New Kashi Cereal and A Battle... WW vs. LC

This is pretty much how I feel right about now...I head back to school in 10 days!

  • Rory: Can we not say the word "college" for at least 48 hours?
  • Lorelai: Fine.
  • Rory: Thank you.
  • Lorelai: How 'bout "collage," can we say "collage?" 'Cause it sounds the same, but it's actually very different.
  • Rory: "Collage" is fine.
  • Lorelai: Okay, good, 'cause I don't even know how to get through a conversation without the word "collage."
Starbucks still has their holiday cups...that makes me sad! :( Mind tricks...
This is the same pamphlet! Don't ask why it looks so different...and, yes, I am trying to channel my inner poet and submit a "The Way I See It". Nothing. Yet.
365 Vanilla Sandwich Cookies!!! My brother passed by a Whole Foods and picked up my mom and I's favorite cookies! :D

Nothing like 'em!
Lookie what I found while browsing around...TARGET(durrr)! Kashi GoLean Crisp-Toasted Berry Crumble! That's right, folks. Kashi has a new cereal out and I like it...alot.
Straight out of the box, it has a graham cracker type sensation; while still posessing big clusters with a big crunch. Although, that crunch is airier and, crispier (shall I say), than the comparable Kashi GoLean Crunch!. It gets soft fairly quickly when drowned in milk, so if you like to work on the morning crossword while eating breakfast, I'd stick with Kashi GoLean Crunch!...unless you are a really fast crossword puzzle solver. Then again, I did enjoy how it softened slightly within the milk...YUM!
And now for the BATTLE! I think it is safe to say that LC...aka Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges... are all the rage. So when I spotted these Weight Watchers Spreadable Wedges, I was MORE than intrigued!Here is my comparison between Weight Watcher's (WW) Spreadable Wedges and the tried and true LC:
  • 6 wedges in the WW wheel... vs ...8 wedges in the LC wheel
  • WW wedges are a bit gummier/thicker (but both are creamy and easily spreadable)
  • WW has some intriguing flavors, such as this parmesan peppercorn with pepper taking center stage
  • WW is called a "Pasteurized Process Cheese Product"......LC is called "Light Pasteurized Cheese"
  • WW ingredient list is: cultured milk, water, nonfat milk, Maltodextrin, milk protein concentrate, oat fiber, salt, sodium phosphate, cream, sodium polyphosphate, black pepper, calcium propionate (preservative), sugar, glutamic acid and enzymes.
  • LC ingredient list is: Light cheddar, cheddar, swiss, semisoft cheeses, whey, cream, sodium phosphate, sodium citrate and salt.
  • Nutrition Profiles are extremely similar, having 30-35 calories per wedge
  • WW wedges are 2g smaller than LC (yet you get less wedges...GO FIGURE?!)
You can probably tell, but WW will not be stealing the show from LC anytime soon...at least not in my kitchen! I think I'll stick with LC offering of "cheese" instead of a "cheese product".
Sorry WW, but I have to count this as a loss...
I spread it atop this doughy, doughy, doughy pita and ended up scraping some of it off...I felt weird eating this "cheese product". :/
Homemade truffles from the neighbors (we'll call this a "York Peppermint Patty Imitation")...the holidays just keep on giving! :D
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  1. ahah I feel the same way as rory did when she said that :)

    thanks for all the reviews!! now I can happily skip over the ww cheese wedges!

  2. Haven't heard of the new kashi cereal, looks great!!
    Those home made Truffles look so delish!!

  3. Whoa--hold the phone! Need to find that Kashi cereal, stat!

  4. This is a great review. I tend to stay away from WW products because they tend to have so many more additives added to them.

    Yum to new cereal!! Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  5. nice try WW, better luck next time. LC kicks bootaaay.

    oh you and your gilmore girl references.. lovezzz.

  6. Awesome homemade truffle! I wish I had them neighbors

  7. ahhh Love the Gilmore girls :) and I know how you feel, I head back to school tomorrow and I am so not looking forward to it!

  8. Thanks for the comparison! I hate anything that is called a "cheese product." ICK!

    That kashi cereal sound great! Thanks for the heads up!
    <3 jess

  9. interesting comparison!

    i love sandwich cremes too.

  10. Interesting WW ones. I just located some LC here. Good thing since I was wanting some.

  11. ooo so interesting! i have NOT seen that kashi cereal anywhere-sounds good!
    parm peppercorn sounds unique.. i LOVE my LC tho!

  12. ew, what the hell is a cheese PRODUCT?!

  13. York Peppermint imitation = niceee! I'll stick to LCs too. Kashi has new cereal? Girl you are always in the know!

  14. That is an interesting photo of the cup. Total mind trick!

    I love crumbles. Cool that it's in cereal form. :-)

  15. Great new eats! I love a good KAshi product, and I also love those Whole Foods cookies. Really any cookie with a creamy middle is good in my opinion :) Good comparison of the cheese wedges! See those little tricks they play on us.. can't get passed you! Nice job catching that one :)

  16. new cereal yum! and collage... haha I told my friend that and it made her laugh too!

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