Don't judge a FOOD by its PACKAGE

I have an abundance of foodie reviews to share with you today...some stellar finds that will knock your socks off...and others that will make you want to put your sock on, followed by some tennies, and run for the hills.

Let's start off with a delightful component of my breakfast, this fine morning:
Luna Lemon Zest Bar
If you are the kid who loved mom's lemon bars (You know, those dense gooey bars topped with powdered sugar? If you lived in my house, Betty Crocker may have been making them instead of mom, but it's all good!), then you will fall head over heels for this bar. It has a sweet lemon icing coating the standard chewy Luna base. MMM MMM!
BURSTING with sweet flava flav!
Remember these treats that had you on the edge of your seat? Well, before I move on to the actual taste test of Granola Gourmet's Energy Bars, I want to entertain you with some impressive facts. (BTW, Granola Gourmet sent me these Energy Bars to review on my blog. The opinions expressed are my own).

And some FAQ that I found interesting:

Granola Gourmet Very Berry Energy Bars
Each ultra dense bar contains 140 calories, 5g of fat, no saturated fat, 3g of fiber, 10g of sugar and 4g of protein! :D The 60% organic, 100% all natural ingredient list couldn't be more impressive...
The base of this bar is extremely smooth and soft with a subtle berry flavor that evolves with every chew that you make. Although the bar is very soft, it does not fall apart in your hands. The smooth and flavorful base is accentuated by the densely packed nature of the bar, with organic oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic flaxseeds and almonds providing some welcomed chew and a level of nuttiness.
They are tiny, which made me skeptical at first; BUT they are so dense and flavorful that they left me more satisfied than a bar that might appear to be twice their size!
Granola Gourmet Chocolate Espresso Energy Bars
Once again, the nutritionals and ingredient list are top notch!
CHOCOLATE LOVERS UNITE! Good Grief (as my Grampa would say!), these things are good. Once again, the base is like an extremely dense oatmeal cookie (enhanced by sunflower seeds and flaxseeds!); but this time instead of dried blueberries, you will encounter an abundance of chunky chocolate pieces that create a fudgy texture within your EXCITED mouth! So incredibly satisfying!
Yea, these are phenomenal. There is really no two ways about it. Click here to find a store near you and sign up for their email newsletter to receive coupons, if that might entice you to try these for yourself. Or don't...but I'd strongly advise it! :)
What in the...Yea, I know what you are thinking. But, it has to be done.
The above is a picture of Ian's Mac & Meat Sauce...brought up one (very small) notch by some frozen broccoli.
I'm not sure if you care about the stats...after seeing that lovely picture, I wouldn't. But here they are:
Oh and unless you enjoy chewing on tough chicken, I'd lower that protein count.
Not too shabby! ...Too bad the hormone-free chicken is tough and chewy and the brown rice pasta is confused as all get up with some pieces being just right, while others are mushy as can be and the rebels are tough and chewy. Despite all of the tough and chewy descriptions that I am using, the meal as a whole was just one big mush of a mess.
I had high hopes in Ian's; but I never wish to see that fork coming towards my mouth again. The sauce was pretty good; but the remainder of the meal negates that aspect.
I am most def. a "pasta lover", but I will not be trying Ian's Mac & NO Cheese. Sorry, I was scarred...I do have some of their "Fish Nuggets"; which I will reluctantly try, giving Ian's a chance to redeem themselves. Let's hope they do!
Vanilla HEMP I SCREAM! Sandwiches...I had high hopes for these too.
It tastes like a cross between an oatmeal cookie and an Amazing Grass bar, with something possessing a texture similar to frozen sorbet sandwiched in between. It sounds okay, but my taste buds were not happy campers. Something about the flavor profile was making me nauseous...Then again, I have never been a huge fan of AG Bars either, so I think it is just me. They were also very crumbly and the cookie was falling apart with each tiny bite.
If these did not have to be kept in a frozen state, I would gladly hand them over to one of my Grass lovin' readers...bummer!
Luna Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie
If there would have been chocolate chips in the batter, I would have been sold; but for now I am just satisfied. It doesn’t taste too much different from a Zbar…maybe a touch denser to the discernible taste buds. For the most part, I would describe it as a smooth, soft, peanut butter-y cookie bar…which doesn’t sound too shabby. However, they should take the name chocolate out of the title because a teeny drizzle of chocolate over the overwhelmingly peanut butter-y base, does not merit a spot in the description!
Wow...some of that was not very fun to write! Believe it or not, I like giving favorable reviews. However, I also only give honest reviews...it is what it is.
  • What is one product that you have tried lately where the packaging looked promising, but the food within really let you down?
  • If you are back in school, how is it going? My first day went really well...it's just going to be a very hectic semester. However, that's what I signed up for. I actually have a math discussion at 5...then it's home for some Shreddin', Dinner and BL (I haven't watched it yet, reveal any secrets!!).
  • Do you buy very many food products online? Two things that I think are totally worth the extra shipping are the Granola Gourmet Bars that I just reviewed and Penny's Low Fat Desserts!
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  1. i'm glad your reviews are so honest! thanks for sharing, it'll help guide my purchases in the future :)

  2. I always hate giving negative reviews but eh - gotta do what ya gotta do. Oh the perils of being a devoted foodie ;)

  3. It's great to be honest! No one likes a liar. ;)
    I wish those ice cream sandwiches weren't frozen, so you could send them to me for my 18 Rabbits bars! :(

  4. Wowzers, LOTS of product reviews! The Granola gourmet sort of reminds me of the Glow Bars I recently tried, and LOVED. They are so delicious.

    I have not tried the lemon Luna bar, but I bet I would really enjoy it. The Hemp Iscream just doesn't even look good....ewwww.
    Thanks for the great reviews, as usual!

  5. you know what? i haaaated the lemon luna! which is weird because i like most lunas. thanks for the honest reviews!

  6. Glad you enjoyed the granola gourmet bars-they look great!
    So does the lemon and pb choc Luna bar!
    Sorry the icecream Sammie and ians weren't a big hit, but at least you gave them a try !

  7. I love those luna lemon bars!! So tasty!! :)

  8. Thanks for the reviews :)

    I can't find Luna cookies anywhere! So sad! I did try their new protein bars and they're yummy!

    I'm with you, AG bars are blegh. Gross, actually.

  9. Hmm, something that's let me down... The strawberry banana chobani are skipable.

  10. I'm saddened to hear that those ice cream sammies weren't so tasty. They look like they should be!
    School's better after my poo Monday. How is your semester holding up so far??!!!

  11. If it tastes like a z-bar, I'm game!! Those granola bars look delicious. CHOCOLATE LOVERS UNITE! Amen, girl!
    <3 jess

  12. great reviews, love!! sad you didnt like the ice cream sandwiches but that lna bar is amazzzing

  13. I really want to try that luna zest bar! they sell luna bars across the street...I might run over and look for it lol

  14. I love your reviews. I appreciate honesty the best and Im so glad you gave a truth opinion. Thanks!!

  15. What a great blog!! I just found it. Will be reading more! :)

  16. hey girl i LOVE your honesty...its hard to give some bad reviews sometimes, but its so great that you are not misleading your readers (like ME!) these were so detailed and some of the products you got that I thought would be amazing, ended up not to be (which is ok!) and now I dont have to waste my moneY! thank you!!!

  17. Just came across your blog! Love it. You have a lot of fun things on it.

  18. I know I'm going to get shot for saying this but I'm not the biggest Luna bar fan- I'm more of a cliff bar girl :)

    Not in school anymore. Graduated almost 2 years ago! (sigh) But jealous of you who are! STay in- there's not jobs out here in the real world anyway haha

    Thanks for all the great food reviews!


  19. Thanks for the reviews! I dont buy too many things online, but when i do its the tried and true things I love that I cant get around here. One thing I bought recently was a raw revoultion bar and i was dissapointed. They were all greasy. Ew. And a little blad. Ah well ill have to try another flavor.

    Happy monday :)


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