Twenty and counting!

In twenty days, I will be gazing upon these two CUTE little faces...
I. Can. Not. Wait. to go home! It's just time, ya know?!

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COFFEE TIP for the college student:
So... you are in your little dorm with your little coffee maker, your empty wallet (or sheer will to avoid the on-campus Starbucks), crappy coffee in the dining halls and a travel mug that is not microwavable...How can you make a dorm-made latte that will still be hot when you get to class 5 mintues late?

Simple. Make just enough coffee (I make 2 cups) while you are getting ready. Add milk (I add up to the 3 cup mark...I like it extra creamy...plus more Calcium and protein!) and sweetener of choice (**truvia**). Stir. Place the coffee pot back on the little hot plate for about 5 minutes as you gather your things. Pour into your mug. Go to class. No more luke warm lattes!

Edited to add: Starting Healthy suggested that I buy an insulated mug, which is also another great idea for you guys. However, I have an insulated mug. I just run into problems when I pour 3/4 cup of cold milk into my 2 cups off hot coffee and can't warm it up in my mug!
Microwave egg scramble with frozen broccoli atop burnt....err....extra crispy toast with CHEESE! YUM! :D

I bought Fruity Cherrios the other day at Target...on sale for $1.50. Could I refuse?! I LOVE cereal. Period. "I'll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it's in, gimme!" (name that Gilmore Girls Episode!).
Are they good for you? No. Are they bad for you? No.
Would I make it a regular cereal purchase? No. Would I eat it for breakfast? No. Are they tasty? You betcha. Better than candy? Isn't all cereal?! You guys. Pay attention. Luna reformulated their bars and I can tell a huge difference in the taste. If you swore off Luna Bars for their chemical-y, wierd texture/flavor profile, rewind and give them another try!

LUNA Caramel Nut Brownie Bar: Basically...a fudgy chocolate brownie topped with a thin caramel icing...and a nice crispiness added in the textural department thanks to the crisped rice.
You know those brownies that have cheesecake swirled throughout the batter? That is what this reminded me of...with caramel instead of cheesecake. Yum!
Alexa and I got a little crazy and whipped up some Ice Cream Sandwiches last night...with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie from Penny's Low Fat Desserts.
We let them sit/harden for a day or so and tonight, straight from the freezer, they were ready to be devoured...
Oh and DEVOUR, we did! MMMMMMMM!
Enter my giveaway and make these for yourself! Can't wait?! That's understandable...just use the discount code EWTEX to receive 10% off your order! :DFor an extra bit of fun:
Here's my desktop at the moment...typical!
A whole host of giveaways courtesy of Jamie's Precious Peas:
I've got to start up a little Christmas Package for the new member of the family...Any of these would be a great addition! :D


  1. The new Luna bars are great for the most part, especially the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. An insulated mug will also help keep the coffee warm, some of the reviews on Amazon say that it was still hot after several hours.

  2. I spy Luke's diner!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you that it's almost time for some schnauzer loving! They are so adorable!

  4. thanks for the info on the luna bars! I recently got a big case of them and havent broken into one yet! but that flav looks great! love the swirls on top!

    those penny desserts...ahhh they look so good! I hope I win your giveaway!!

  5. i have yet to try the caramel nut brownie luna...but i've been wanting to!

    i loveee ice cream sandwiches!

  6. I like your latte tip. I have a Keurig coffee maker in my dorm

  7. haha great tip!!and agreed- that luna bar is amaaazing
    sometimes those kid sugar cereals are the best :)


  8. You rock for quoting Gilmore girls <3

  9. I used to have a mini schnauzer. They are so cute! I bet 2 are a handful. They are super active.

  10. OMG, never get two to replace one!!! That's too funny. They are precious though, thanks for the pic. Thanks too for not excluding me. Hopefully my bread turns out OK.

  11. Mmm love the scrambled eggs.


  12. I swear we're the same person - I definitely had the same exact coffee maker in my dorm room last year... and the new lunas are MONEY! I love I love!

    have a great trip home if we don't hear from ya beautiful!

  13. The ice cream sandwich looks delicious!!!!

  14. can't wait to try the new LUNA bars!

  15. I've never seen those Luna Bars before - they look simply delish.


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