to this treat.
  • Read through what you can from the blurry picture seen below and you will realize that (other than the pesky high fructose corn syrup...which I am actually not all that turned off by since this is just a treat) it's all pretty understandable.
A bit smaller than what I have come to expect as a "Super-Size" conditioned American, but when you stop to think about it...This was a very satisfying treat and was actually the perfect size!
Ready for a close up?Shaped like an Easter egg...no biggie!
There's the money shot!


  1. yayy, glad you enjoyed the package :)
    And those ice cream sandwich cookies look amazinggg. Chipwiches used to be my fav ice cream "treat," haven't had one in forever - and I'm afraid if I looked at the nutritionals now I'd be like "whoa...and I ate these daily a year or two ago?!" haha. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the Breyers!

  2. haha I actually bought those Breyer's ice cream sandwiches today!!! SO funny:) My husband and i love ice cream between cookie s, but they stopped making/selling the Pillsbury ones here years ago so this will be the first we've had in a long time...can't wait to try them!!

  3. That ice cream cookie sandwich looks DELISH! The only thing missing is a coating of chocolate chips AROUND the cookie - like a full on chipwhich. Those were my FAVORITES as a kid!

  4. aw, i used to get those kinds of ice cream sandwiches ALL the time in middle school. and all that vermontyness looks wonderful!!!

  5. oh god when I was younger I used to stalk to the ice cream man in pursuit of chipwiches.. those look ballin! as does your package -- gingerbread tea, 'tis ALWAYS the season ;)

  6. Oh what a great package!!!! So many yummy things.

    I have to look for that icecream! thanks for the review chickie =)

  7. ice cream sandwiches never fail in my book! have you tried frozen banana fro yo? its tastes really similar to ice cream but its just blended frozen banana. that is sooo yum

  8. Well you were right about the Dark Cherry Mocha at SBucks so I'm going to be taking your advice from now on! Vermints.....cute!

  9. dang...that ice cream sammie..i want one!

  10. ohhh MY!!! this package is FULL of the best stuff on earth! SERIOUSLY! and ICE CREAM sandwhich....YUMMMMYx10000!!! hehe!! I hope you had a great weekend girlie, and are off to a great start to your monday! xoxo!

  11. YUM that ice cream sandwich looks amaze!

  12. What a fantastic looking package. Look at all those goodies! Enjoy.

  13. Oh yumm, to everything!!!!
    Ice cream sandwiches are pretty much AWESOME! :D
    And thanks for your comment on my blog dear!

  14. YUMM I want that ice cream sandwich right now! it looks so good! thank you for the review :)

    what a great vermont package so many goodies! I love the gingerbread green mountain!

  15. Nice!!! What a fun package!!!

    I have to say though, Canadian maple syrup is the best :P

  16. Ice cream sammies look delish!!

  17. Girl you got the Vermont-y hook up! Congrats!

    Maple-y things are the jank!

  18. That looks like a really great package! And that ice cream sandwich looks AMAZING :)


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