What to do...

...with my well stocked dorm-made depot!?

But first, a little product review:
Stonyfield Farm Organic O'Soy Smooth and Creamy Yogurt
In short, you can most definitely taste the soy. However, if you enjoy Pearl, Purely Decadent and other soy products, then add this concoction to the mix because it is a keeper. If you do not like the flavor profile of soy products, stay far away.
The texture is similar to pudding, being utterly cold, smooth and creamy. The flavor profile offers a classic "peaches and cream" or "strawberries and cream" sensation. :)

Moving on...The following is just some of what I whipped up during this very hectic week. Numerous salads, KEVA's , Black Bean Burritos, BARSSS and other UN-dorm-made items were also consumed within the hustle and bustle!
Cocoa Dusted Almonds :D
Mixed up with Banana Nut Cheerios.
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread REMIX!
A package from the Fam... Love it!
THINLY Sliced apples atop an EarthGrains Sandwich Thin with Dark Chocolate Dreams. FLIP-TASTIC COMBO.
Broccoli Slaw doused with a little ranch. Ingeniously easy dorm-salad.
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. Mamacita knows me all too well.
Western Alternative Bagel, Dark Chocolate Dreams + The best candy ever.
Is it Easter. already?!
If I could recreate that delicious moment again right now,
I would.
Too bad the best candy in the world has been demolished already... :)
Broccoli Slaw and Laughing Cow.
They needed to become acquainted sooner or later!
This was amazing.
Color. It keeps life interesting.
So do Almond M&M's.
Place banana slices atop a bagel smothered in peanut butter and you have got me...hook, line and sinker! Although, I don't fish, so don't take that out of context! ;)
Ahh...they meet again!
End it on a sweet note!


  1. Love those chocolate sunflower seeds - you're right they definitely put me in the Easter mood!

  2. I've never tried Stonyfield's soy yogurt, but I do love that aftertaste--definitely want to try it now

  3. that yogurt looks awesome! i do love the purely decadent yogurt (not the ones made with coconut though)
    ummm chocolate covered sunflower seeds? ill be finding those to take to a ball game! haha
    its not even valentines day yet... why is there easter candy out?!

  4. Wow thanks for sharing those sunflower seeds look so good!

  5. Love the choc covered sunflower seeds. I used to get those when I would visit New York.

  6. Yummmmmyyyy. I love your food concoctions. :)

  7. ive had cho. covered sunflower seed and they are absolutely delicious. too bad they dont sell them anywhere in town. my boss actually brought them back from kansas.

  8. That is such a cute care package! I remember that my mom used to do that all the time. I have never had sunflower seeds covered in chocolate. That could be dangerous!!

  9. MMM! Delishh What is that last sweet and wonderful looking treat?!

    Nicole G

  10. YUMS! so many great eats in one post! Chocolate covered sun flower seeds?!?! Gasp

  11. such a great post! i LOVE all the color on here!! arent those almonds AMAZING?!

  12. oh my god - can not even handle that bagel/sunflower seed combo. You're my hero.

  13. I want those chocolate sunflower seeds!! Why didn't I think of that idea??

  14. so many glorious foods in this post! uhhh that easter-y bagel, get in mah belly!

  15. omg the bagel with the candy looks awesome!!!

  16. wow, everything looks great and so creative!

    Also, I just got the giveaway prize from Flaxmatters so I'll be posting about it sometime next week - thanks!

  17. Those chocolate-covered sunflower seeds make me SO happy when I look at them!!! The colors are so great :D and they look awesome on the bagel ;) (I think it's a bagel??)

  18. I just tried those yogurts last week and i love love love them :) They are so tasty!


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