You've got a friend in me...

Let's just start out this post with a big SHOUT OUT to my friend Kristen, who gave me a coffee mug this morning just like hers! Read more about it here. However, prior to going to Chemistry class, I still had a jolt of caffeine this morning thanks to the cup that I reused from yesterday (score!). The famous banana and a scrumptious Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Granola Bar rounded out the morning.

After a boring monday full of schoolwork, I met up with Lex to eat a nutritious and delicious salad with low fat honey mustard dressing.
I also had an Organic Flatbread or two from Jason's Deli (Dr. Kracker brand, but repackaged).
Gotta have that crunch!
Then, Calculus got the best of me and I needed a sweet little break of sorts...
By 2 or 3pm, my tummy was ready for more! haha So I toasted up a 100 Calorie Nature's Own Multi Grain English Muffin (Which I would NOT exactly recommend!...too doughy/crumbly and need a long toasting before resembling what I would consider an english muffin).
Topped with <1T of PB and some preserves.
And when that didn't do it, I washed off a baby gala apple...
I still had this empty feeling within (I think I need more carbs at lunch...or I just need lots of fuel...), but I felt like I was just constantly eating, so Lex and I headed to the gym. I did about 30 minutes on some random machine (it looked like a wierd elliptical) and then we played ping pong for almost an hour. Anybody else like to play ping pong? We like to call how we play, EXTREME Ping Pong. I think I burn more calories than I ever would on some machine! ;)
My stomach was ready for more when we got back, so I ordered up a whole wheat wrap with as many black beans, lettuce and tomatoes they could cram inside! Oh... a touch of cheeeese! As satisfyingly delicious as that was, my sweet tooth is bigger than all of my other teeth...so I hushed the big bad wolf with a Chocolate Fiber One Toaster Pastry (another bust...they just don't crisp up and the crust is weird!! I have had the strawberry one before, though, and it tasted really good, so who knows!).
And then, I could wait not longer to try my new find: Kozy Shack Simply Well Pear Mangosteen Pudding. SACKAJAWEEEAH! This stuff is awesome! I don't know what a mangosteen tastes like, but I now want to try one! The fruity notes are so well established and after a thorough stir, the creaminess is so inviting! YUM! If you like pears and are looking for an INCREDIBLY UNIQUE taste sensation...look no further! The new baby girl and her mommy and daddy are doing great and should be out of the hospital soon! Thanks for all of the well wishes! G'night!


  1. All your food looks great. I love those flat bread crackers from Jason's deli. I haven't had one in so long.

  2. That wrap looks fantastic!! I love giant wraps.

    I love ping pong. When I was little we had a ping pong table and we'd have tournaments for hours. Fun times.

  3. Gosh, the wrap looked stuffed!! I love a good wrap any day!!

  4. Hmmm...never tried ping pong before but it sounds like fun. It reminds me of Forrest Gump.

  5. I like ping pong, but I'm not very good at it as I hardly ever have a chance to play. If I play, I play with my hubby. But he is REALLY good at it and super competitive...

  6. I love the Simply Well lemon ginger pudding--delicious and zingy

  7. Great wrap, I love them when they're so cram filled with ingredients you can hardly bite into it.


  8. I love playing ping pong! I actually have a ping pong table in my garage but haven't used it in way too long. It really can be great exercise..especially if you play "extreme" haha. :D

  9. thankkk you for reminding me why I'm an English Major -- boy do I not miss those dreaded "x's" in math one bit!


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