Poppy Pita Pizza

This is the first free pizza that I have gotten all year...I must not be in the right clubs! ;)

As you can see, I clearly could not contain myself long enough to find my camera!

This was my attempt at taking a picture of a jack rabbit that we saw as we were walking back to the dorms after dominating in our basketball game!
Epic Fail!

Nature's Path Maple Nut Oatmeal (GREAT all natural flavor!) with 1 whole mashed banana mixed in...graced with melty MaraNatha goodness.
This may have been the creamiest thing I have ever eaten...maybe!?

Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Mr. Pita

Pre- perforated! Chea!

What is Mr. Pita hiding?!

...a sunshine burger and melty mozzarella! MMM MMM baby!

Then, I stopped by my tiny mailbox and picked up a package slip, which I exchanged for this pretty package...
Yes, my mom wraps my care packages in wrapping paper...
she rocks!

My homemade card (per usual) doubled as a COUNTDOWN!!
9 days! :D
She used to be an elementary school teacher...can you tell? lol

Then my dad dogs wrote a little side note inside! ;)

Uh-oh...Emily's weakness...

Caramel Candy Corn…Gone in a FLASH!

To ensure that the apple-y corn did not disappear quite as quickly, I preportioned a little snack mix into 3 little baggies. Here is what was divvied up for the mix:
  • 1 single serve bag of pretzel goldfish
  • 1- 100 calorie pack of Emerald Almonds
  • 1- small homemade baggie of Apple Caramel Candy Corn- courtesy of Mama N'nD!
Can't wait to dive in...I've got three tests on Thursday. Looks like the perfect fuel!

Penny's Low Fat Desserts Almond Poppy Seed Muffin Top
YUMMM! These tops are extra dense and super soft. After a round in the toaster, our whole dorm suite smelled like fresh baked sweet bread! :)
The edges got crispy, while the inside was moist and dense...homemade to the maxxx!
MMM! The almond flavoring was subtle, yet present. I loved the presence of almond instead of the typical pairing of lemon and poppy seed. Oh yea...only 110 calories and 1g of fat. Just throwing that out there.

A nice crunch, perfect sweetness, doughy, dense, DELICIOUS!!!! Get your Penny's for FREE.
Okay, enough talk! Half time is almost over...back to the FOOOOOOTBALL!...and a Pizza Lunchable…Oh, yes I did! I just thought it would be fun to reenact my 6th grade cafeteria experience (minus the long lines, small cafeteria, daily menu with an option of hamburger or pizza and clique-ridden tables!). Did you enjoy that little flashback?

Edited to add: Pizza Lunchables have changed and are not nearly as good as they used to be. Oh, and the red stick is gone...what do you spread the sauce with now? Also, the pizza "crusts" shrunk to the size of a ritz. Perhaps, my taste buds have just matured... Perhaps, but the lunchables have also matured...for the worse!


  1. Love your little trail mix combo with the candy corn :)

  2. Your Mum's so sweet wrapping up your parcel like that and the card is adorable.


  3. That's awesome. My mom sends me packages all the time but not wrapped like that. I totally feel like I am at summer camp when I get packages like that.

  4. PIZZA!!! hahaa, love it.

    Hope you are having a great weekend darling!

  5. love the trail mix combo!

  6. Fabulous homemade trailmix! Mmmmm!

    Enjoy the free pizza and football!
    <3 jess

  7. seriously, girl - you've gotta stop with all this penny's goodness.. I can't handle the envy!

    there must be something in the air making us all crazy pita pizzas recently -- yours looks dynomite, boo!

    love ya pookie!

  8. I totally wouldn't have been able to keep from nibbling that pizza either. And OMG I forgot all about lunchables. I loved those!

  9. ohhh i would love to get the lemon poppyseed flava!! that would prob be my fav..
    ..and MaraNatha is like the one kind ive never tried! that trail mix combo looks so fun to eat too

  10. ps just added u to my blog roll!

  11. that trail mix combo looks like the perfect combo of salty and sweet LOVE it!

    and those pennys desserts don't look too shabby either!

    when is the giveawaywinner announced?!

  12. Good luck on your tests! Just think: Homeward-bound-time is now a week away! Eeeee!

  13. What a fun package! I love that your mom wraps your packages in wrapping paper- makes them extra fun! And gosh does she send some awesome items! Good luck with the work- almost t-giving- you can do it!

  14. That sunshine burger and melted cheese just got my taste buds turning!!! Caramel candy corn sounds so delish! I bet it would be perfect with pecans :)

  15. Hugs!!! You won! :)


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