Baby Steps

I am home, safe and sound! Yay! I have about 3284547 pictures to share, so I think it's time for a good ole foodie post...

REWIND back to when I was still at school (not really though, because that would be no fun!) and check out the Penny's Low Fat Desserts Oatmeal Raisin Cookie that I chowed down on prior to taking flight. Straight from the freezer...the only way! ;)

By the time we got home (after a much needed trip to the grocery store!), it was 8pm and I was a HUNGARY lady, so I heated up some Pacific Foods All Natural Red Pepper & Tomato Soup with some frozen veggies and had some black bean chips on the side...Real exciting for my first meal back home, huh?!
These are Guiltless Gourmet Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips and, unfortunately,
they are not going back on my shopping list anytime too soon...
Oh and Check out this Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon that I found on my desk. My mom found it at TJMAXX and knew that it had my name written alllll over it! Love it!
I also spotted a little black pupster perched upon the couch (OH, who am I kidding. This was taken later. When I first walked in the door, they were jumping 3 feet in the air! Love them!).
However, they do love our new couch. It has this huge, fluffy, pillow-like back to it and they just get nice and COZY!
I taught her how to "paw" (or shake, whatever!) when she was younger. Now, she can't get enough. If there is a hand (or foot...haha) anywhere in her vicinity...she'll paw it! What a stud!
I know, I know. This coffee creamer is full of partially hydrogenated oils (and I actually typically only like my coffee with milk and truvia). However, it was in the fridge, so I gave it a try.
Case in point why I don't like these creamers...meh!
Archer Farms has a new line of "Simply Balanced" products, so naturally, I had to give them a try. I picked up a box of their Orignial Veggie Burgers.
The stats are fairly impressive and I am always up for a tasty veggie burger.
There are microwavable instuctions, but the burger was pretty mushy and not holding together very well, so I popped the bad boy under the broiler to let the oven work it's magic.
Topped with some melty cheese on top of a toasty Arnie, which I popped in the broiler too (why not!). Half of a massive orange (the size of a softball...and that's being nice! haha) made an appearance; but it wasn't nearly as juicy as it should have been.
The patty was good, but sort of mushier/softer than I was expecting. Full of great flavor and ingredients, though!
After fueling up, I cleaned out the fridge and freezer [I had to get things back in order! ;)] and made my daddio some spaghetti. Yes, you are seeing lentils in the spaghetti sauce. I snuck them in there and he said that he liked them. It's a miracle. :D
Baby Steps People, Baby Steps! After all of that, I broke out the spice cabinent!
I also got out 1 can of corn, a bunch of broccoli and a carrot or two and got to choppin'/shreddin'! I added light mayo and a bit of ranch and tons of spices.
It's one tasty salad and my mama is a lovin' it!
Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza.
One of the many things that an oven enables me to enjoy! :D
Today, my mom and I went shopping (no, we aren't prepared to ward off the sale-crazed shoppers on friday, although we have been known to do so before). However, I'm always a better shopper if my belly is satisfied! ;) Cue: Panera!
Black Bean Soup, Turkey on Honey Wheat & a juicy Apple
mamacita's tomato basil soup, turkey sandwich and chiiips (I stole a few!).
I got a PACKAGE! :D I love me a good package! haha Well, this was a special package from a special blogger. I won a giveaway on the 365 blog from Errign and boy oh boy did she hook me up!
The real McCoy will be seen in a moment, but check out all of the extra little goodies that she threw into the mix. I have never tried any of these bars before! SO EXCITED! Not to mention, I have been searching for the Spooky Smores Zbar since LAST YEAR! Thanks girl!
What I knew I was getting (and was very excited for) is this cute bracelet made from recycled paper by Ugandan women, working to bring themselves out of poverty. What a great cause!
It's called Bead For Life. Check it out!
Stacy's Pita Chips: Check this out...The parmesan garlic & herb pita chips were $1.50 at Target (just another reason to love this spotted dog store...despite their recent, annnnnoying commercials), while the other flavors were still the typical Three Buckarooos! To bring it a step further, there was a $1.00 off coupon stuck on the front of the bag! BAM....$0.50 bag of Stacy's Pita Chips...we got 2 bags! ;)
I also snagged some Sparkling Water to make POM Spritzers with. Funny Story: When I was unloading the groceries, my dad came into the kitchen and jokingly asks, "Why was this necessary? We've got perfectly good water right over there **points to the fridge/sink**".
I guess not everyone can understand the goodness of a POM Spritzer!
The perfect couple!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Family, Food and Football!

Here's a super cute giveaway for any little princesses in your family! Christmas presents?!


  1. So glad you got home safely and are enjoying your holiday. Lucky you winning that parcel and I love the ice cream bowl and spoon :)


  2. Glad you made it home save a sound. Enjoy the time with your family and your precious little puppy. Love all the great food pics. Making me hungry, good thing I had a nice breakfast.

  3. Glad you liked the package :)

    I totally made my health food store order the spooky smores zbars 'cause I couldn't find them anywhere!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to see you're home and happy. I definitely need to check out Target for new products

  5. i am so jealous of your bars!!! happy thanksgiving :) enjoy home


  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    this post is stocked full of goodies!
    Holy yumminess!
    i adore that ice cream bowl!!! way too cute :D totally made my day

  7. ohhh I'v been searching for the holiday flavor of clif bars as well! You will have to tell us how they are! Hope you have a great thanksgiving at home! <3

  8. Awesome bars, girl! Awesome eats, actually! As usual ;)

    Happy thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying some delicious food :)

    <3 jess

  9. Happy thanksgiving! I'm glad you're having such a great time at home :) Those veggie burger look great, too--I'll have to keep an eye out for em.


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