Cram it in...Baja-Style!

I leave tomorrow for the airport....which will take me to uncharted lands....uhh, I mean Kansas! Oh, but my family and I have the most fun in KS! PLUS, they have QT's everywhere, so how could you go wrong?! Here's a few random eats to tempt your taste buds until August 17th...or so! Talk about a hiatus!

Kashi H2H Waffle with MaraNatha PB... It just NEVER gets old! :D
Spag Squash, BlackBeans and Shredded Carrots drenched in Sapghetti Sauce...MMM!
Package time :)
I won some intriguing Musselman's Applesauce
from Erin over at I Walk in This World.
They all went into the freezer (of course) and after a 20 second spin in the micro, I have a creamy, frozen treat anytime I want! **smiles** I have tried the Raspberry Acai and Key Lime flavors so far and OH BOY!
This Key Lime Cupuacu is phenomenal (and I am not usually one for Key Lime flavored things!). It is so refreshing and tastes like real limes were squeezed in!
Banana & PB....another classic!
Long Story Short...the white flour tortilla gets a little tough around the edges (meh! Try putting a paper towel over it when it's in the microwave...let me know if that helps!), it does not resemble anything crispy (despite the crisping panel) BUT the filling is AHHHmazing! It's chock full of cheese and crunchy corn, smooth beans and genuine tasting grilled chicken.
Perhaps in a pinch, the fantabulous filling will draw me in once again...
Between my mom and I (more from the latter..), this box was gone in 2 days. Holy cow, Banana Nut Cheerios taste so great and natural...like banana bread! The nutritionals could be a tad bit better but....YUMMM!
What is hiding within that seemingly innocent Sandwich Thin?!
N 'n D Chickpea Spread and Gooey Cheese...that's what!
Now it's time for me to go do my best to pack everything I will need for 10 days into a carry-on so that I do not have to pay an extra $30 to check my bag! Yea, I'm not sure how that will work either! :/
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  1. yay i won the applesauce too! haha that red packaging stuff got all over the place. happy national waffle day! glad you celebrated!

  2. Hey girl!! Enjoy your time in KS! I love the applesauce - I really need to enjoy that more often, reminds me of childhood, haha!

    Good luck with the packing and have a safe flight (pack some bars to snack on!)


  3. Not going to lie, I actually love those lean cuisine meals :)
    waffle + AB could never ever get old! just too damn good.

  4. QT, as in cutie, hot men? The baja -style quesadilla looks AWESOME! I'm not a huge fan of Lean Cuisine, but I do like their pizza and enchiladas, so thanks for the quesadila review! Have fun in KS :) Oh, and I can tell your hair has grown AT LEAST 1/6 inch!

  5. cuties in kansas? who knew?! better give us a good re-cap! and i've never had frozen apple sauce before! what a great idea! i hope you have SO MUCH fun on your family trip, as well as a safe and peaceful flight. love you, girl!

  6. QTs are the best ! ! ! I just moved out to AZ this past year and we have one down the street from our house. I love it :)

  7. Omg, I've been wanting to try those cheerios forever. I just may go pick them up now that you say they're good :)

    Have fun in Kansas!!!

  8. I love spaghetti squash! I think it's going to become a staple in my fridge... LOVE it! And I haven't tried it with black beans or carrots! That's a must try too.

    Ummm, love the hidden sandwich thin stuffing! surprise goo really sparks up a meal! (:

    Good luck packing!

  9. Have a fabulous time in the Land of Oz, young grasshopper!!!
    Pretty much the second you get back, we will be packing up for Lubby :)

    Can't wait -- I could not ask for a better "room"mate!!!

  10. I love banana nut cheerios!! Amazing on top of oatmeal or French toast :-)

  11. Hi there! I just came across your blog and I am so thrilled! I'm psyched for two reasons:
    1. You seem to like Keva Juice (saw your comment on another blog...that's how I got here).
    2. Your a foodie! So am I!
    Have fun on your trip! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    PS - I looooove those Banana Nut Cheerios too!

  12. Have fun in Kansas! Your spaghetti squash dish looks amazing :)

  13. Thanks for reminding me that I still have to try spaghetti squash! And Musselman's applesauce. :D Applesauce is good.

  14. OMG yayyy, Im so excited for your trip! You are going to have the best time and you better enjoy yourself day in and day out!

    Seriously thank you thank you thank you for the Banana Cheerio review because I have been dying to try them but haven't bought them yet because I was worried they would be kind of fake tasting. COuld not be more excited to try them now!!!

    Have a safe flight tomorrow love!

  15. Ha, yes, there are QT's everywhere!!! Have a nice trip .... you'll be close to me!! ; )

  16. Great idea to put the applesauce in the freezer! I am doing that when I get home because I have 4 left! That cereal sounds good, I want to try some!

  17. You love Keva Juice?? Guess what, Keva Juice loves YOU!! Promise! :) Seriously though, follow my blog so that you don't miss a thing!

    And, just between you and me, make sure you read on Thursdays...I'll be posting the Keva recipes!! :) Yay!

  18. I just recently bought a box of the Banana Cheerios because they were on sale - always a good time to buy a new to you product. I can't wait to try them. Glad to hear they're good.

  19. That spag. squash combo looks great! Very unique!!

  20. Gorge eats! Have a great time away chicka xxx


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