Choco-licious Departure

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I go home, tomorrow...It's only a daaaaaayyyy, AAAAAA-wayyyyyy! (haha I tried!).

Yep, tomorrow, I am headed home and the minute that my feet hit the ground, my mom and I are headed to Target to stock up on all essential cooking items! I am so pumped...I may never leave my kitchen! ;) If I never leave the kitchen, then you can bet your bottom dollar, neither will my two little sou chefs...

Pink furry frame no charge.
As if this post wasn't exciting enough, an arsenal of Choco-licious photos were piling up on my camera...it's time to share the deliciousness:
Cocoa Dusted Emerald Gems
The. best. oatmeal. ever.
  • 1 packet Nature's Path Organic Maple Nut Oatmeal
  • 1/2 banana, chopped, frozen
  • 1 Scoop of Natural Peanut Buttah
  • 1 Mini Chocolate Bar, crumbled
Mix the first two ingredients with a generous splash or two of milk. Microwave. Take it to the next level with the Chocolate and Peanut Butter.
Simple, Delicious, Fairly Nutritious
Alexa and I made a spontaneous trip to the grocery store to pick up a creamy treat. There are two in each pack. They are sinfully delicious. They go by the name "Smart Ones Desserts". The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was calling our name...rather loudly...I had to throw him in the cart to avoid the stares. Then again, Alexa and I could cause a scene even if our dessert wasn't yelling at us! We're pretty cool...
Penny's Low Fat Desserts NSA Chocolate Truffle Cookie

Straight from the Freezer: Creamy, Fudgy, Cool, Sinful
After a round in the Toaster: Firm, somewhat crumbly/toasty (duh!) crust, straight from the oven sensation, creamy/fudgy goodness ensues within your mouth
Sensational. Unbelievable.
I have had two fabulous giveaways going on and it is November 22nd, so it's time for someone to walk away as a WINNER! Without further ado...

  • The winner of the Avery Study-Buddy Prize Pack is: Nicole! You go girl! I hope these tabs aid in your study efforts! There was only 11 entries on this one...my foodies like their food! haha
#5- Calle Yahoo! I know that this was a big one and I wish I could have picked more than one winner because these treats are so delicious! However, don't forget that my 10% coupon code is still going strong (EWTEX).

I have emailed the winners and I hope to have some more giveaways very soon! I had 99 Entries on that Penny's Giveaway, which tells me that you guys really like giveaways! Give the people what they want, right? ;) Thanks for entering and stay tuned!

Home cooked meals, made by yours truly, will be featured in a matter of days... :D
p.s. Mom on the Run is showing her appreciation...with a giveaway! Yay!


  1. i have to say- that DOES look like the best bowl of oats ever!!

    havea great sunday

  2. can I just say how much I love your Annie references in this post "tomorrow, tomorrow..." "bet your bottom dollar"

    you bet your bottom dollar that I love you tomorrow (and every day after that.. obvi!)

    safe travels home, puffin!

  3. Congrats to the winners! Have a safe trip home!!!

  4. CONGRATS to the winners


  5. Have a safe trip home! Going to put your winnings in the mail tomorrow! :)

  6. Oh Yum! what delicious looking oats!!

  7. Congrats to the winners!

    Enjoy your kitchen! I may not get out of my kitchen either :)

  8. i.. LOVE..those almonds! and those oats look delish!

  9. congrats to the winners!

    that does look like the best.oatmeal.everrrrr

  10. hope you have a safe trip home! I can't wait to see family this week, too.

  11. All that chocolate makes me happy! Hope you are enjoying being home :)

  12. That bowl of oats will be my breakfast tomorrow. Lets see if I can make mine as pretty...

  13. heyyy! thanks for your comment on my blog.. i am in love with all things chocolate!!!!!! yummmmy!
    A pizzelle is a wafer cookie with confectioners sugar- they are made with an iron that looks like a waffle iron.. so tasty!!!!

  14. I'm gona try that oatmeal, looks really good. Glad I found this blog through my other new blogger friends!

  15. MMM I might have to get that oatmeal! Is it at regular grocery stores?

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